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  1. It's almost 1500 years in the future. To be exact 1493 years 11 months 18 days 22 minutes and 43 seconds. I could go on but I'd rather not. Here is the story of what happened to get us into such a shitty position.
    Many generations ago (shortly after present day), the emergence of a gargantuan construct known only as "the Traveler" ignited a Golden Age of technology and exploration for Humanity. Initially the Traveler settled on Mars, where it shared its knowledge and technology with humanity, and a city grew around it. With the assistance of the Traveler and its enigmatic technology, humanity tripled its lifespan, terraformed planets and moons, and expanded its civilization beyond Earth and throughout much of the solar system.

    The Golden Age would last for centuries, but human civilization fell victim to a cataclysm of extraordinary magnitude, known as the Collapse. A malicious entity known as The Darkness, an ancient enemy of the Traveler, waged a campaign of destruction against civilization. Few managed to survive the devastation.Forced to withdraw to Earth, mankind's homeworld, the embattled sphere made its final stand, where it sacrificed itself to save the remnants of humanity. The Traveler is now silent and dormant, while those who survived united to build The City beneath it, establishing the last bastion of civilization in the solar system. A powerful defensive aura remains projected over the City by the Traveler.

    The City has come under attack throughout the years, mysterious alien species probing its defenses for weaknesses.[You are one of an army of warriors known as Guardians that call the City home, individuals that have taken a stand to reclaim what has been taken from us. Guardians have harnessed the Traveler's energy to create powerful abilitys that allow them powerful offensive attacks, defensive counters, and increased mobility. Guardians seek to uncover the mysteries of humanity's downfall and reclaim what has been taken from them. These exploits lead them to rediscover and reclaim old worlds, once part of mankind's civilization but now occupied by deadly extraterrestrial species and threatened by the return of the Darkness.

    The Guardians are all that stand between the dark forces that seek to destroy civilization and those who take refuge within the City. It is their duty to rebuild from the ashes of defeat, to ignite the once great flame of human civilization, and be the light that shines through the darkness. Their failure would mean the destruction of the human race.

    (THIS IS WHERE THE SPOILERS START!! DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT READ ON IF YOU PLAN ON PLAYING THE GAME OR IF YOU ARE PLAYING THE GAME NOW. THIS WILL GIVE AWAY STORY AND MISSIONS) I am a Ghost but not any Ghost i am the Traveler's Personal Ghost. I transform in and out of being an Awoken. I found you a in a field and revived you to be my guardian while the traveler is sleeping. You have been dead for 15001 years and died just before all the happened
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