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  1. I have an idea to do a fantasy RP in a setting where the world
    is basically one giant continent, and it is divided into what are
    called Guild Sectors.

    A guild Sector is an individual area of the total continent that contains a
    mass of civilians and a small collective group of special people called Epics.

    Each Sector has it's own specialty in a kind of magic that only one in every
    few dozen children are gifted with. These children are put into groups to
    represent their Guild Sectors.

    These groups are called Havens. Each one containing up to ten Epics.

    Each Guild Sector has to abide by the council. But things go wrong and
    a traitor is revealed amongst the Council, putting all of the Guild Sectors
    in ruin.It is going to be a long journey, but by making amends with other
    Guild Sectors' Rep. Groups, the last handful of these gifted children can
    restore order to the world.

    Use a picture either full body or profile if you can and please make is either
    realistic anime, or full out anime. Try not to use real human images. This is
    FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! I need a Epic from each Haven. So there will be a list.

    1. No godmodding
    2. Try to use decent grammar.
    3. At least four to five sentences per post. No more than two paragraphs.
    4. No attacking members of your own Haven.
    5. All CS must have information about what Haven they belong to and what magic they use.6. HAVE FUN OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!!

    if you read the rules and everything else, put FREEDOM at the bottom of your CS.
    extra info about this RP:


    View attachment 82346 Starset specializes in healers and users of astronomical magic, varying from
    constellations to time. StarSet is a friendly Haven and they welcome most with open arms.
    FYI: some of these Epics have special abilities that allow them to become
    through almost any means.

    View attachment 82347 AxisCloud specializes in telepathy and magics of the mind, varying from mind
    control to posseison. They are a solitary Haven, and are often lurking in the shadows. Not exactly the kind of people you want to be around...

    FYI: some of these Epics have the ability to foresee your attacks.

    View attachment 82348 DragonViel specializes in making use of brute strength and fire. Their abilities range from contorting fire to flying. DragonViel is a energetic bunch, but they are also
    quite careless and reckless. Be careful around them. ( my personal favorite)
    FYI: some of these Epics have qualities like that of dragons, so be wary...

    View attachment 82349 The OmegaQuadrant specializes in elemental powers, ranging from earth to sky.
    They can also repel the magics of others if they train enough to become adept at reflecting
    magic attacks. They are not a very lively bunch, but they are loyal to a fault.
    FYI: some of these Epics have the ability to become the element they are using.

    View attachment 82350
    SkyLight specializes in using the light to aid them. They're abilities stay within
    the realm of light and being able to blink, or teleport over very short distances. These are
    a very joyful group, always sticking together, and relying on one another to keep each
    other safe.
    FYI: some of these Epics have the ability to fly and can sometimes turn light into a physical living form.


    Haven(if you have one):
    Magic Ability:
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  2. Name:
    Lucy Vadirian

    images (5).jpg


    Haven(if you have one):

    Magic Ability:
    Fire Eater- Has the ability to eat fire, but she can't eat her own fire.
    This fire can be used to attack once ingested.

    Twilight Fire- This is an attack that is usually mastered once one's self has reached the max
    skill level. Lucy learned it early on, nobody knows exactly how. This is the ability to produce a flame
    that cannot be controlled by any other, and is black with hints of purple, also called dark fire.
    Lucy is still trying to master this and as a result this is not a powerful attack yet.

    Iron Defense- This is the ability to massively increase one's defense by creating an outer layer
    of magic that covers one's body entirely. It can be destroyed but it takes some time.


    Lucy was born with dragon sight, her eyes are black with yellow iris's and slits included.
    As a child, she was seen as an outcast, but DragonViel took her in willingly.
    She looks tough on the outside, but on the inside, a dark past is eating away at her...

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  3. NICE! Can I join? XD
  4. Of course you can. Thats a dumb question if there ever was one. No offense.
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  5. You didn't offended me ^^. It will take me a while to make my DragonVeil Male Char so sorry if I delay too much >.<. Also I'm in a lot of RPs and I'm entering in a lot more so sometimes My posting can be slow... sorry.
  6. Name: Hugh D. Ennet
    Age: 17
    Haven(if you have one): AxisCloud
    Magic Ability: 10 second clairvoyance- can see 10 seconds into the future, but it takes a full minute before it can be used again.
    -He's skilled with the sword
    -He can't control his ability and it only activates whenever danger is imminent.

