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  1. Belle

    "Damn it." She mumbled "Are you serious? Really? Was that necessary?" She looked to the guards and smiled "I got it covered...don't worry fellas." She tried to wave them off and she went over to the corner of the room where the camera was "Screw it. I'm taking you two to the war room and you are going to stay there."
  2. Belle

    She frowned "Ah. An arrogant man with no love for himself. That's...concerning."
  3. Jason

    "You just need some practice and training and you'll be able to do it without any pain."
  4. Plot:

    Years after the Great War, Ryan is still in control. Without really preparing her friends, The legendary Six, for battle, they rushed in to end his tyrrany. Nino watched in horror as the heroes fell around her, and eventually she was the only one left. Ryan thought he had killed her, and left her alone in the burning rubble.

    Ten years after the battle, Nino and The Six have slowly disappeared into the pages of time and gossip.

    Older and wiser, Nino emerges from hiding and prepares herself for war. Her old friends have not died in vain and she will make sure that Ryan knows that. Not only will she find a new six, she will try her hardest to build an ARMY.

    Key Characters:

    The Six: Nino's orignal band of warriors, whom were also her friends. After they stormed into Ryan's fortress and fought against his Titanium Army, they fell protecting thier friend. (Deceased)

    Inagasaki Volo: The "pacifistic" evangelist was a magi who's skills was based strictly on water.
    Bean West: Descendant of one of the greatest alchemists of all time.
    Noware: A brute of a man, he depended strictly on his sheer strength to smash through enemies.
    Little: A half-elf warrior, he worked for Ryan to spy on Nino- only to choose to fight by her side.
    Cheshire Morgan: Coming from the great Morgan Clan, he was a Dark magi.
    Rachel West: The young and frail wife of Bean, she specialized in healing magic.

    The Titanium Army: Ryan's skilled half-human, half cybernetic assassins. They are lethal and exact- in one night, they can completely obliterate an entire city.

    Key Locations:

    Vaha: Once considered the largest and most bustling city on Earth, the entire area was mostly destroyed ten years ago. Now, it has regained it's status- but is crawling with the Titanium Army. Ryan controls most of the cities and towns, except for a select few. Vaha is a lush, yet cybernetic city- filled with mines, factories, as well as forests. It is also the only place on Earth that has changed it's name.


    Character Name:


    General Appearance:


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:


    General History:

    Present Life:

    Things I need are members of the Titanium Army, as well as the new Six for this war. Feel free to be creative! I shall have Nino's bio up here shortly, but I figured that I should add this, to give all of you more info!
  5. John

    He snapped his fingers and they turned into pickaxes and attacked her ice. She broke through the primary shield and clapped a little. "Just like that." He made the pickaxes disappear. "I think you've had enough."
  6. So would a impressionable youth revolutionary/gurella work for a character?
  7. Of course! I am working on Nino's bio today, once the boys are down for a nap and I'll update the character list in a little bit!
  8. Alright working on my character sheet for him. Next up, one revolutionary kid.

    Character Name: Charlie Nakano
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Birthplace/World: Vaha
    Occupation/School/Grade: Rebel/Pilot


    General Appearance:
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    Strengths: Idealism, Youth (While he is young he is very supportive of his beliefs but still is a fast learner.)
    Weaknesses: Naivety (Due to his youth he tends to take people as they come, not how they might actually be)


    Current Goal/Purpose: Topple Ryan's regime and get revenge for his lost family.
    Talents: Quick Learner, Basic Firearms, Survival, and First Aid Training.
    Fears: That somehow he will fail to eliminate Ryan.
    General Personality: Charlie seems to be fighting for the people, wishing to create a better world for the people that live in the dystopian society that Ryan created in Vaha. He is very upbeat and cheerful though also fairly violent when it comes to dealing with those of the Titanium Army.
    Inner Personality: Charlie is more concerned with revenge on Ryan than helping the people. He sees that Ryan's death will cause nothing but a better life for the citizens of Vaha despite the concequences it might cause.


    General History: Charlie had a normal life; going to school, parents, friends, even a litte pet dog. All of it normal until Ryan began his purges after the final battle with the six. His parents and everything he was tied to, like so many others, was lost to him forever. After wandering and living off of what he could steal he met a group of revolutionaries, like minded individuals who had all lost something in those times. At first he was to young to fight with them, but he was tought to do other things. As time past, he got older and realized that the group was to weak to fight on their own and they knew it. So he left them to their squabbling to go out on his own.

    Present Life: Charlie has been searching for an artifact from an older age that was rumored to be hidden in an underground vault. It was said to be some sort of powerful weapon, one he hoped to turn against Ryan and his army. Not to mention he realizes that he will need help and money so he has been working as a gun for hire in the mean time.

