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  1. In the world of Damoria, there is a wide variety of life, and magic is the source of it's great diversity. But humanity is corrupt and hungry for power, so the council divided this world into Guild Sectors, each having their own speciality in magic. These Guild Sectors each have their own Haven where Epic's reside. And Epic is a specially gifted being with these magicasl powers and are highly respected. But the peace among the world was not to last. The council became demented and evil, sending the world into a chaos and peril. The Guild Sector system was shattered and the Havens were spread far and wide across the lands. But five Epic's in particular have the tremendous power to bring order to the world and become the new benevolent council to bring peace and prosperity to the land. But this task is not so easily done, because the different Haven's don't exactly get along, so forming a team will be a tolling task. And even more so, the battle that will ensue could possibley destroy them all if teamwork cannot be achieved...

    Can you accept your fate to be a savior? Can you bring order to this paniced realm? Or will you fall and fail your comrades...

    1. No godmodding
    2. Try to use decent grammar.
    3. At least four to five sentences per post. No more than two paragraphs.
    4. No attacking other Havens!
    5. All CS must have information about what Haven they belong to and what magic they use.
    7. Please keep romantic stuff to a low, I will allow a kiss here and there but take anything else to a PM please.
    There are members here who are too under-aged to be seeing that stuff so please be courteous.

    Shadows (open)

    Lucy Vadirian



    Haven(if you have one):

    Magic Ability:
    Fire Eater- Has the ability to eat fire, but she can't eat her own fire.
    This fire can be used to attack once ingested.

    Twilight Fire- This is an attack that is usually mastered once one's self has reached the max
    skill level. Lucy learned it early on, nobody knows exactly how. This is the ability to produce a flame
    that cannot be controlled by any other, and is black with hints of purple, also called dark fire.
    Lucy is still trying to master this and as a result this is not a powerful attack yet.

    Iron Defense- This is the ability to massively increase one's defense by creating an outer layer
    of magic that covers one's body entirely. It can be destroyed but it takes some time.


    Lucy was born with dragon sight, her eyes are black with yellow iris's and slits included.
    As a child, she was seen as an outcast, but DragonViel took her in willingly.
    She looks tough on the outside, but on the inside, a dark past is eating away at her...

    Potatots (open)

    Name: Hugh D. Ennet
    Age: 17
    Haven(if you have one): AxisCloud
    Magic Ability: 10 second clairvoyance- can see 10 seconds into the future, but it takes a full minute before it can be used again.
    -He's skilled with the sword
    -He can't control his ability and it only activates whenever danger is imminent.

    RafaDark (open)

    Rafa Grimore Black
    Age: 18
    Haven: DragonViel

    Magic Ability:
    Fire Eater: He can consume fire by any means necessary
    Fists of destruction: Using the fire he had consumed, he can use it in his attacks as he put fire in his own hands to attack his enemies or he would use it to fly around just to fall above an enemy to deal more damage.
    Dragon Strength: His hands had the power and the ferocity of a Dragon's attack.

    No weapons: He like to use just his fists in fights, of course he can use swords but they deal less damage then when he is bare handed.
    Flight: He can fly for a short period of time.
    Battle Lust: If there is a battle he would be liking to enter it no matter what.

    Haruka (open)

    Name: Elizabeth "Lizz" Moore
    Age: 16
    Haven: StarSet

    Magic Ability:
    •Healing - Lizz heals using mostly her own body's energy. Amount of time it takes to finish this process depends on how bad the injury is. Can also potentially make Lizz pass out. (If it's just cuts and such it shouldn't affect her)

    •Celestial Bodies - Lizz uses stars to help her when she needs to be offensive, ranging from basic small attacks to massive hitters that would make a lot of damage. She also uses stars to guide her path

    •Time Freeze - With the help of time, Lizz is able to make someone or an attack completely freeze, hut since Lizz is still learning about the Time area of her magic she is only able to do this for a short amount of time.

