Desperate Measures

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  1. D E S P E R A T E M E A S U R E S


    "This is your team. No rules, no weapons. Kill them. Winning team wins freedom."

    Random people find themselves in an abandoned Warehouse in two different rooms. Each one in their "Team colours." There are two teams; The Red team and the Black team. There is a computerized voice echoing "Kill them." repeatedly. The two teams must compete against the others, whether its by outsmarting them, capturing them or straight out brawling against them. Once one team has been eliminated, the winning team find out that only one can survive.
    The event takes a toll on the psychology of the people, taking them to the extremes they didn't think they could.
    Can they break the bonds they once created?

    Somewhere on the West Coast.
    Each team are in opposite sides of the warehouse in different rooms. Between the rooms, there is large space.


    All Iwaku Rules apply.
    This is gonna be violent, so be ready for that!
    Please don't get OP. Your character is human! No auto-hit and don't make your character like the strongest most skilled person in America.
    Don't make your character to win - Don't make four different fighters with no flaws.
    Let there be diversity in the groups.
    Characters may hate each other in IC but be nice in OOC!
    Have fun! This is a serious, mature Roleplay, but don't be a dick in OOC c:

    Name // Job // Player
    Carter Quinn // Student // King
    Casey Quinn // University Student // King
    Jackson Meade // Teacher // nikki.13
    Brooklyn Caroline Burton // Photographer // nikki.13
    Zachary Lanza // FBI Agent // King
    Missy Amillo // Student // Toasty
    Delilah Vern // Student // harleygore

    Character Sheet:

    Age: (12-40)
    Appearance: (Real Image/Description.)
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  2. W I P

    Carter Quinn


    Name: Carter Quinn

    Age: 17

    Sexuality: Unsure

    Occupation: Student


    || Hyperactive || Aggressive || Protective || Rude || Loyal ||
    Carter is what you expect from a soccer girl. She's crazy hyper a lot and has a loud voice. She can never tell what is too loud or what is too much. She's very aggressive and has a way of being pushy with a lot of things. She's the girl who will go all the way in truth or dare, and the girl who rage-quits any type of video game. She can come off as very rude sometimes and some people dislike the way she is sometimes.
    Despite it all, Carter is extremely protective and loyal. She cares for her friends and family and will protect them to the end. She's especially protective over her brother and has punched a couple of bullies for him.


    + Carter is very athletic, she plays soccer and wrestles, and is an aspiring UFC fighter. All of her hyperactive energy is channeled through this, giving her an obvious upper hand.
    + She's very aggressive & violent and has little problem with fighting against others. In tense situations like so, she has a better grip on her own nerve.

    - She may be athletic, but she isn't strong - An older person with strength could take her on. She's only a short girl, so there is only so much she can do.
    - Carter only acts, she does not think. Her only solution is to fight and won't think about what she is doing. Anybody with common sense would recognize fighting forcefully ahead isn't the answer to everything, like she may think.

    + She has a brother called Casey.
    + Carter adores action movies. She especially loves the old 80's ones, like die hard.
    + Her father is unhappy with her 'masculinity' but her mother fully encourages her to be herself.



    Casey Quinn


    Name: Casey Quinn

    Age: 22

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Occupation: Student


    || Quiet || Anxious || Delicate || Humorous || Intelligent ||
    Casey is as delicate as he looks. He's a typical computer geek; nerdy and shy. He is very quiet and doesn't like to talk about himself. He has always been very anxious. Some think he's just a shy guy, but others think he has full blown social anxiety. He has emotions like glass bottles which he drops often, making him a little dramatic and delicate. Casey just needs to be looked after.
    However, he is a funny boy. Casey likes to make his friends laugh and is seen to be rather witty. He's also extraordinarily intelligent. Casey studies computer science and physics, and wants to work in quantum computing. He has a quick mind and a quiet mouth.


    + Casey is intelligent, he's very tactical and clever. He is good at planning and can think very quickly. This makes him a good planner and quick on his feet.
    + Casey has this way of being so quiet that people forget hes even there. He is good at hiding. In times like so, he's much more comfortable blending into the crowd, or the wall.

    - Being the typical nerd, Casey has no strength or athletic skill at all. Anybody bigger than him could easily take him down.
    - He's extremely anxious and nervous. In extreme pressure, Casey can panic and get shaky or even nauseous. Like times like so, Casey is prone to vomiting and possibly crying.

    + He has a sister called Carter, who is the opposite to him.
    + His mother fully accepts him, and supports his sexuality and career path. However, his dad is very homophobic.
    + He loves dance and trap music.

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  3. Well hello again :B

    Jackson [Jack] Meade



    Age: 34
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Occupation: High school teacher
    Appearance: Even when he shaves, stubble is always left on his face. He has a tattoo of a cross on his back, though he's far from religious. His eyes are bright blue.

