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  1. A man left his home to create his own but this was not just any man he was a god. A young god who created the world Acandria. He created all the men to be good and of kind heart. So that their souls would return back to the Life Force which he needed to live. All gods needed Life Force to live lest they whither and perish and in return for the people of Acandria to feed him he would reincarnate them later on. Acandria rejoiced in peace for many years and their god Ryu grew strong. But something he did not for see happened. One of the most common principals that all gods should know, for every action their is a reaction.

    So after countless years of happiness evil slowly leaked itself into the world. It started with small lies and petty theft but it grew and grew the small lies and thefts turned into murder and rape. People would starve because some men's hearts turned cold. Ryu saw that he must create leaders and protectors to help prevent the turning of men's hearts. He did not trust the men he had already created. So he created four individuals but he did create their hearts like the other men who was born good but could slowly corrupt. He gave these men the power of ultimate choice hoping to make them a neutral force.

    He kept them with him for a centuries teaching right and wrong. He taught them scholarly and warfare, mercy and severity and justice. Their hearts knew good and evil but he trusted them to stay pure so he sent them forth to save the world from corruption. Ryu gave them powerful swords before they left. Swords that would allow them to feed off the Life Force like their god it also gave them immense abilities. So they went forth and brought a new reign of peace. They each built a kingdom on the four corners of the world to keep the evil at bay and every century they would meet in the center of the world to discuss the happenings of the world.

    Many millennium's had come and gone. They grew tired of their existence and prayed for their death but Ryu would not answer them their prayers. So as they all met in the eye of the world they said to each other surely evil has perished from the world so let us leave our swords here and die as mortals for Ryu had said our powers come from our blades. So one by one they thrust their blades into a boulder and parted ways waiting for their death that would never come. Men had forgot their names and the name of their order. They are now only known has the forgotten heroes.


    A old woman laid on her bed dying surrounded by her family who tried to offer comfort. Her last minutes had come and within those last minutes she started muttering. "Mother? What are you saying?" her son leaned in to hear her better.

    "The final days has come, our forgotten god has withered away into nothing. A terrible darkness will break free into the world and all shall die the desolation has come." Her son look horrified. "Mother what are yo--" He was cut off has the ground shook violently. The sky outside turned blood red and a loud boom could be heard all across the land. The son ran to the window and looked out into the distance and he could see huge clouds of black smoke rise into the air with rocks and fire falling down from it. He pissed himself as he looked at in horror. Now he could the rocks was not rocks but some sort of disfigured creatures. He turned back to his mother who now lay dead on her bed.

    Ok so basically the story is going to be the heroes can no longer turn a blind eye as the desolation has come and they seek out their swords to try prevent the end of days. I'm looking for three other people maybe four. The rules are the usual.

    1. No godmoding
    2. At least a paragraph
    3. I'm not a grammar nazi. I'm probably gonna make plenty of mistakes myself just make it readable.

    I'm also looking for dedicated people and when I say that I don't mean you have to write 25 posts a day. One a day would be awesome. I don't plan on making this a long term RP because I have never finished an RP and would like to see this one through. Either on my fault or my partner's. Real life happens which is understandable. Which is why I plan on making this short not like super short but I do have a endgame in mind.

    One last thing I would like this to be in the mature(A) section to make scenes more violent and such but this is not a must. It depends on who all shows interest in it. I hope this good enough and makes sense. Any questions post below or PM me. Thanks
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  2. Well, I'm interested in it and will probably join. I'm curious how this will all unfold :S.

  3. Hey York thanks for showing interest. I'm gonna wait a few more days to see if any one else shows interest if not and if you're till interested we can do 1x1
  4. I'm interested
  5. I'm gonna keep an eye on this, i'm sorta interested...
  6. *raises hand* I'm interested if you have room! :3
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  7. Ok, I'm glad people have showed some interest in this. I'll do my best to give a good story through this and you're more than welcome to help with any ideas. I'll post a signup sheet here shortly or first thing tomorrow. (I'm visiting family so I've been on and off a lot) All the people who showed interest here will have a guarantee spot and I'll no longer be accepting more people. Have any questions shoot me a PM.
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