Destiny - Hide and Seek

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  1. Misaki Kuro sat high in a tree, perching for the common wind current that happened to cross throughout the border. His taka swayed in the wind, as did his hair. Under him, grass swayed with the beat of the breeze. He drew his kuan dao from his back as he jumped to the next tree, tabbing it into the base of the tree, making branches to land on unnecessary. He pulled himself up and was now standing on the dull the of the blade. He jumped up the tree to the first branch, leaving his kuan dao below. He sprawled across the thick oak branch, where he lay assured noone had the balls to touch his weapon. Yet, he still couldn't nap.
  2. Leyna Maush stood at the side of the road that would lead to the Water Village were her target was last seen. She was waiting for her assigned partner, Hanae Inoue. For this mission they were asked to dress as cavaraneers [do not know what it is so I based my descriptions with peasants], something she was not happy about because that meant she had to hide her ,weapons. Luckily for her, she found the perfect clothes, a knee long blood red gown with sleeve tunics, a white apron on top of the gown, and leather boots. Her black long hair was parted in the middle and it was braided. Her wakizashi was hidden on the her traveling bagpack along with her food, and ninja tools such as shurikens, kunais, paper bombs, and smoke grenades. The hidden blade was rightly placed in her left arm where it was hidden by the long sleeves of her gown.

    The day was hot as the sun shone brightly in the sky as a breeze slowly caressed her Leyna's face. It was a great day to do missions and she was eager to start hers already. Misaki Kuro was her targets name, a dangerous assassin. Leyna's and Hanae's mission was to to take him out. A hard task she thought. But she was going to do anything in her power to finished her mission safely and without risking her partner's life.
  3. Axel felt weird wearing a haramaki. It was just....uncomfortable, but he had to make do. Besides, as a Jounin he needed to set and example. He walked along the path, hair made short under the genjutsu technique he used. His haramaki was black, and for that he was thankful. He couldn't handle brown.

    The Jounin looked up when he noticed a vaguely familiar lady standing there where he was to meet his team.

    He wondered idly if any of them showed up yet. Most likely, since he was quite sure he was fashionably late.


    "Oi," he said, standing next to her. Leyna he believed she was. He sat on the stone that rest beside her and slouched. It was no secret; Axel was just about as lazy and restless as they came. It was a conflicting personality but it worked for him somehow. "Where's Hanae?"

    Axel punctuated the question with a yawn. It was crass and unprofessional for a Jounin captain but he didn't care. They weren't doing the mission yet so he could act as he pleased. What were they going to do? Give him a time out? Of course they could fire him but that wouldn't be wise. They'd be down one of their best men.
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  5. Leyna looked at the man approaching her in alert until he was a few inches away from her. Recognizing the man as the captain, Leyna looked at what he was wearing and half smiled. "Not too happy about the costume are you, Sensei?" she asked as she looked at his apparel. He was not the person she had in mind, she expected someone who would be more, serious to say the least.

    "Our last team member hasn't shown, and you are a bit late yourself" she added her voice tired from waiting around. Leaning against a tree and crossing her arms, Leyna closed her eyes and waited again for the last person in the team.
  6. "And this is precisely why," Axel drawled, crossing his arms. He yawned again and pouted. He wanted to crawl back into bed. Was that so much to ask for? "This costume is starting to ride a little too far up."

    He took a lazy account of their surroundings, being the good ninja he was trained to be. But all he wanted to see what he insides of his eyelids. "When this is over I am going to make sweet sleep to my bed," he muttered.
  7. Misaki sensed two large chakra sources not too far from his tree. Such power that could wake him from a nap.

    "So, they've finally sent some ninja to play with me."

    They seemed fairly powerful. Though power wasn't the limiting factor. He jumped from his branch, yanking his Kuan Dao from the tree on his way down, sheathing it on his back with lightning speed before hitting the ground. He used the water manipulation jutsu to make the river besides him flow with incredible force. He jumped onto the water, floating on it by focusing chakra onto his feet. Within five minutes or so, he reached the chakra sources, and jumped for the river into a covered willow tree. A man and a girl. And even better, he knew who the leader was, the girl called him sensei. He whiped 3 shuriken at the ninja as he jumped from his tree, landing 30 feet away from the two.

    "Would you..." Misaki weaved his hands at lightning fast speed, uttering the words quietly "Water Style: Forbidden Art: Secret Shark Transformation"

    His muscles expanded, and his skin became blue.

    "As I was saying..."

    "Would you like to play a game?"
  8. Leyna Maush was about to say some smart response to her Sensei when someone came through the trees out of nowhere. Instantly she reached for her bag and got her two wakizashis, holding them tightly by her sides as she saw that it was the target that was meant to be killed. How did he know she thought and looked at her captain, waiting for any signal that might indicate her to attack or stay back. Her eyes then watched the assassin carefully as if calculating him. When he asked the question she just ignored it and shot him a deadly look. What kind of game is he trying to play? The killing game? Not with us! The only one who is going to perish is him! "Sensei, what should we do?" Leyna whispered her eyes locked on her target.
  9. Axel caught two of the shuriken, giving the enemy ninja a droll look. With one last yawn, he stood calmly and reached into his haramaki with one hand.