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  7. CS:
    Name: Rafa Grimore Black
    Age: 18

    Haven: OmegaQuadrant

    Magic Ability:
    Element Eater: He can consume any element by any means necessary to not get hurt by them but it haves it flaws, he can't be 'eating' more then two elements in the same time.
    Fists of destruction: Using all or one of the the elements he had consumed, he can use it in his attacks as he put them in his own hands or weapons to attack his enemies to deal more damage.
    Dark Mirror: After training a lot, he learned the ability to deflect any magic that someone throw at him just by using his arms, he also can use that to counterattack turning himself in the element he want to counter or the element he had stored and destroy any defense his enemies had but, like most of his powers, it have flaws, he can defend every magic and some attacks but he need to be concentrated a lot to do it successfully.

    No weapons: He like to use just his fists in fights, of course he can use swords but they deal less damage then when he is bare handed.
    Dark Aura = Red Eyes: He have an strange and different aura around him just because of his cursed red eyes who attract the attention of everything, he don't like to show his eyes because he like to just use them in a battle to make the enemy just attack him.
    Battle Lust: If there is a battle he would be liking to enter it no matter what.

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  8. Accepted,

    RafaDark, could you come a favor and dubke chack your grammar
    In you posts. I am a bit of a grammar gramma natzi myself and it bothers me a little.
    I understand if you can't but I would prefer it.
    Once you finish your character, I'm sure it will be accepted.
  9. Mind making some banners youtwo, it would be mighty helpful to get t word around to the community.
  10. Right and if I do more grammar fatalities, please tell me on our PM. I just make mistakes when I'm hurried or when I'm tired, sorry there.
  11. Will do.
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  12. Name: Elizabeth "Lizz" Moore
    Age: 16
    Haven: StarSet

    Magic Ability:
    •Healing - Lizz heals using mostly her own body's energy. Amount of time it takes to finish this process depends on how bad the injury is. Can also potentially make Lizz pass out. (If it's just cuts and such it shouldn't affect her)

    •Celestial Bodies - Lizz uses stars to help her when she needs to be offensive, ranging from basic small attacks to massive hitters that would make a lot of damage. She also uses stars to guide her path

    •Time Freeze - With the help of time, Lizz is able to make someone or an attack completely freeze, hut since Lizz is still learning about the Time area of her magic she is only able to do this for a short amount of time.

    •Rewind - Lizz can make things return to the way they used to be. She uses this for healing as well. Since it's under Time, Lizz is still trying to master this ability as well. Because of that she tends to pass out or get dizzy when she tries to use this

    •Lizz's strongest point when it comes to magic is Healing
    •Lizz is afraid of the dark
    •Lizz is working hard to master the ability of Time because of personal reasons (might get exposed during RP)

    F R E E D O M
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  13. RafaDark, problem. There can only be one from every haven. Gotta choose another, Dragonviel is already taken by yours truly.
  14. Ohhh Interested!!

    I'm joining this bad boy! I CALL SKY LIGHT
  15. Accepted.
  16. Absolutely, can't wait to have you with us!
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  17. Rafa, looks like you get Omega Quadrant, it's the only one left. Don't be discouraged, they are a lot stronger
    then the description might let on. After all, becoming an element is a pretty cool thing to do.
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  18. [​IMG]

    "In this fucked up world, all we can do is hopefully bridge the gaps our societies and nations have set. Sounds like a shit load when you say it out loud..."


    "Did you not read the title?...I guess I can tell you again...IF you do something for me first!"
    Sugai Naanahara

    Nicknames || Titles

    "They're kind of embarrassing..."

    "How old do I look?"


    Sexual Orientation
    "T-that's none of your business!"
    He refused to answer...


    "I belong to the coolest one!"

    Magic Ability

    "You ready for this??"

    T E L E P O R T A T I O N ||
    Show Spoiler

    Sugai is able to teleport within a set, short distance, increasing his speed and agility. He is able to do this with a blink of an eye, changing direction at will as long as his destination is within his line of sight. The limit of his distance is about 10 ft, but he has never tried further than that. He is able to repeat this process multiple times, but there is a split second break between each burst, which leaves him vulnerable until his next burst.

    P H A S I N G ||
    Show Spoiler

    Concentrating his energy into a single set, Sugai is able to phase (or slip) through solid material. He can only do this while fully concetrated, otherwise he would end up being stuck in a wall or hard place.

    || L I G H T R E F R A C T I O N ||
    Show Spoiler

    Because his abilities are based in light, Sugai is able to use light as either camouflage, reflecting on his body to blend him in with his surroundings, or by refracting it and sending it back out in controlled bursts (strikes), or shape it into weapons.


    ||Despite his nickname, Sugai hates sweets||

    ||Martial Arts: Muay Thai, Capoeiria||

    ||Sugai cannot swim||

    ||Very Flirtatious||


    ||He has ADHD||


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  19. Ok, do you want me to change it? And sorry if I can't reply fast, I'm using the net of a friend so it isn't that fast for me to reply...
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