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  1. Horror & fantasy?

    Ya' see, I'm new here and I really want to dig my heels into the ground. Why not a better way than by getting my idea out there, right?

    It would be a little down the road in the distant future, in a fictitious world, in a dark & sinister looking metropolis.

    Sovereign city, a place of misfortune, greed, & Trimecha pharmaceuticals.
    For centuries, Trimecha has been name brand on medical tech and drugs for the people of Helios z(Planet of which we shall be using).

    Sovereign city is one of many metropolis' scattered around Helios. The reason being that the planet is home to an ancient underground underground evil named 'Crono'.

    These evil things come in many shapes and forms, due to their ability to reconstruct dead tissue, bone, etc. Into weapon like protrusions and/or appendages. Like other organisms, they have a brain that you must destroy to keep them dead.

    Each city, because of their size (about the same size as a state) have their own government, army, etc.
    Most of Sovereign is a few thousand feet above the ground, and also follows a caste system. The high up you are, the higher your social stature. The less fortunate and army are on the ground either protecting or surviving.

    The main plot is that trimecha has alwags kept a 'family values' appearance;, but, they have far more sinister intentions. Since the crono reproduce the same as humans; they have secretly started cross breeding crono with deformed humans that have been created from the toxic run-off of upper Sovereign just so they can form an unstoppable army to overrun the city and the rest of Helios.

    Your character, was the pioneer of the whole thing. See, first trials of the breeding started as Crono DNA being passed off as a flu shot to pregnant women. It as thought that the ability the crono possessed would cross easily with ours and give birth to a new species of mankind.

    It was a failure. Most of the participants in the trials died due to complications. Others had normal children. Or so they thought. Because the Specific shuffling of Crono DNA, the children ,now young adults, had started to evolve with remarkable abilities. ( like, superior strength, armor-like skin, etc.)

    Helios soon gets wind of their loose ends and sends hit squads (plus some bribed help from Sovereign's corrupt government) to capture their experiments.

    Will you survive long enough to Save sovereign from trimecha, or see it's downfall?

    SOOOOOOOOOOO. Yay, nay? ;-;