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Design a Water Dragon!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minibit, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. Ahh dragons; arguably one of the best parts of fantasy worlds, they come in all shapes, sizes, colours, personalities and intelligences!

    In this exercise, we 're going to create a Water Dragon. This can mean anything from a sea serpent to a more traditional western dragon that spits water instead of fire. Use your imagination and create something new!

    Species Name:
    Average lifespan:
    What makes it a water dragon (details)?
    Sentience (y/n)?
    Intelligence level?
    What it eats/drinks:
    Where it lives:
    Does it travel or migrate?
    Is it myth or reality?
    Anything else you'd like to add?
  2. [​IMG]
    Species Name: leviabosa

    Average lifespan: 200-300

    What makes it a water dragon
    The fact that this serpent like dragon lives underwater most of its life it life is not the only thing that makes it a water dragon. It breaths water with the gills it has inside it's mouth. This is why its mouth is always open. It's skin is oily to defend against harpoons and slip pass rocks. and hard enough to stand up to low powered cannon shots. It's wings are very weak and only allows gliding. Underwater it can swim up to 117 miles/hour.


    Intelligence level?
    A IQ of 115, Can even speak in human tongue.

    peaceful but can be easily enraged if you constantly bother it or attack it's child. Having children for them is very low.

    What it eats/drinks:
    eats Swordfish, sharks and rarely whales. They drink water duh!

    Where it lives:
    All large seas but first seen in Arabian sea around 1600 years ago.

    Does it travel or migrate?
    yes, All around for different dragons.

    Is it myth or reality?
    reality (Very rare)

    Anything else you'd like to add?
    They are said to be the children of Leviathan. The dragon's blue eyes glow if it is enrage giving. It's scream is low pitch but infra-sound (18 hertz) so it causes sickness and fear, Making sailors see ghost out of the corner of there eyes. This can oly be picked up by a master sailor that this creature is near for this scream is it enrage scream. ​
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  3. Species Name: Aqualunaria
    Average lifespan: 30-45 years.
    What makes it a water dragon (details)?: A finned creature with a very narrow, noodle-like body with fins at the tail, hips, and large fins toward the top to help it swim. it very much looks like a flying fish, stretched down into being able to loop around itself and twirl in the water. It's face is narrow, rectangular, and has gills on each side of it's head to allow to soak oxygen through the water, and its eyes have invisible side-lids to protect its sight underwater. It is perfectly capable of moving on land, but it is very slow, and will eventually need to shift back in the water, as it's body is more rubbery and amphibious than scale-like cousins. It's teeth are very small.
    Sentience (y/n)?: N
    Intelligence level?: That of a common reptile.
    Behaviour: Shy and docile. It will often dodge and escape into the water upon approach, and isn't very aggressive unless it is picked up and provoked like a snake.
    What it eats/drinks: Fish, shrimp, and crustaceans. It drinks nothing, as it absorbs it's nutrients through what it eats.
    Where it lives: Near the coasts of oceans, close enough to shore to lay eggs into the sand, but also far enough away that won't accidentally beach itself. It stays to the beach to avoid the larger predators in the water, and for mating and eggs.
    Does it travel or migrate?: Yes. It will migrate south to warmer seas if it gets colder in the north. Those already in the south don't migrate at all.
    Is it myth or reality?: Reality
    Anything else you'd like to add?: There was a rumor once that catching one of these was good luck, given they are extremely fast swimmers, and come in all different colors. But those few who have managed to catch one laugh it off and release them immediately after. Catching them now is just a superstitious traditional game.
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  4. Species Name: Angler Dragon
    Average lifespan: Four to five years
    What makes it a water dragon: This is a deep sea dragon It has solid black scales and when the creature is hunting it's entire eight inch tongue shines white to lure in any prey. Though if you were to some how shine a light on it where it stays at the bottom of the ocean you would see a eighteen foot wingspan on a dragon who's body is the size of a door. The wings are wide and thin to propel the dragon through the water. The eyes are very smell while orbs that are useless,this creature is blind and relies on echo location to see.
    Sentience: These dragons are not sentient,they survive off of pure instinct.
    Intelligence level: Very low,like any other creature you would find at the bottom of the ocean.
    Behavior: These dragons are extremely aggressive and extremely territorial. They will kill anything that comes even close to their home. To hunt they wiggle their glowing hard tongue around in the water and wait for something to bite it.
    What it eats/drinks: Angler dragons mainly eat deep sea eels and angler fish,along with the occasional other angler dragon.
    Where it lives: Like an angler fish,angler dragons live in the dark depths of the ocean where no light reaches.
    Does it travel or migrate: No,these creatures never leave their territory once it is established,even if they are starving from the lack of food there.
    Is it myth or reality: Most people think it is a myth because we cannot dive far enough down to see it but in reality they are very real,they just cannot come to the surface.
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