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  1. Ok i've been waiting for an rp partner yet i havent really gotten a reply from anyone... Im becoming rather desperate for an rp partner since I really havent been able too rp much due too the fact that all my partners either get bored of the rp, never reply, or no longer wanting too rp with me anymore... so please anyone I need a partner (hopfully someone that plays males if not then I can make due)
  2. I guess I can fill in that role XS what kind of RP(s) are you going for? (or wanting) o.o
  3. All depends really... im into things like:

    *things too do with hybrids
    *school rps
    *once in a long while fandoms
    *things like wearwolves and vampires
    *test expiriments with living creatures...

    Things of that nature
  4. Hmm those would be fine with me :3 I guess I'm in XD
  5. XD alright lets go thru this im pm then shall we? :P
  6. If your still looking for someone I'd be happy to help you. ^.^
  7. Sure im fine with it
  8. Want me to pm you so we can discuss the roles
  9. Ya thats fine
  10. I would be willing to do a roleplay in a couple of those categorys if you dont mind
  11. Hello! :D
    Would you maybe be interested in a café RP? I would be willing to play male :]
    We can of course brainstorm more over PM.
  12. Hey you still want a partner?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.