Design Jean's Bedroom Office!

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  1. I have all the furniture where I want it, but I'd like to make it colorful and quirky! I love DIY's that are cheap and neat, but I don't know the best place to find cute things like that.

    What I have (Space for more stuff):
    Bookshelf (Enough room for a storage box or laptop to rest on the top shelf)
    Free space on the side of the desk (card table) that faces the rest of the room (30 in x 24 in)

    What I have (Organization):
    Little desk organizer for phone/ipod charger station (painted wood)
    Little stackable containers for pencils, knitting, etc (plastic)
    Folder organizer (thin metal)

    All of the room walls are the color of a clear noon sky. The blue part, not the big yellow ball in the sky.
    There are accents of all sorts of colors (I'm a very colorful person). Purple, pink, green, yellow, various shades of blue.

    In other words, there is no real theme to my room/office, so I don't have to match anything. This is a chance for y'all to be creative and share some neat ideas!

    I'll take some pictures of the space soon, once I get it all cleaned up :P
  2. Hum, I'd really would like to help. However, I'm not a indoors decorator.