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  1. A roleplay! Duh, of course that would why I'm here.

    Anyway, I have been searching the world high and low for a partner who is ready, willing, and eager to create a story with me full of emotional highs and lows, possible cliche bad guys, and unique characters that share witty banter. However, I do not want to do it alone! Which leads me to why I am here.

    I am looking for a partner who is capable of adding to the story rather than letting me do all of the work. Someone who is willing to toss ideas back and forth and not afraid to tell me when they think something is going wrong in the story. I like constructive criticism, and I absolutely love when people add plot twists and turns that I may not have thought of on my own.

    This is an advanced search, meaning quality, and quantity. At least that is what it means to me. I won't say that post size has to be a certain length, but the minimum for my posts is usually four paragraphs, and around 800 words. If this is intimidating to you in any way, we probably won't make very good partners.

    I'm asking for 18+ for a reason, and it has little to do with naughty bedroom scenes. I honestly do not feel comfortable playing out violence, drug use or any other adult situation with someone younger. If I wouldn't want my kids reading it, I wouldn't want to post it to someone underage.

    Communication is another quality I am looking for, whether it's chatting about the plot, discussing future ideas or just wanting to vent about whatever's bothering you at the moment. I'm comfortable with any type of OOC chat, and would like a partner who is the same way.

    Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I guess I should toss out my ideas!

    Trylle series (open)
    This is a fandom based on the Trylle book series.
    With the king and queen gone, and Wendy now the ruler of both kingdoms, along with her husband Loki, things were peaceful for a while for the Tryelles. Wendy continued to push for acceptance of the all classes, although she was met with quite a bit of resistance. She thought things would work itself out, at least until the nobles began to rebel against her. Their first strike was to kill her husband, leaving her to try and rule both kingdoms on her own. When she began to fail, the nobles made a move to over throw her, but fortunately for her, Finn, along with the other trackers come to her rescue. With the kingdoms in a state of constant unrest, it's now up to Wendy to find a way to restore peace, and finally have everyone come together rather than remain divided by the classes.

    The Fairytale that never was (open)
    She was the princess, the only daughter of a ruthless king and a submissive queen who allowed her husband to rule her as well as the lands. Shortly after giving birth the queen became barren, no longer to give her husband the male heir that he needed, but delighted with the infant that she had. To punish the queen, the king sends the infant away, selling her to slave traders who take her away from the kingdom.

    Years later the queen has passed on, and the king has his hands full. There are rebellions in his kingdom. Neighboring countries are looking to swoop in and tear the land apart from beneath his weakening reign. He has only one hope to save his rule; an alliance. However, he has nothing to barter with, at least not at first glance. It is then that he realizes the mistakes of his past, and quickly searches for the right person to remedy it. Making a call for the best trackers in the land he sends them off with the task of finding the daughter that he had thrown away. A spy soon learns the news of this unknown princess, taking word of it to the king's most powerful enemy. Devising his own sinister plot, he uses the information to his advantage bartering himself a place of power within the land on the condition that he deliver the princess to the enemy ruler. What he does with her once she's delivered, he doesn't really care, but that may possibly change once he finds her.

    For now, these are the two plots I have in mind, although I will probably come up with more at some point in time. If you have an interest in either one, please feel free to send me a PM.
  2. Would you be horribly uncomfortable roleplaying with someone who posts two paragraphs instead of four? I wouldn't call four paragraphs intimidating, but I've found there is less room for interaction.