Designer Limbs!

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  1. So I came across this website thanks to a person I follow on Twitter:


    One of the legs they designed was for the Paralympic Closing Ceremony for the part of the Snow Queen.

    Basically what they do is allow amputees to design their own limbs, whether realistic or stylistic, to whatever suits their taste.

    Losing a limb and requiring a prosthetic can be a traumatic experience and can deal a huge blow to a person's self-image. This project seeks to help return a positive self-image and a sense of artistic freedom, much like body modification, to those with prosthetics.

    SO! If YOU had the chance to design your own limb, what would it look like? Would it be an arm or a leg? Or both?
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  2. If I lost a limb, you bet I would do that!! Crystalized all the way!
  3. That's a wonderful idea, especially with the addiction of artwork.

    And I wouldn't know how to decorate my limb to be honest. Probably make it look like I had tattoos all over it or something cool like that.

    Cool post Cammy. ^^
  4. Probably a leg.... A SEXY LEG! with a material thatll make it easy to jiggle~

    Question: For a realistic prosthetic arm like above, if for a woman could they paint the nails?
    Question/Comment: I Bet for such a realistic prosthetic it would cost thousands and thousands... and probably in high demand, wouldnt it?
  5. i'm with Thalia, Give me Crystal!
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  6. Just realised I didn't post my preference. For forever I've had an idea for a tattoo of my skin being pulled away and seeing a big cat fur pattern underneath. So maybe something like that. If not that, then steampunk all the way! Arm or leg, I don't care!
  7. If I lost an arm, a replica of David Sarif's augmented arm in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If it was the whole arm, Jetstream Sam's.

    I bet shit like this will take off if voluntary human augmentation ever does.
  8. I think I would want to get porcelain plates on mine... a china doll arm would be adorable. :D Or if you could get plates that you could interchange... get some that are all grunge/industrial metal, some that are copper... I could have fun with this. XD
  9. If I lost a limb and got one of these, I'd want it to look gruesome, as though it's bloody and decaying, with bones showing through... Then I'd tell everyone it's an undead graft and I can use it for paralyzing touch and death touch.
    And it would be nice to have a secret compartment in it. I like secret compartments. I doubt anyone would have the stomach to search it anyway. But I might need two secret compartments, in case I decide to use one to keep rotting meat in, so that the smell would be convincing as well.
  10. I am honestly feeling a little bit strange about this whole idea, even if I consciously know that it is indeed a good idea. If I interpret this correctly, then people are basically paying these people to make these limbs for them, which seems to collide with my moral code, or at least seems sketchy to me. Then again, I guess that these designer limbs could be covered by medical insurance, which would make them easily affordable to most peopel, not to mention that it would not seem like making a profit out of someone else's disability. But yes, the basic idea behind these limbs is indeed a strong and useful one, as I can imagine just how much a lost limb would impact the a person's self-confidence. Replacing this limb with something beautiful would help them regain what they have lost, though I must confess, if I lost a limb, I would choose a realistic replacement over a non-realistic one any time.