    "Take him out, Leyna," he said, still fishing for his gloves. "Remember to be careful and all that jazz..."

    He knew he didn't have to warn her. She was a ninja sent on a mission like this, so he figured she was smart and capable enough to hold her own. He finally got out his second glove and slipped both of them on, flexing his fingers. Much better. He tossed the shuriken to the ground and walked to stand beside Leyna.

    "Well," he said, seemingly without a care in the world. "Let's get this over with."

    "Terra," he muttered, feeling the chakra channel into his hands. It was time to get down to business.
  10. Misaki laughed...

    "I guess I'll use my weapon as well!" he said, chuckling as he whipped out his Kuan Dao.

    He tossed his Kuan Dao high into the air, weaving his hands into the jutsu seals, in the second before the weapon fell to his hands, he uttered the words "Water Style: Jet Pulse Jutsu", as a high pressure water blast flew out from his mouth and towards the man distracted with his coat. The water blinded his view, which wasn't particularly good for this particular battle. He closed his mouth and stopped spatting water, and he sprinted towards the girl. He drew back the Kuan Dao that was in his hands and slashed forward, without showing his full strength. He wanted to feel her out.

    Two on one, that was hardly fair.
    They needed about 5 more for it to be fair.
  11. Axel crossed his arms in front of his face, doing his level best to stand his ground. When the wave dissipated, he searched through the thinned spray for the offending ninja. Seeing Misaki lunge for had him in motion without a moment's thought. With one earth strengthened fist, he charged forward and drew back, punch aimed directly at the enemy ninja's face.
  12. As the wave came towards her and her sensei, Leyna jumped to the nearest safe tree and waited until the water stopped. The assassin was going after her now, his hand raised as he attempted to make a slash with his sword. Out of the corner of her eye she said that the captain was making his moved as well, aiming for the targets face with his own fist. Leyna stood on her ground and if her sensei's blow was to fail she was ready to keep meet the attackers blow with her own as she held her wakizashis in front of her in the form of a cross. He has already used two jutsus, I wonder how much chakra he has left. Hopefully he will exhaust himself out before I really start to use my own.
  13. The fist impacted into Misaki's jaw, sending him into a large oak tree, the force so powerful that his crushed the base of the tree. He could probably use 2 or 3 more jutsu before he would either kill them or flee. It was at this moment that he noticed that the punch had caused him to accidently pin his arm to the tree with his Kuan Dao. Blood began to from his hand as he pulled the blade out. He winced. He brought himself to his feet. He weaved his hands into his 3 jutsu.

    "Water Style: Spiraling Tide" he muttered. A cyclone of water rose around him. He flung about 20 shuriken from his cloak, that which made it harder for them to anticipate his actions. He had the 20 more shuriken from the Caravaneers he had robbed, and he realized that they were stronger than they had first seemed.
  14. Leyna dodge and dismissive 7 shurikens thrown at her with her two wakizashis but not before one scrapped the side of her stomach cutting deeply into her flesh and another into her legs which barely got her. She bit her lips hard trying not to wince at the pain in her side and looked at her opponent. He had surrounded himself in a protective water barrier. Heh, he is taking the defensive she thought and actually smiled.

    "How dare you hurt a girl like me? I am going to make you pay!"
    she said loudly enough for him to hear. Now that her opponent was trying not get hit , she took the opportunity to make her move. A few hand signs here and there and she whispered "Earth Style: Double Decapitation Technique". In seconds she would appear below him from the ground and grab his legs, pulling him down to the earth until only his head would be visible, the rest of his body would not move due to being trapped in the earth.
  15. Axel barely managed to dodge all of them, two grazing his upper arms and cutting into the haramaki he wore. He silently rejoiced. Now he could complain to the higher ups and tell them not to send him on anymore missions wearing those things. Axel snorted at Leyna's outcry, smirking. Woman's pride. He let her do as she pleased, preparing his own earth style technique in case she needed the backup and watching the cyclone for any signs of unexpected movement.
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    Misaki sat in awe. How had he been able to dodge all of the shuriken. His wonder was cut short by a hand gripping his ankle. It pulled him down into the ground. Now, his head was the only thing sticking up from the ground. He struggled, the river nearby made the ground underneath muddy and difficult.


    He struggled more. It seemed this battle was over...
  17. Axel grinned. "That-a-girl!"

    Axel performed quick seal. "Earth style: Fissure!" He slammed his palm against the ground where he stood and immediately the earth parted around him in a deep ring, and a dome of stone engulfed Misaki. Seconds later, the sound of breaking bones and tearing flesh emitted from the shell of earth.

    Axel released his seal and the earth collapsed.

    "....Ew," he grimaced.