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    Hello everyone, and welcome.
    I have a few active role-plays already - here and elsewhere - but I have room for one, maybe two more. I'll therefore try to concentrate here on what I've been craving for and either didn't get a chance to explore, or wish to write about further more.

    A few facts about me and my roleplay habits:

    - My posts' length and the sophistication of my style are very adaptable, and will most often mirror what you offer me. Regarding length, I think it is at its best when it varies depending on the story's needs and rhythm. Obviously long answers in a refined style will take longer to write than shorter ones written more casually. (If you want examples of what I can write, just ask.)

    - I hate being rushed. I really do. And I will never bug you about the time you take to reply (except if it's been months, mostly to make sure you're okay) so please return the favour.

    - Communication. I can't stress that one enough. Roleplays are so much more enjoyable when I can talk with my partner, about what we just wrote, our characters, the plot, or even mundane matters. We obviously don't have to become besties or chat everyday, but if you don't talk to me, not only will I feel as though I'm writing with a robot, but if something comes up and I lose inspiration, I just won't find the confidence to discuss it with you. I will dwell in my writer's block, which can eventually lead to abandoning the role-play completely. If you are blocked, I'd love talking about it with you to solve the problem, and won't take offence if I need to change my post or the direction we're going. I'd be grateful if this could go both ways.

    Gender, Romance and Sex:

    I am most comfortable playing male and genderqueer (agender, gender fluid etc) characters, but can write about secondary female characters - though it's rare for me to use them as my main cast (not out of any misogynism whatsoever, but a simple matter of comfort). Note that these remarks include transgender characters.

    My favourite (and what I'm most comfortable with) in matter of romance would be MxM. I can be convinced to play MxF, or even FxF - but the characters, and plot, have to be really good. I am just so tired of stereotypical female characters and cliché heterosexual romance.

    While I do love romance, it is far from being an imperative. Note that should there be romance I'm not really looking for some carefree, easy-going, domestic love story (which can be fun, but I've got that already). I'd like something darker, something twisted, stories of mutual destruction and sinful tragedies. So emo.

    I have no problem writing sex, but there has to be tension, plot, interactions to complete it. Sex alone is like receiving a dick pic out of nowhere - awkward, disturbing, and far from my definition of exciting.


    Not my comfort zone, but definitely interested if you have a good idea.

    Love it, but already in two sf role-plays. So it's possible, but the plot would have to be really original and interesting.

    Slice of Life: it's often disregarded by role-players and seen as boring, but I don't think there's anything boring about the world we live in. So long as the plot is not too casual or going nowhere, I can appreciate a realistic setting.

    Historical: Always interested in a good historical roleplay, with the exception of the Middle Age.


    War setting -
    I've been wanting to roleplay in a war setting for such a long time, and never got the opportunity. I'd basically fall in love with you if you were up to it. Soldiers together on the battlefield, either of similar ranks or with a hierarchy gap ; a war doctor might be interesting too.

    Lawyers -
    I read this one fiction set in a lawyer AU and now I have a craving for it. (Also even though Phoenix Wright is incredibly unrealistic, it's so much fun.) Not necessarily romance, and it can be either between different lawyers (maybe even from opposite sides) or between the defendant and his lawyer.

    Mental Illness / Psychiatry -
    I am fascinated with the relationship between a patient and his psychiatre and would love to develop a story around that. Two patients could work too.

    Psycho Killer -
    Linked to the above, really. I have a character, Cedric (profile: ) that is a psychopath and a serial killer. My stories with him are always set after his arrest. I would love to develop him further more in a relationship between him and a policeman, psychiatre, prison guard, prison cellmate... Not necessarily romantic. Be warned, however; Cedric is not innocent. He did premeditate the murder of eight people cold-bloodedly.

    Super-hero x Villain -
    in which instead of the villain becoming good, the hero turns dark side.

    Or we could start from scratch and brainstorm. It's up to you!
    Likes & Dislikes:
    I love:

    - Realism
    - Deep, complex psychologies
    - Originality
    - Humour
    - Passion
    - Dictatorships, regimes that offer very little individual freedom
    - Forbidden relationships (forbidden either by external actors - society, the character's families...- or by the character's own ethics/personality)

    I hate:

    - Incest
    - Manichaeism (when everything is either black or white, good vs evil etc)
    - Drugs (you do whatever you want in your free time, but for personal reason, I am extremely uncomfortable with the portrayal of drugs in role-play. Alcohol is ok to an extent, cigarette is stretching things a bit, but the rest, except if it's exceptional and essential to the plot, please don't.)
    - Scat, toilet plays and the likes... (do I really need to say that?)
    - Furries
    - the Dom/Sub cliché - I don't exactly hate it, more like... I'm tired of it. Master/Slave, Boss/Employee, Prince/Servant... Uhr. It's been done so many times already. You'd need a really awesome plot for me to dig.
    -Uke/Seme/yaoi terminology.
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  2. I am interested! Mostly in the psycho killer one.
  3. Great, why don't you send me a PM? (Sorry about the late response, I forgot to watch the thread and therefore didn't receive an alert)
  4. Hello there~

    I would love to do the Superhero x Super villain Plot.

    Is that still open?
  5. I would love to do the war setting RP with you ^-^ if you're still looking.
  6. I could do mental patient and doctor seeing as my character is a doctor.
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