    (More to Come. Do we have to use this sheet though? It seems a bit over kill is all.)
  10. ((It is finished. Please tell me if there is anything I need to change. :]))


    Character Name: Leila Rubiarda
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human (Magi)
    Age: 16
    Birthplace/World: Vaha
    Occupation/School/Grade: Vaha City High School, 11th Grade


    General Appearance: She is slightly taller and somewhat more lean than other girls her age. Her skin is a light olive shade and her eyes are a light jade green. Her straight hair is a purple-black and falls just below her shoulders when not put up in a side pony-tail, a side bang covering almost half of her forehead falls ends just above her right eye. To most, she seems to be more graceful than people her age, and thus appears attractive amongst the awkward girls she is associated with.
    Strengths: fast (physically and mentally), intelligent, great magical potential
    Weaknesses: less physical strength than other races, can have trouble working with others, not skilled with her magic, yet.
    More: She is a novice mage and is able to summon small plants such as flowers and grass over a small area, and can make objects up to 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) float a meter above the ground for up to thirty seconds at a time without much of a problem. However, she can also attempt to move heavier objects up to 50 pounds (about 23 kilograms) if she concentrates her magic for long enough.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To be free from the tyranny of Ryan's rule.
    Talents: Singing, track (short-distance/sprinting), mathematics, fist-to-fist combat
    Inabilities: standing up to people, using a gun, fighting more than three enemies at once.
    Fears: That Ryan will continue to rule, and that further opression shall come because of his rule. However, more shallower fears include socializing with people and dealing some of the girls in her classes.
    General Personality: She is quiet and graceful. She tends to speak very little, and tends to cut back on words she deems unnecessary, often not stating what is or already has been implied. This can confuse some less intelligent people when she speaks, and often leads to misunderstanding between her and other people, which may make her seem mean or unsympathetic at times. She only hangs out with a few people, and sticks to them loyally. She tends to push people away without knowing it.
    Inner Personality: On the inside, she is really shy and kind of scared of the people around her. She is rather intelligent, but wishes to be nice to even those that are much less than nice to her. She is loyal, and clings to the few friends that are willing to be with her. She tends to get scared easily, but tends to not confront those fears until somebody else helps her do so. She wants people to be with her so that she can confront the unknown and what she fears.
    Secret: Secretly knows and protects the identities of some people planning to try and overthrow Vaha.


    General History: Leila is the sole child of her parents Clara and Richard Rubiarda. From a young age, Leila has been aware of the city of Vaha, and has heard from her peers about the things that have happened and "The Six" who tried to defeat Ryan and his army of partially mechanized super-humans. Leila, sympathizing with Nino and the deceased members of "The Six," began to dislike Ryan for killing them off. Furthermore, she began to gain fear of Ryan's Titanium Army when friends around her started beginning to dissappear without ever saying good bye. Presumedly, the Titanium Army assassinated them all for being rebels.

    Leila picked up singing when she was six, singing at the store that her parents owned. Most of the people that came in were impressed with her voice, and some would even throw a small amount of money in her direction as she grew older. Eventually, she got into her middle school's chorus and began to practice singing more often. Leila had even began trying to get gigs during her 9th and 10th grade years in high school, allowing her to earn a little bit of money. Another talent of hers, sprinting, was acquired during middle school, in which she was on the track team for all three years of middle school.

    Leila discovered her magical potential when she hit puberty. It was weird to her because neither her mother nor her father were able to cast magic, but she could make objects float across the room and make plants randomly grow in places with ease, causing her mother and father to become concerned. Not wanting their daughter to be taken away by the Titanium Army, they forced her to limit her magic use and keep it a secret to everyone except between the three of them.

    Present Life: Leila seems to live the life of a slightly privileged teenager to some because of her parents' decent economic standing as compared to most of the other people in the city. She attends school regularly and does well academically. However, socially, she is not doing so well, and is dealing with misunderstanding girls and boys who pick on her and spread rumours about her. She has no friends at the moment, and she typically finds herself dashing off from school to her home about two miles away. When she gets home, she tends to go to the basement to practice singing and sometimes even secretly practice her budding magical skills.
  11. How exactly does magic fit into the setting? What are its capabilities, and what defines magic to be dark or not?

    Character Name: Daisi Falle
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Birthplace/World: Vaha
    Occupation/School/Grade: Student/Aether Academy/12


    General Appearance: Lithe and streamlined, she doesn't appear bulky but her legs and arms are bolstered with muscle to make her an able fighter. Her hair is a raven black over smooth ivory skin, touching the middle of her back when let down but tending to be in a knot at the nape of her neck. Dark eyes and heavy lashes give the look of perpetual amazement. With her normal uniform for her attire, which includes a black skirt and long sleeved top, it is unnoticeable. When she trains, however, often in secret, she wears a pair of black shorts and a white sleeveless top that displays her smooth, strong physique.
    Strengths: Powerful and fast, insightful
    Weaknesses: Unable to perform magic


    Current Goal/Purpose: Daisi wants to change the world, to leave a mark.
    Talents: Daisi is agile and powerful, capable of evading and striking.
    Inabilities: Hopeless with magic and is wary of it. She also is unable to block any sort of damage.
    Fears: Being a slave, born and murdered without a name for herself.
    General Personality: Straight forward and honest, Daisi detests deceit and betrayal. She strives to be something important and wants to make the lives of others easier.
    Inner Personality: Daisi is afraid of being worthless to everyone and she will work herself to exhaustion and disrepair in order to prove herself. Tireless and loyal, she is open and friendly to those she deems kindred spirits.
    Secret: Has fallen prey to the promises of a legacy and purpose coming from Ryan.


