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Okay so, I'm super duper bored and completely, utterly desperate for an rp. The few I've joined so far have more than one person in them so I find myself waiting on posts and it seems nobody is awake at the moment or posting.. So I'm bored out of my mind and would love to fix that. Who's awake and wants to play?? I'll be either gender, I don't even care xD

Okay go!
Hey! I'll send you a quick PM about a possible RP. Give me a response when you can. :)
Me as well. I am in the same boat. I keep thinking I'll do something else, and have it fail as I find myself coming back.
I'm way late on all of the threads I've been commenting on, but... You still looking for some? xD
Eh. Same as above. I'm interested. Are you still looking?