Destiny: House of Wolves

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    The Guardians have grown strong, and now the Queen of the Awoken has called upon them to hunt down the House of Wolves, Fallen subjects once loyal to the queen before their violent rebellion. Their leader, a Fallen Captain known as Skolas, seeks to bring all of the Fallen Houses under his command.

    Meet with the queen’s emissaries at the Reef. Hunt down their Fallen betrayers. Earn your rewards. Become Legend.

    New Weapons, Armor & Gear
    New Story Missions & Social Space
    New Competitive Event: Trials Of Osiris
    New Multiplayer Maps
    New Co-Op Mode: Prison Of Elders
    New Strike: The Shadow Thief

    I'm pretty excited. Haven't gotten very far at all with my level 25 Warlock since I completely ignored the Dark Below. This game's a total bitch to play solo that's for sure.

    Anyone on Iwaku play at all on the PS-Quadruple? My PSN ID is kiarrn. Was hoping to find one or two others to get back into the game with. Wouldn't mind even starting new characters given I've played nothing but a Warlock. ​
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  2. dafuq is this?
  3. Destiny: House of Wolves

    Okay, so I actually Google'd it (something people tend not to do lololollo). This is a DLC for Destiny?


    Haven't played Destiny.

    Last time I played A FPS was the original Borderlands. I was so let down by it I haven't touched the genre since.
  5. Huh, sorry about that. Thought somewhere it said expansion..

    If you liked halo you'd probably like destiny. It's pretty solid sans the mmo wannabe aspect of grinding and farming for fear. Otherwise it's still a solid and enjoyable shooter. Can't blame you about borderlands, was such a hit with friends I nearly forced myself to love it just to do stuff with them.

    Especially with friends ;-;
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  6. A'ight. I am kinda bummed that no one on Iwaku plays. A bit more bummed there was no luck in acquiring a new friend or two to try the new content with.

    Holy shit I just found out where the stickers and smileys button was..
  7. My interest in even entertaining the possibility of purchasing this game died immediately when it was announced that it would be an "always-on" title.

    Unfortunate. It actually looks fun.
  8. MMO's tend to have that quality. Destiny is a pseudo-MMO anyway. So there's that.
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  9. I have the game, and the expansion. Mains reasons are because my Older Brother and Father love the game and love playing it, so I bought it as well to play with them and as my Brother says. "Bonding" or w/e. However, I do not own a PS4, so that is why I never really replied or commented on this thread. Well..Until now :/
  10. I have Destiny, but on Xbox-live. Though I do have a PS3, I'm not going to go and buy the game again. Unless it were released on PC and I could transfer my account to PC.
  11. Hey, having folks to play with is most of the fun.

    No cross system play anyway, chief.
  12. Not cross system play.
    Account transfer. I've done the same thing with the first two Dragon Age games and GTA-V. Bought on PC and was able to use my existing save data on the EA and Rockstar cloud servers.
  13. I pride myself... in likely being the biggest Destiny nut on Iwaku. :3

    I would love to play with you sometime, Windsong. I've already got 3 fully leveled characters though, so no new characters for me. :\
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  14. I knew what you meant. But since it's not out on anything but consoles for the time being..

    @Asuras , that makes me kinda giddy and jealous. Wish I could've seen more about the lore and other neat things but they're often behind a wall that requires groups and cooperation.

    Think I listed my PSN somewhere in the thread. I'll be on most of tonight, eastern time.
  15. I have Destiny and the expansions. Mainly because one of my irl buddies forced it upon me finally. I had initially planned on buying it when I got my PS4 last October... but I wasn't happy with how the game turned out so I ended up getting Shadow of Mordor instead.

    I have one of each class, and they are all at least lvl 30 atm. Though I am far from being a leet player haha.
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