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  1. Mara sat on one of the old abandoned buildings overlooking the last city this place had been her home for over 18 years she had protected it through constant battles and even from other humans. She sighed as she looked down at the city she remembered running through the streets as a kid before she was taken and trained to be a guardian. Her time as a guardian was great she had done her job but sometimes she wished that she could go back to the way things were. Mara stood up and pulled her hood over her head turned around not looking back at the city she once called her home. She started to walk towards her living center and once she maid it there she removed her helmet and her cloak and laid down.
  2. I float down past the rubble in search of any type of life i could use as my gaurdian. i fly up in the air and scan the whole of the area small amounts of life but nothing to get excited about but a life from about 200 feet to the north. I start my way to the life form to see what it is and see if i could use the life as my gaurdian.
  3. I'm dead but some how I can feel something close to me what ever it is I do not know but I pray that this darkness will leave me soon.
  4. i scan the corpse of a dead humanoid. the female is in good enough position to be revived and will make a good enough guardian for me. i go to work on bring her back from the dead.
  5. I feel something pulling me out from the haze of the shadows I open my eyes and see a weird little robot in front of me I shake my head and blink to get the dust out of my eyes. "Hu" I look up at the robot and tilt my head examining it for a moment before I reach out to touch it "who and what are you?"
  6. i recoil back in the air hating to really be touch. i look at you "your alive" i comment to myself quietly.