Desperate for another roleplaying partner

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  1. So I have been dying for another roleplaying partner; it seems my partners end up busy either before anything can really start, or in the middle of everything... not their fault, but it is torture waiting for a reply that may not come until a week later. Anyhow, there are two plot ideas that I have come up with and want to try out.

    Master X Slave

    Name: Jezabelle Corona
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Jezabelle Natural red hair and Blue eyes (each letter has a different link)

    Jezabelle is any master's worst nightmare. She is unruly, uncontrollable and disobedient. Many have tried to tame her, but all have failed. At this point, most masters have heard of her reputation and steered clear of her. Will a shadowy man be able to tame her; or will she be too much for him to handle?

    Okay, so for this one I'd be the slave, as the form shows above ^^ I'm looking for someone who could play a forceful, perhaps even seductive, master. This can be in the Teen Mature section or not. Could be human slave and Vampire master or human and human. The setting is medieval originally, but that could change. I also prefer if the master isn't too much older than Jez (I would have her a bit older, but frankly I'm not too good at characters over 18 or 19). Also, another plan to keep all of this going is that, once the two have fallen for each other, the other slaves begin to plan a revolt to kill him.

    Raised to be a toy in a plot never known

    As a child, a young female/male is taken from their slaughtered family and raised to be a spy by a group that call themselves "The hunters". The prey are a group of supernaturals (of any kind, we can figure out details before we start). The mission; earn the trust of these targets. In exchange for betraying the group, he/she is promised the life of their sibling, who is claimed to be hidden away for safe keeping. Naturally, all goes well... until love gets into the middle of this. The spy chooses love once they learn what is really going on. But how long can they keep their mission a secret?

    For this one, I haven't thought up a character, and can play either side. The setting for this one could be more modern, or medieval; but a forested area in my mind. Or the mountains. Again, details can be worked out.
    (by the way, I kind of got the idea for this when I was looking at the OOC of Escaping the Hunters, so it's not entirely original)

    Sorry if I sound picky, I really am not, I promise.
  2. Ummm... Hi~!
    I am interested. Even though I am new, I have a lot of role playing experience. (3 years worth)
    I like the plot line. The un control able girl is fun to work with because you can have many comebacks and creative lines. I prefer the charming master that is just pure style. A character like Sherlock Homes. I can play any gender or species. Ignore my age. People who just meet me think I am in collage. I was called 25 since I was 13. (no joke)
    So if you want to role play, I am up for it. And when you mentioned the whole thing with people just disappearing and it driving you crazy I felt like you were talking my language. Though if I have some shit going on I will inform you first and if I don't I will when I get back.
    I am a newbie to this particular site, but give me a chance.
  3. Hi! I'm a newbie to the site and to roleplaying in paragraph form but I really like your second plot idea! It sounds like it's got a lot of twists involved which sounds really fun.

    I don't mind playing any character or multiple characters either. You might have to guide me a little though!