Desire and Lust

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  1. Shade was just walking down the street. She was just walking home from a long day at work. It was late and she was tired.

    Yet she wanted to party.

    She called up her friend and smiled. There was a party going on not far from where she was from and walked there.

    Shade walked into the house and instantly became the life of the party. She was only there for about an hour and was already wasted.

    "Now who wants me to be their little play toy?"she called out to the group.
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  2. (( may I rp? ))
  3. ((Sure))
  4. (( I'm not sure whether to be a guy or girl XD ))
  5. ((I honestly don't care. My character is drunk and bi))
  6. (( okay XD ))

    Jenni was at this party against her will, her brother had made her come. She would much rather be at home watching movies. As she was standing awkwardly with a beer in her hand she heard what you called out and looked over at you, taken back by your beauty. Jenni thought she was nothing compared to you. Jenni quickly and swiftly walks over to you and grabs your hand, leading you to the nearest room.

    (( photo is jenni ))

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  7. She smiled and followed. "Oh so you want me to be your little play thing?"she asked and chuckled. She ran a hand down her side.
  8. Jenni shivers at her touch and bites her lip as she murmurs a quiet yes. You both reach the room as jenni leads you to the bed and starts to slowly inch closer to you.
  9. Shade smiled. She looked at him. "Come on just take me,"she said and winked.
  10. Jenni stood up and started stripping until she was fully naked as she climbed on top of you taking your top and bra off.
    Jenni groans and grabs one breast as she sucks on the other.
  11. She moaned and smiled. "Oh yes!"she moaned.
  12. Jenni smiles mischievously at you as one of her hands slowly travel down your body as she plays with the hem of your pants.
  13. She moans. "Come on! Just take them off!"she said.
  14. Jenni trails kisses down your stomach as she pulls of your pants and starts rubbing you through your panties.
  15. She moaned more and smiled. She looked at her and smiled.
  16. Jenni smiles back as she start rubbing faster, feeling your wetness already.
  17. "Oh yes! Yes!"she moaned.
  18. "You like that babe?" Jenni smirks as she pulls off your panties.
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  19. She smiled and nodded. "Oh yes!"
  20. Jenni starts to rub you bare, she bites her lip and looks up at you. She rubs faster and faster