    General History:
    Daisi recently broke away from her father and mother, who were angry and scorning when they learned that she had met with Ryan. Until this incident, she lived a life of boredom and distress, worrying that she would die a faceless creature and keeping very few friends due to her overly honest tendencies. She lived with her sister, sharing a bedroom but never being close with her magically talented sister, who did not possess Daisi's eerie beauty but instead the golden locks and feminine softness that others found attractive. Daisi has forever been envious of her elder sister, Gale.

    Present Life:
    Daisi lives alone in a small apartment, working part time as a mechanic to cover the costs while she finishes schooling. As of yet, she is unaware of what she must do to appease Ryan and gain the benefit of his promises and lives her life now simply imbued with new hope.
  13. [​IMG]
    Location: Unity Fighters HQ
    Late Afternoon
    Interactions: Clo, Unity Fighter's Heads

    Bowing to their dismissal, Alyssa felt a small bout of relief. It wasn't what she was hoping to achieve but, compared with being ordered to remain distant from the event, this was at least a semi-agreeable outcome. This way she could act if she felt it necessary. Holding in the hall for a moment, she looked to Clo and Lysander, had both of them followed her out.

    "That wasn't what I was hoping for," she said, somewhat mitigating her emotions on the topic. "You okay?" she asked, looking to Clo.
  14. ok, but what is magic used for, how is it used, etc? also, what makes magic dark? Because I plan on making a Dark magi, but I want to know what he should be able to generally do and what things he can do because he's a dark magi.

    Character Name: Nino
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human, other than her cybernetic parts.
    Age: 27
    Birthplace/World: Vaha
    Occupation/School/Grade: Mercenary


    General Appearance: Ten years later, Nino still looks like a child. Her skin is tanned from the sun, and her once-red hair has been sunbleached orange.Most of her cybernetic parts are covered, including her arm. She tries to hide it as well as she can, but after riding across the land, she has decided to wear things that are a bit more weather-friendly. Nino is tall and slim, but she can pack a mean punch whenever needed.
    Strengths: Her iron will and the cybernetic enhancements that were given to her.
    Weaknesses: Children (since she's too afraid to have any of her own) and people who need help.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To build her army, and end Ryan's rule once and for all.
    Talents: Other than her skills in combat, she can juggle as well as cook.
    Inabilities: Before, she wasn't so great at planning OR being a leader. Second time around, she has learned from losing her friends- but she still lacks patience.
    Fears: Her past.
    General Personality: Nino is now damaged, after the loss of her friends. Sullen and quiet, she normally comes off as someone who is to be avoided. Once she does open up, she is fun-loving and kind; a person who loves her friends like family. Hard-drinking and slightly random, she WILL speak to strangers only after she's thrown down a couple of shots.
    Inner Personality: The carefree and kind Nino from ten years ago is gone, and as much as she wants to revert back to it- it's not going to happen. The only thing at the MOMENT that is on her mind is killing Ryan and letting the people live fear free lives.
    Secret: She is Lana Silver. After she "died" her body was found by a resident of Vaha and he rebuilt her; implanting her with cybernetic parts.She says that she can't remember her past life, but she does; always avoiding the subject when people actually figure out exactly WHY she wants to end Ryan's life.


    General History: Ten years ago, Nino woke up from her coma and realized that she had new parts. Her memories weren't completely returned, but she couldn't help traveling around to help the people she encountered, against Ryan's will. Along the way, she met the Six: a group of vigilantes who joined in the fight against Ryan. Time went on, and without proper training or leadership, she led them into battle. As her friends died, one by one, she stood there in awe as Ryan ran her through with his sword.
    She let her friends down, and as she thought she took her last breath, she ran his sword through even further...

    Present Life: Finally coming out of hiding, Nino is once again traveling to Vaha to find a new Six. Only this time, Ryan won't know what hit him. She isn't the impatient teenager she was last time; now, she wants to create an army to end his tyranny once and for all.
  16. Everyone is accepted, I have FINALLY had my electrical problem in the house fixed so YAY! We are doing great with the good guys, but some baddies will be needed, but then again- we could always NPC the ones we need until other people join! And Kamikaze, add me on scype or whatnot, so we can get into the usage of magic. XD Unfortunately, it's still undecided.