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  1. My focus is slash roleplaying. I can do any orientation, any gender. My level of detail fluctuates and equates that of my partner with ease; I have a very malleable roleplay style. Slash roleplays with me have mature scenes as a given, but I don't rush them. (I don't really rush anything, to be honest.)
    So, for plot lines. I'm coming up with these just now off of the top of my head since usually only requests with a few choices gain traffic, although I'm completely open to trying anything else:
    • Post-apocalyptic landscape(disaster undecided): A small but tactful girl named Sketch thrives on her own through raids and solo missions, getting rid of anyone or anything that opposes her fast-track to survival. She meets a cocky man, a few years of her senior, who is blown away by her skills of deception and thievery. He ends up persuading her to travel with him, if only to let him tag along for a while. Of course details can be changed and tweaked, but that's the general idea.
    • Celestial Romance: The(personified but still holding the same literal purpose although romanticized; further explanation can be provided if necessary) Sun and Moon meet at a banquet in their place of work, the Celestial Hall. The ball/banquet is being held in celebration of the Summer Solstice/Winter Solstice(can be chosen by whomever is intrigued by this plotline). The Sun radiates warmth and a gentle light perpetually, her personality bubbly and kind as ever. The Moon is a rather gloomy man whom casts an encompassing despondence upon any room he enters. The two meet and have a dance in which perfectly articulated words are shared and the two celestial beings realize that the other is exactly what they've been longing for their entire lives, but how will they ever be able to be together? (sticky situation. needs work. I honestly don't know how it'll work out, I haven't thought that far.)
    That's all I can think of right now actually, I've been sitting here staring blankly at my screen for a few long minutes and my mind has yet to produce a thing. So yeah. PM me if you're interested in either plot or have an idea of your own, I have literally 0 roleplays. I'm desperate, yo.
  2. Are you still searching? I would love to plot with you. :D
  3. Sure am!
    PM me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.