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  1. Part One: The House of Wolves





    Among the endless void of space, a lone dropship hovers above the atmosphere of Venus. Silence lies behind the cockpit, but unwavering eyes literally burn like the sun looking upon the planet. Her hand shifts forward and the ship accelerates into the mass of the terrestrial marvel. The gaseous orange clouds become replaces with storms and turquoise rain as the ship gets filled with elements of the lost colonized location. The ship descends into the sediment and jagged landscape, the silence almost empowering from behind the vehicle. It lands over the hills of the Headlands, a place that covers the apex of the colonized section of Venus. She tethers her ship towards a cliff, and shuts down the operating engine. The front hull slides up, as a pale woman emerged. Her skin was as cold as ice, yet softer than the finest woven cloth to the touch. Her body delicate but hardened with underlying muscle and rigor. Neon ice eyes looked to and fro the land without a word, a pulse rifle at her back. She turned her head to the west, where a long trail of dust could be seen leading to a valley underneath. She begins her trek slowly towards the valley, her hands balled in a fist. Her posture was upright and disciplined, almost graceful in her steps. She knew they were here, The Crows had done their usual exceptional work of scouting the movements of the Fallen, the wretched and vile race of beings that come to do nothing but pillage and destroy in their benefit. Why were they here? They'd never ventured past Earth and the Cosmodrome before, and according to Crow intel, there was a Baron here, the most cunning and skilled of Fallen leaders, even among Kells. Why out here? This planet was deserted some time ago, nothing but ruins and ruins of ruins. Either way, she was going to find out. The Sword of the Queen, The Fabled, Swara Nov.

    In the distance shouting can be heard towards the cliffs in the distance. With a silent haste, Swara conjures her sparrow, and begins to lock into the location as she bursts towards the commotion. Focusing her mind, she creates a telepathic link with another voice on the end of her thoughts.

    "Paladin Rior, what do we have on the intel of activity on Venus?'

    Paladin Kamala Rior: Already done, Sub-Commander. I'm picking up Fallen all over the cliffs near the Ember Caves. It seems The Tower has dispatched a few of the Earth's Guardians to investigate the anomaly of the Fallen being here. It seems they are not winning. I wonder how much they know...

    "Hmph, The Vanguard always mettle in affairs according to their curiosity as opposed to their caliber. I'll simply inspect the calamity."

    The sparrow cuts to a halt as Swara jumps off and blink teleports towards some cliffs above. Edging herself towards the steep, she looks downwards a few miles out and summons the scope of her rifle to view a small handful of guardians in an intense shootout with The Fallen. Swara focuses in on the battle, with The Fallen outnumbering the three guardians. There seemed to be a Titan, Warlock, and Hunter respectively. Probably some eager foot soldiers on a simple intel mission gone wrong. Too bad Swara could care less. If those three spilled their blood in futility at this very moment she'd not bat an eye. Such was the ways of The Tower, and their fanatical Speaker. The Traveler she had no choice but to revere, but the false military and religions that came after that call themselves The Vanguard and their precious factions left distaste in The Fabled's soul.

    Paladin Rior: What do you see?
    "A firefight. Some guardians engaging. Titan, Warlock, Hunter. They seem outmatched."
    Paladin Rior: Hmm, standby for guidance. It seems they're onto something about the Cybele Uprising, whether they know it or not. They may die for it.
    "Then so will be their fates..."

    Swara lies flat among the cliff in sniper position and peers through her scope at the battle. And then...something peculiar. Her eyes gaze upon the Fallen scum that attack the guardians below. Their crests...and robes, their banners were all green. Green shanks fell down from the caves to join the dreg ranks numbered with a few vandals. Green.

    "Wait. House of.....Exile?"

    The guardians looked pretty outmatched. They were taking cover behind some rock formations, firing and downing some opposition when the opportune moment arises. If she had a sniper she could help, but it doesn't mean that she would. Call it animosity, but she thought The Vanguard got what they deserved in situations like these. Suddenly, a huge shadow overtook the land. The sky dampens and Kamala talks in Swara's mind. They both knew what that was. A Fallen Skiff, and since when did House of Exile have resource and power enough to have a Skiff? Answer: They don't. Swara remains silent, but sticks to the cliffs in stealth as the skiff opens and a fleet of red bannered Fallen drop down, immediately glaring at House of Exile in heated exchange, before reluctantly helping them and opening fire on the guardians, whom were now trapped from both sides.

    "What in the hell is this?"
    Paladin Rior: What is the situation? Speak.
    "Fallen skiff has's the House of Devils. They're helping House of Exile!"
    Paladin Rior: Impossible, what reason would they have? What of the Guardians?
    "Seems death is on their door."

    Swara looks at the frantic movements of the three guardians, the panic apparent in their haste of covering each other and firing against all odds. The Titan runs out towards the Devils and uses a last ditch Fist of Havoc technique to electrically vaporize around a dozen hostiles. The Hunter slides behind a rock and emits a solar aura and fires streamline shots of fire at House of Exile, taking out a few Fallen with penetrating shots. Finally, the Warlock powers up and throws a universal void Nova Bomb as the Devils' numbers blast away in big chunks. Swara chuckled at the novice execution of the guardians ability. He didn't master the triple-bomb technique Ikora Rey mastered. He was amateur at best. Still, the attacks drew the rest to converge on them, as they seemed to be at an end. They climb the rocks and band together to make a last stand against the Fallen droves.

    And then the sound of energy bursts ripping apart the front shanks shooting at the guardians. Followed by the sound of blinking as bodies of dregs fly from the hollows around the guardians. The Fabled was among them. She grabs a dreg by the neck and uses a mysterious energy as the body saps into dark energy and powers Swara up. Blinking again, the guardians catch on and start shooting in confidence, throwing their grenades and shooting with all they have. Vandals attempt to shoot her, but she blinks too skillfully and lands on top of them, ending their reign forever. She looked back to the House of Devils, who seemed to be pulling back, with the skiff coming to exfil them. The House of Exile simply retreat into the Ember Caves, and as Swara stops to watch them scatter like roaches, she glimpses at one last peculiar sight: A Fallen Captain, atop the caves' peak. He glares into Swara's soul with fire...with a green royal crest among him. He slowly walks into the caves.

    Hunter: "Holy shit....thanks guardian. Vanguard send you?"
    Swara: "You fools will die out here. Leave. Now....and I am NOT a guardian."

    Swara walks up the rock formations towards the caves, not looking back at the feeble beings she unintentionally saved. This could jeopardize the mission, The Queen would be disturbed by all the news that's been discovered. And if The Tower got intel on this, then this shows that something big is on the horizon. Little do they know, Swara and The Reef knew what that something was. That power of information may be the thing that gets them killed, and even put The City in danger. Swara may not have been on board with The Guardians, but no life at all deserves to die if they're innocent.

    Paladin Rior: Report.
    "I saved the guardians. Devils fled and Exile retreats in the caves, I'm in pursuit. The Vanguard will come for their own. But that isn't the mission. Just a causality. I could care less."

    She presses onward. The Titan calls out to her as they prepare for evacuation, their battle trauma and damage a bit too much to endure for them to continue.

    Titan: "You're one of them, right? From....The Reef? You the one that stopped the Hive from coming back?"

    Swara says nothing, only vanishes away from their eyesight.​
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