    •Rewind - Lizz can make things return to the way they used to be. She uses this for healing as well. Since it's under Time, Lizz is still trying to master this ability as well. Because of that she tends to pass out or get dizzy when she tries to use this

    •Lizz's strongest point when it comes to magic is Healing
    •Lizz is afraid of the dark
    •Lizz is working hard to master the ability of Time because of personal reasons (might get exposed during RP)

    DoomyCakez (open)


    "In this fucked up world, all we can do is hopefully bridge the gaps our societies and nations have set. Sounds like a shit load when you say it out loud..."


    "Did you not read the title?...I guess I can tell you again...IF you do something for me first!"
    Sugai Naanahara

    Nicknames || Titles
    "They're kind of embarrassing..."

    "How old do I look?"


    Sexual Orientation
    "T-that's none of your business!"
    He refused to answer...

    "I belong to the coolest one!"

    Magic Ability
    "You ready for this??"

    || T E L E P O R T A T I O N ||

    Sugai is able to teleport within a set, short distance, increasing his speed and agility. He is able to do this with a blink of an eye, changing direction at will as long as his destination is within his line of sight. The limit of his distance is about 10 ft, bit he has never tried further than that. He is able to repeat this process multiple times, but there is a split second break between each burst, which leaves him vulnerable until his next burst.

    || P H A S I N G ||

    Concentrating his energy into a single set, Sugai is able to phase (or slip) through solid material. He can only do this while fully concetrated, otherwise he would end up being stuck in a wall or hard place.

    || L I G H T R E F R A C T I O N ||

    Because his abilities are based in light, Sugai is able to use light as either camouflage, reflecting on his body to blend him in with his surroundings, or by refracting it and sending it back out in controlled bursts (strikes), or shape it into weapons.

    ||Despite his nickname, Sugai hates sweets||

    ||Martial Arts: Muay Thai, Capoeiria||

    ||Sugai cannot swim||

    ||Very Flirtatious||


    ||He has ADHD||

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  2. Lucy walked down the stairs that led into the main room of the Dragon Veil Haven, a couple of her fellow members
    having their horns locked in a bit of a fight on the opposite side of the room where several tables were over turned
    and in disarray. She stormed over, all making a path for her quickly moving out of her way as she gave a frustrated
    sigh. Taking hold of either ones hair, she literally knocked their heads together, causing a stunned silence to befall
    the entire room that had only seconds ago been teeming with life.
    " You two. Shut. UP! "
    They quickly scurried away, the room and it's people resuming their lively state, making conversation about how the
    council had fallen and mercenaries were crawling all over. This in particular caught her attention, mercenaries were
    something she enjoyed taking care of. She liked to pummel them into the ground. Though it was an odd hobby, she
    was a Dragon Veil Epic after all. What less would be expected of her?
  3. A lot of people in the StarSet Haven often questioned how Lizz, the youngest of all the Epics in the Haven, was able to surpass a lot of the others when it comes to magic. "I-I still have a lot to learn and work on though!" Lizz would often respond back. Even with that being true her powers have a lot of potential to surpass all Epics who practice the same type of magic as her, which then brings up even more questions and curiosities. Today's questions and curiosities however were more focused on the spreading news about the council. Everyone tried to come up with theories about how the possible outcome would now be, while others thought of plans to maybe fix things. And Lizz? She sat quietly and listened to everyone. Maybe turning back time to prevent this from happening might help? she would've suggested, but being the youngest one she felt like she shouldn't have much of a voice. Will it always be like that?
  4. [​IMG]



    Location: Skylight Executive Council Hall

    NPC's: Elder Prior (Executive council head), Elder Yuu, Elder Hisaki

    Show Spoiler

    "The Council has fallen into ruin." Elder Prior stated from his place as the Skylight Council table head. He sat, the many wrinkles of his worn face creasing into a grave expression laced with worry and exasperation. "And what is worse is the destruction they have left in their wake. Their corruption has crippled the Havens, Skylight being no exception." He was speaking to all the members of the Haven Executives, all the elders that dotted the once prosperous
    Haven; however, now they all looked flushed of life, skin grey and chalky, expression heavy as if they were stuck in quicksand and quickly sinking. Elder Prior had let that statement sink in, eyes falling over his once happy people. As Haven head, it was saddening to see his people so crippled; however, he continued.

