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  1. Dean woke up on the couch. He'd fallen asleep watching Doctor Sexy. He turned it off and rubbed his eyes. What time was it? He had no idea, but, it was light outside when he looked out the window. He went into the kitchen and started to make some cereal in a bowl for Sam. He yawned and poured some milk in the bowl.

    Sam came in and smiled at Dean, who handed him the cereal. "Hey, thanks, man. You don't need to make me cereal anymore though. I can do it myself."

    Dean looked at him, totally confused. "Oh, yeah. huh, must be my subconscious habit." Years of taking care of Sammy left him forgetting that he was 14 now. Jeez, his baby brother was getting so old. "Oh, by the way, last night Dad said he was going to be doing a job in Wisconsin for a few days, so I'm in charge."

    "As always." Sam muttered.

    "Hey, when you magically turn older than me, then you can be in charge."

    Sam rolled his eyes. He was tired of being bossed around by Dad and Dean. Dean toasted a bagel and ate it plain.

    "Okay, you get ready for school, and remember, I have work after school, so you gotta catch a ride with someone else, or walk home. Be careful!" Dean instructed. Sam nodded and slung his backpack over his shoulder.

    After school, Dean was at his job at a local grocery store. He was bagging someone's groceries and groaning. He'd rather be hunting vamps or something than this.
  2. Castiel stood outside of the middle school anxiously. He looked out of place clearly older than the kids at school. His brown hair was pushed up in the front while his large puppy dog eyes showed just how shy he was feeling. He was never a good liar because his eyes gave away every emotion.
    Castiel shifted weight from foot to foot in his faded vans as he twiddled his thumbs. He was waiting for Sam Winchester, or was it Dean? He couldn't remember which was which he just needed to talk to one of them. There were rumors that Lilith was going to free Lucifer and Castiel had been laughed at in heaven. His only hope was the Winchester's.
    He heard the final bell of the day ring loudly making him jump. Castiel looked around frantically as his heart rate sped up from the shock. He needed to find them. He needed help.
  3. Sam walked out of school, still talking to his friends. They said their good byes. Sam decided that he was gonna walk home. He didn't want anyone seeing where they lived. He always walked home when Dean had work. He turned away to walk forward when he saw a guy standing amongst the short teenagers. He looked really confused in the waves of middle-schoolers crashing around him. Sam kind of felt bad for him and pushed through the swarm to get to him.

    "Hey, are you looking for someone? Can I help you find your kid?" Sam asked over the noise.
  4. " kid?!" Castiel asked with wide eyes. He didn't have a kid! This was such a bad idea! Castiel shuffled away from a group of girls talking too loudly for his tastes about something called a Beiber? What even was that?
    "Um, I'm looking for Sam and Dean Winchester?" Castiel asked the younger teen who had come up to help him. He was rather nice and Castiel was thankful for that.
    "I need to talk to their father. It's kind of really important."
  5. "Well, that's pretty lucky, cause, I'm Sam." He waved curtly. This guy was really weird. He wondered if he was another hunter, but, he was too nervous. Usually the hunters they met were chill and collected. "My dad isn't here right now, he's in Wisconsin on a business trip." Sam had gotten really good at lying. "What do you need him for?"
  6. Castiel held a glimmer of hope when Sam introduced himself. Maybe this would work out! It was instantly crushed when Sam told him his father was away.
    He could ask Dean for help, but Castiel had heard about Dean's rather...abrasive attitude and wasn't sure if he'd get anywhere. He might as well give it a try.
    "Well, could I speak with Dean? It's about Lilith." Hopefully Sam realized what Castiel was trying to say. If not, well, he'd cross that bridge if he came to it.
  7. "Lilith?" Sam didn't know who that was, but hopefully Dean would know. "Why don't I call Dean so you can talk to him." He called Dean's cell phone.


    "Hey, Sammy, this better be important. If I get caught talking on the phone I could lose my job."

    "There's this guy at my school who's looking for us, and Dad." Dean perked up, now interested.

    "What's his name?"

    Sam looked at Castiel.

    "What's your name?"
  8. Castiel nodded as Sam dialed the phone. He wouldn't admit it but Dean sort of intimidated him and he hoped it wouldn't come to a meeting. As time wore on and Sam conversed with his older brother, it looked like that's exactly what was going to happen.
    " name is Castiel." He piped up when promoted for his name.
  9. "His name is Castiel."

