HELP Desktop viewing vs Mobile viewing

Discussion in 'HELP DESK' started by Red Thunder, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. When I try to view the website on my cell phone, it squishes the Character Sheets, and indeed a great many of the more intricately designed posts, into an unreadable mess. That, or it cuts off large parts altogether. But of course viewing the same from the desktop is just fine.

    Is there anyway I can use my phone to see the site as it was meant to be seen, or do I need to resign myself to only accessing it via desktop?
  2. Depending on your mobile browser, there might be an checkbox or option to request the desktop version of a site in the browser settings. That should solve your formatting woes, although it would be really tiny and you'd have to zoom in.
  3. I've tried that. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work.