    "Even now, as we speak, mercenaries ransack the outskirts of our lands. Creatures of darkness lurk at every corner, slowly closing in on if to swallow us. I fear for Skylight's furture...but not only that. I fear for all of the Havens' future. We are disconnected, sullied by our own hatred and pride...and it is crippling us further."

    "Well what the hell are we suppose to do about it?" Elder Yuu suddenly spoke up from his position from the far right, a look of mild disgust plaguing his fox-like expression. He, more than any of the Elders, despised the idea of intermingling with the other Haven factions, especially after the chaos caused with the corrupt council. He believed Skylight needed to keep to themselves. "If the other Havens fall, then let them! Why should we care about them, when we have enough of our own troubles? Should we not focus on that, Elder Prior?" The Elder Yuu continued, looking to his fellow elders in support for his ideals.A few of the other Elders nodded in agreement, causing the pompous Yuu to smirk with mild victory; however, Prior continued, unphased by Yuu's words.

    "Our survival, all of ours, not just Skylight, depends on the intertanglement and melding of the Haven Factions. We are all interdependent on one another, which is why we are all in ruin now. We seek independence and separation because of our distrust, but that distrust shall ruin us all."

    "And that's where I come in, yeah?" A voice, much younger than the elders crowding room, spoke up with an air of mild amusement. It was coming from far left, away from the table to one of the pillars, where a young man stood, leaning against the pillar with his arms folded over his chest. He was tall, and held many of the features that all Skylight's shared: Pale blonde hair, auburn brown eyes, and pale skin. He did have his own features that distinguished him though, the biggest being that odd smirk that itched at the corner of his full lips, large front teeth visible between them.

    Elder Prior's tone automatically changed, the rest of the Elders falling silent, except for Yuu, who scoffed in annoyance. Something changed in the room then, an air of dislike radiating off of the elders as the Young man stepped forward, their expressions that of disapproving parents. The boy kept that odd smirk, it growing slightly as he moved across the polished, grey floors to the Council table. Elder Prior continued, a polite smile forming on his face to mask to animosity the others felt for this man.
    "Nice for you to actually be on time, Sugai Naanahara...This IS where you come in. As the Skylight Epic, it is your duty to see to the people and protect us from outside harm."

    "Uh...duh, of course it is, baldy!" Sugai suddenly laughed, something rather odd to do in such a grave situation; however, that was part of his personality. He rarely took anything seriously...why should he now? He stopped in his short march, right in the center of the table, leaning forward to rest his palms against the smooth surface. He shook his head, smirk fading to a slightly calmer expression, finger slowly twirling against the polished black, eyes wandering over to Prior after a few moments. "Listen. I don't know what you got cooking up in that head of yours, prune face, Bu-"

    "Show some respect, Naanahara!" Elder Hisaki nearly screeched from his place in the room, standing and looking to Elder Prior while pointing a bony finger at Sugai. He was a middle aged man with, as Sugai put it, a nose that looked like a modern irrigation device. His beady eyes narrowed as he hissed, unable to mask the hatred he held for Sugai Naanahara. This kid was trouble, despite being the Haven's Epic. Hisaki felt that Naanahara should have been replaced ages ago; however, Elder Prior seemed to have a soft spot for this Joke of a Hero. "Elder Prior, if anything this BRAT has caused more trouble than he has prevented. Do you seriously wish to put all of Skylight's fate in the hands of...of a clown!?"

    Sugai chuckled the, head turning to eye Elder Hisaki with a condescending stare. When he spoke, his voice was strikingly mocking, nearly childish as he prodded at the uptight Elder. There was also annoyance in his voice...rebellion, for he was unable to keep his mouth shut when insulted by the likes of Hisaki. "I don't see you coming up with any bright ideas, kiss ass."

    Hisaki's face gained a bit of color then, scarlet dotting his hollowed cheeks and sagging neck as his rage nearly reached a boiling point."Why you little-"

    "Have a seat, Hisaki." Elder Prior spoke up, everyone falling silent except Hisaki, you looked to Prior ia disbelief. "B-but Elder Prior...this Vagrant needs to be taught a lesson." Prior shot Hisaki a stern look, eyes narrowing; however, his smile stayed on his face. "Would you care to teach him that? I sure the sparing grounds are open at this time, Hisaki." The elder paled, hesitantly lowered himself back in his seat as he tossed a glare at the side of Sugai's head. Prior continued. "We are left with little choice in this matter. If we are to survive this chaos, we must place our faith in our Epics!"