    "Never heard of him. What does he want and how does he know dad?" Sam repeated Dean's question in a more polite way. Castiel seemed nice. He hoped he wasn't out to kill them.
  10. "Uh, just tell him, uh, its about Lilith." Castiel didn't know how to explain it without scaring Sam off, who didn't look like he knew very much about this whole thing.
    "Can't about this in a..less crowded area?" Castiel looked around the thinning crowd of preteens. He wasn't too much older, physically at least. Castiel was a few hundred years old, perks of being an Angel, but looked barely twenty. He didn't seem comfortable in the sea of kids at all as he looked to Sam with hopeful eyes.
  11. "He says it's about Lilith." Dean had heard Dad say something about Lilith before...maybe. He wasn't sure, but this was something to check out.

    "Alright. Take him home and I'll be there as soon as I can." Dean spoke into the phone more quietly. "But keep a pocket knife with you, just in case he isn't a friend of Dad's."

    "Okay." Sam hung up and put his phone back into his jean pocket. "Yeah, actually, I have to take you home. Follow me, I'll make sure the none of the kids trample you." He started off, hoping Castiel would follow closely.
  12. Castiel nodded and stuck to Sam's side like glue. "I never knew little girls were so...loud." He sighed rubbing his ears. He could still hear them and they were a good distance away by now.
    Castiels eyes wandered around as they walked. He looked amazed by everything he saw as new things were revealed to him. His jaw fell open when he saw a deer leap across the road. It was beautiful!
  13. Sam nodded. He hated those loud-mouths. Sam looked from Cas to the deer. He seemed amazed by it. He shrugged.

    Soon, they arrived at their motel room and Sam let Castiel in. "Take a seat, make yourself at home. Dean should be here soon." Sam went into the kitchen and found his pocket knife, which was hidden in the box of his favorite cereal brand.
  14. Castiel nodded silently and placed himself on the couch. The television was on a documentary about angels and demons. Castiel tilted his head confused by some of the information. Is this what human thought of them? Running around in white robes and floating on clouds? It was quite comical.
  15. Dean stood in the doorway suddenly. His hazel eyes trapped Castiel in a stare. He looked to be in his early twenties, dark hair, blue eyes. Dean made a mental note. "So, this is Castiel." He sauntered over and sat down on the chair next to the couch. "Can I ask you a few questions?"
  16. Castiel looked up at Dean slightly shy with large green eyes. He was completely captivated by Dean's commanding presence. His eyes followed him up until he took a seat beside him. Castiel felt his mouth run dry as he heard Dean speak. He nodded meekly not trusting his voice at all.
  17. "How do you know our dad? Why do you want to talk about Lilith? and who the hell is Lilith?" Dean crossed his arms. He practically stared down Castiel.
  18. Every time Castiel opened his mouth to answer a question it seemed Dean just spouted out another one. By the end of it, Castiel sat silently with his brows knitted together with a soft pout on his lips.
    "May I speak now?" Castiel was patient but that was just rediculous. "If you weren't aware the Winchester family is quite famous for Lilith was Adams first wife, before Eve. She and Adam were created at the same time, equally. Adam wanted Lilith to be subordinate. She declined and left the garden and thusly became the first demon. Her copulation with the children of Adam and Eve is said to be the origin of demons themselves." It was a rough explanation but it got the job done. Castiel glanced as Sam unsure if the younger Winchester should hear the next part. If Dean didn't think he could handle it Sam wouldn't be here, Castiel concluded and answered the last question. "There are rumors that Lilith is working on freeing Lucifer and summoning him to earth."
  19. Dean nodded with a raised eyebrow. "Interesting. So, you're trying to stop Lucifer from being freed by Lilith and you came to our dad for help." He stood. "Our dad isn't here, so, we're the best you got." This Castiel guy was interesting. He wondered where he was from.
  20. "But you guys are just kids?" Castiel wasn't trying to be rude as confusion filled him. How were two kids going to stop not just Lilith but lucifer if they were already too late?! Sam was still in middle school. Surely they weren't serious. Judging by the look on Dean's face he was completely serious. "Can't we your dad?" Castiel really didn't want to risk the lives of too many innocent people, any people really.
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