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  1. Designs and Requests by Chil

    Yeah. I want to start doing concept art. Outfits, beasts, flora, fauna, etc.? Doable. (Also for practice hehe)
    Also the occasional request.

    I think this should go here, if not please tell me.

    Art examples (more will be added).
    ART STYLE MAY VARY BETWEEN REQUESTS! Also won't do any realistic or painterly stuff because that takes up too much time. Maybe in the future.

    OK stuff
    • Furries
    • Fantasy stuff
    • Robots
    • And other stuff
    • Additional characters (up to two)

    • NSFW
    • Very complicated things
    • Gore (might do a bit but)
    • Overly creepy stuff in general
    • TBA

    For a concept
    Theme: -like royal, blue, etc.-
    Type: -outfit, creature, weapon, etc.-
    Description: -any details or overall look or ideas-
    Reference/insp. images: -if any-
    Additional info:

    For copying (open)
    Reference/insp. images:
    Additional info:

    For a request
    Type: -Artwork, banner, icon, etc.-
    Appearance*: -self explanatory-
    Age*: -self explanatory-
    Personality: -their overall personality or expression in the image-
    Pose/action: -want them doing something specific? Or just in a heroic pose?-
    Theme (if any): -this could affect the colours, etc.-
    Reference: -self explanatory-
    Additional info:
    *not needed if reference is included.

    For copying (open)
    Additional info:

    Please keep in mind that my drawings aren't perfect and that they take time. Thank you.
  2. Well this is kinda useless.

    So much for making use of that concept art class.... Oh well.
  3. I like your art! ^^ Would you possibly be willing to make a commission for me for one of my characters?
  4. Look in my Character Portraits thread then, they're free!

    However I'm currently not taking commissions of any kind so you'll need to wait till spring break.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.