    Sugai could not hide the grin on his face, for it was always entertaining to ruffle the elders's feathers. Hisaki made it easy for him to...; however, that grin had faltered slightly, a realization suddenly breaking through Sugai's thoughts...The entire fate of Skylight would be on his shoulders...but...what was Prior planning?

    "What exactly do you have in mind, Elder Prior?"

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  5. [​IMG]

    Show Spoiler

    ⌈ Kisumi was not in the best mood. And a companion of her was obviously able to tell. ⌋

    She didn't bother to lower her eyes as she stepped onto the glass flooring, water burbling underneath her feet as she walked on the polished lime flooring, eyes boring ahead in up most determination.

    'She was walking at a slow pace. It was a normal day, one where the guild hall was alive with chatter and some rowdiness from the more humorous members of HarmonicaNatura. The Epic would have found her Haven to be as lovely as ever. Alas, however, she wanted to sit under one of the roaring waterfalls and drown in their individual silvery pools.'

    There was a short, fat Persian cat, black coat and bright bluish, white eyes. His unkempt claws padded next to her gentle feet, his smug narrating going on unheard by no other but Kisumi.

    'She was, with out a doubt, brooding. The look on her face meant she was brooding, but over just what? Could it be, that... She was tired as all hell? Could it be that, it was day one thousand and forever and she still 'had no place to belong' as she keeps saying... Or, possibly the fact that she now had the fate of the world on her shoulders what was was causing her frown that she should be turning upside down. She could imagine the gruesome images now. Continents full of large, hopeless people, homes ransacked and houses burning, burning, burrninnggg to the crisp all in the rural parts of our lovely Sectors.

    However, that conflict that kept toddling around in her beautiful skull that bothered her most...'
    The cat relished in her tensing features, shoulders raising as he continued his narrating. He felt a grin come to his face.
    '...Was the thought of working with other people. Working with people she could and would have never known if they home wasn't being threatened. People who can toss her aside and leave her easily with no help or reconnecting with them anytime soon. The fate of everyone rested on each of their shoulders, this larger than life responsibility would most definitely push them together, but what after the conflict is all said and done? When the enemy is banished and scared off, what will happen to their connections? Oh yes. They. Will. Disappear.'

    'Just how every other person has decided what to do with poor little Kisumi, the neglected girl. Always replaced. Always second choice. Never valued by anyone but the handsome and almighty Saku. Me.'

    'This could lead to a whole multitude of problems, this... Teamwork. Books upon books of the figurative adversaries she recorded in her head for her disposal continued to pile up. She'd probably only use it for lame, desperate excuses as to why she cannot handle such a responsibility. But not just the responsibility of the Sectors on her, the responsibility of working with other Epics no less. What a nightmare for the young lovely, curvy, busty--'

    "I make it an sincere promise that I will turn you into chicken soup, Sakuya!" Kisumi snapped, abrupt turning and burning holes into the all black, Persian cat at her feet. "Speak of me in such a way again..."

    'You do have to admit, you took the monologue pretty well.'
    The cat protested, wiggling at her feet and soon circling her in low, lazy strides. 'You're too stressed out, Kisumi, you need some time off from here...' He paused, drinking in the others slightly changed expression. '-A better place to think that isn't the Guild halls. And I do appreciate beauty at it's finest, do not deny me, Epic. You know my heart will only be for you.'

    The girl scoffed, rolling her eyes at the other and ignoring everything he said before the sarcastic comment. "I wouldn't even think about you when I become a couple of thousand years old."

    'My statement still reigns true, Chie-Chan.'

