Desperation and hunger

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  1. 17 Katy wandered through the woods, in the rain, shivering and wet. Her eyes fixated on the path ahead of her. Gripping her sides she kept walking. She was so hungry, it was painfully twisting her gut. She had to feed. She had no choice. She felt that painful pressure in her gums and smelled a human prescence. Her green eyes began to darken from blood lust, her fangs extending. Her tall lean body took on a hunters stealth as she moved. (this is my first time posting but please give me a chance)
  2. Drake stalked through the forest, aware of the faint scent of vampire. The last thing he needed was to run into one when he wasn't shifted. He heard moment ahead. He ducked behind a tree. He quietly listened.
  3. Katy continued walking, not aware of the wolf scent, as it was lost in the rain. She saw a city in the distance, and she began walking faster. She could fufill her need now.
  4. The sound grew. He could make out a shape moving towards his hiding spot. Great. He thought.
  5. She kept walking, but then was suddenly hit in the face with the super strong disguisting scent of a wolf. She frowned, her hands dropping to her sides. "Who is there?"
  6. So much for hiding. Drake thought. He steps out from behind the tree. "Umm... Hello."
  7. Her body tensed up, and she resisted the urge to show her fangs. "What are you doing out here? It's"
  8. That caught him a bit off guard. "Normally a vampire would threaten to tear my throat out. It sounded like your concerned for me."
  9. "I'm not. But I don't like to kill unless it's a threat to me. And you're not. Unless you keep me from feeding much longer." Her stomach was twisting painfully, and her upper jaw was aching badly now.
  10. Drake gave an amused huff. "Well, I would hate to get between a vampire and her meal." He glanced around the woods. "You wouldn't mind if I tagged along till we get to the town, would you?"
  11. "Yeah, sure whatever." She shrugged. "It's not like I care that much." She kept walking, resisting the urge to use vampire speed to get there. She couldn't afford to just appear and end up freaking people out.
  12. Drake followed. "So... What's your name?"
  13. "Katy." She said bluntly, not really caring to talk much.
  14. "I'm Drake." He wasn't sure why he was being so friendly. Probably because I've spent the last couple of days in these woods without seeing a single soul... or soulless person for that matter.
  15. "I see." She said. She didn't want to talk, about anything. She was stupid for not feeding for days, now that was al. she could think about. Talking would only make that worse. She didn't know why it did, that was usually the case with her.
  16. Drake noticed her dark mood. "If you want to speed up, we can go at a fast sprint. I can keep that pace up, even when I'm not shifted."
  17. Oh thank goodness.She thought. Then she bolted, a blur not visible to human eyes as she ran at her vampire speed.
  18. Drake was fast, but not as fast as when he was shifted. He struggled to keep up with the vampire. A root caught his foot, and he bairly caught himself from going face first into the ground. Shifting at will would be nice... If I didn't attack anything that moved.‚Äč
  19. She kept moving, the hunger really starting to bother her.
  20. "How much farther?" He shouted. "I'm not as fast as you. Remember? I'm bairly holding my own here."