    Personality: Jack is a natural born leader and usually makes a point of taking charge. He's charismatic and charming, but he will hit you where it hurts if you get in his way. He is also fiercely protective of those younger than him and will put others before himself.

    +He is ex-military so he knows how to fight and defend himself.
    +He is usually steady in high-pressure situations and knows how to remain calm when put on the spot.
    +He always thinks there is good in every person.

    -He severely underestimates the cruelty of the human race.
    -Although he likes to be in control, he is not a strategist by any means.
    -He always thinks there is good in every person.
    -He has a weak spine due to a military injury.

    -Jack joined the army when he was 18, and in an effort to save a comrade, almost died due to a landmine. The blow impacted his spine, though he was lucky to not be paralyzed; after spending five years in physical therapy, he decided to become a teacher.
    -He smokes.



    Brooklyn Caroline Burton

    Age: 26
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Occupation: Photographer
    Appearance: She has her brother's name, Elijah, tattooed on her wrist.

    Personality: Brooklyn is usually fun-loving and very caring. She has guards up and doesn't let anyone inside of her heart, though. Overly cautious and a meticulous planner, she never makes a move without thinking. She is loyal and compassionate.

    +She's a strategist and will never make a move without considering all the potential consequences.
    +She analyzes every part of a situation so she always has a way out.
    +She will put herself first if it's a matter of life or death, though she'll regret it later.

    -She isn't strong or fast. At all. She relies on her mind too much.
    -Because she's compassionate, she is naive.
    -She doesn't make allies easily.

    -Brooklyn lost her brother to a gunman when she was 19.


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  4. Your first image is broken, but theyre both accepted!
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  6. (WIP)

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  7. I will be joining this but bee busy, making other posts for your other rps.
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    + I shall make a third character uwu
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    Name: Missy Amillo
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: Bi-curious
    Occupation: College Freshman
    Appearance: 5'7, 135 lbs. See pic :P
    Personality: She is quick to fold under pressure and usually freaks out in abnormal situations, but once she stops panicking she is quick to action and willing to take the risk to win. Unless she really cares about her friend, if the personal gain from betraying them is the better option, she takes it.

    She is very creative, quite loud, and can be pretty smart, though she is also stubborn and has a big ego. She can be a bitch in some situations, and may also act entitled. Also sarcastic. Nice to those she considers her friend. Kinda bubbly. Good at cheering people up.
    -Smart (Book-smart, and technical-smart)
    -Very fit/athletic
    -Was doing karate since she was 10
    -Good listener
    -Relies too much on strength/speed
    -Bad Strategizer (unless it benefits her)
    -Can stray from the plan and do her own thing
    -Can let emotions get to her; breaks down when they do
    Other: She is not above blackmail, if she can dig up the dirt
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  11. WIP


    Name: Zachary Lanza
    Age: 33
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Occupation: FBI Agent

    || Arrogant || Aggressive || Manipulative || Disloyal || Brave ||


    - Hand to hand Combat
    - Fit
    - Injuries
    - Untrustworthy


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  12. Hello!!

    Delilah Vern
    Student (Aspiring Scientist)
    lydia lip.jpg
    Delilah is that silly daydreamy scientist you always hear about, the comical one who doesn't actually mean to be comical, just gets a little distracted sometimes. She's very friendly, for a person who never seems to be quite there, and has never really been shy. She's not afraid of people, and at times, it even seems like she's not afraid of anything. If she had a question, "How long would it take for my skin to burn off? Would it be as long as the average time, or shorter?", and no one to stop her, she'd place her hand in a blazing fire. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but you get the gist of it. Curious, zoned out, and happy seem to be her three emotions.
    • Asking questions, getting answers
    • Communication
    • Risk taking
    • Research
    • Reacts well to chaos
    • IMPULSIVE risk taking
    • Can be inconsiderate of others
    • Intense escapist (in terms of daydreaming and never quite paying attention to the problem at hand)
    • Destructively Frustrated
    • Extremely wishy-washy
    • Disloyal
    • If she is staring at you, it does not mean she has a crush​
    • Great ability to sleep whenever, wherever ​

    Attached Files:

  13. Oooooh, I like both of them! Accepted!
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  14. When do you think we'll start?
  15. When the other characters are finished! c:
  16. Cheyenne Cole



    Arms Dealer (side job)

    Quiet type

    High perception

    Is easily weakened
    Panics when there is too much pressure
    Breathes fast and loud when having emotional break.

    Can easily remember pathways except when shes emotional.
  17. Awesome! She's accepted!

    ALSO I'll be making teams soon and shutting this so if @Cherry and @N/A could finish their characters if they want, then I'll begin c:
  18. I can't join ;_; remember on Skype i was being indecisive and like joined loads of rps ;_;
  19. Oh shit bruh I forgot. It's okk! I'll start making the teams now 8)
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