Desperately looking for men with a dominant touch!

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  1. Heya all,

    After a while I'm back to rp again!

    Some demands from my side:

    - You're a guy and will play one
    - I've a submissive touch, I need you to be the dominant one.
    - Atleast 2 paragraphs, 3 is my own minimum.
    - Decent grammer. I'm Dutch, but I'll try my best.
    - Try to post once a day. I can surely do it.
    - Be active in rp, I love unexpected twists!

    Here's some plot ideas. I'm open for other ideas too!

    - I'm a female psychologist with some issues of my own. I get you in my office and try to help you with some narcissistic habbits. Your appearance, wittiness, and smoothtalk throw me off. Even though I should be helping you, you take away my control and creep into my brain.

    - Friends with motorcycles. This is one that I'm high demanding about. It has been a fantasy of mine for a long time already and I'm looking for someone who can fill the spot perfectly.
    My nephew goes touring every now and then with his friends and motorbikes. Ever since I was little I had this fascination for bikes and once I got my own, my nephew promised I could get along on one of those trips.
    I join in and you'd be playing one of the guys and we start to like eachother eventually.

    - Something with vampires and a hawt and steamy guy with a strongwilled independent woman.

    Just let me know if you like any of these or have some other idea and send me a PM!
  2. If you are still looking for a partner my lady I will love to try any one of those idea's.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.