    "Do not call me that, and don't let any one else hear you either. I wish you were an actual cat so I could shut you up at will." Kisumi murmured, heading forward without the Persian kitty. Last thing she needed was a bunch of people she didn't know so much calling her 'Chie-Chan.' He followed deliberately. "Soon enough I will have to meet these other Epics and I will have to collaborate with them. I do not mind, there is a higher power, a great reason for us to be together. Whatever they see me as can not and will not phase me, because I have a duty in the end. "

    Nano refrained from saying anything lewd to her this time, only for knowledge that if he bombarded her with too many comments, she can and will shave his fur like last time and leave him to be mistaken with the worms. 'Heard this all too many times. You do know you can always come to me for companions and not acquaintances.'

    "I don't know if I'll be able to make friends is one, in the end as I told you, it doesn't really matter. And I don't know some perverted elderly man disguised as some cat can bring me any good friends. I am only eighteen, remember? I don't have interest in drinking myself to death or playing MahJongg."

    The black furry friend tilted it's head back, eyes closing as the Epic's mind resounded with his hearty, raspy laughter, worn by years and years she could only dream to living that old. Kisumi frowned with a long silence and the feline seemed to notice.

    'Did I go too far with the narrating?'

    "Yes. That is why I'm not bothering to feed you for the duration of my mission." The epic replied without skipping a beat.

    'I knew when you didn't reply to it straightforwardly with a threat, you were planning something! I knew it! I knew you!' Saku groaned obnoxiously, his gait becoming soppy and half-hearted. 'Chie-Chan, mercy, mercy, mercy! I beg mercy! I do not even know how long you will be gone!'

    "That is why you better make haste finding a way to feed yourself. Get a job or something, you freeloader." She grumbled, walking besides the impossibly high, decrepit walls and turning the corner. She suddenly dropped her voice low, mocking the stray cat. "Doing work, work to sustain himself after such a long bond with someone who fed him left and right? Ran to his every beck and call? What a nightmare for the old, crusty, perverted--"


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  6. "RAFA! WATCH OUT!" Could be heard as Rafa, one of the best Epics of Omega Quadrant, dodged a attack of a monster who was attacking civilians in some alley, two had been already severely injured by that monster, one Epic and a civil, he did an counter attack punching the monster in it's stomach making it lose balance and fall back, the monster didn't gave up and got back up in a straight attack trying to hit Rafa but failing in it as he parried it with a punch, somehow the attack of the monster landed in one of his friends, the same who warned him about the attack. Seeing his friend being knocked out in the instant the monster hit her, a rage came on him, he destroyed the monster with the power he had gathered in that place, he unleashed his element fury in the monster who became dust in seconds of course it was so destructive that he fell unconscious after using all that power. After a while he woke up in his bed, Mia, the girl who shouted, was taking care of him, he was happy to see her fine but it wasn't time to be injured now, he thanked and tried to get up "Thanks but there are a lot of peoples needing my help... I-I got to go..." he felt a pain in his head but he didn't cared, he needed to stop monsters from entering the his Heaven area "No! you can't! You need to rest now! I know you saved me but now i'm going to save you so stay there and eat this soup!" Mia said as she putted a spoon full of soup in his mouth, it tasted like home made soup, he liked that but growled a little as he sat with his back in the end of the bed while she got closer to feed him with more soup. He wasn't wanting to stay stopped while the other Epics did everything they could "You are careless... Don't make me worry about you again... You are the only one I have of friend... don't make me worry like that... I know you are one of the best Epics we have but... don't try to push your luck... you will die if you don't take it easy..." she said as she shoved more and more soup in his mouth, he almost panicked out as his mouth was burning and almost bursting out of hot soup "I KNOW!" he said as he swallowed all the soup making tears fell from the corner of his eyes, it was too hot and too much for him, Mia apologized as she handed him a napkin for his mouth or it was is eyes? "I-I think I don't want anymore soup... A-And I know you have only me and I have only you... since we were in the orphanage we have been together, like bro and sis!" he said as he smiled but feeling a little painful as he moved a little to hug her, he knew he couldn't save everybody but he needed to try, since the story about the councils things were getting even more dangerous to Omega Quadrant, they were the ones that everyone used like guards or sentinels because of their careless and high focus on enemies then any other Haven had, well at least it was what Rafa thought, they were not friendly even with their own friends but if the connection with one was strong, they would try their best to not let the other down.

    (Sorry if I made something wrong, I can change it, no worries)
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