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  1. We have a thread dedicated to disappointing movies. Then there's one about movies/television shows so bad that they were good.

    So, how about a topic for the exact opposite?​
    • Which movies/television shows do you guys feel actually lived up to the hype, maybe even went beyond your expectations?​
    • Which movies/television shows do you believe deserve more hype than they actually get?​
    Post maximum one of each (Stealing a page from @Jorick here). Mostly so that others get a chance to post. ^_^
  2. Gotham was considered pretty good with some minor faults. Having watched it, I agree. It does have some random moments, but overall it was a good watch.

    The adult actors were great. Bruce and Selena sucked. Balls

    So while it wasn't hyped too much, it met all expectations
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  3. The Wire went beyond my expectations. I watched it years after it ended, and everyone said how great it was, but I was still hesitant about watching it at first.

    Peaky Blinders deserves more hype than it seems to get. It's my favourite criminal drama since Sopranos.
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  4. Battle of the Bastards.

    The episode delivered on such a scale, I was blown the fuck away.
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  5. Sons of Anarchy- One of the greatest shows ever in spite of the fact that it grew darker as the seasons passed.

    Into the Badlands- Seriously an amazing show. The fight scenes are absolutely beautiful, and it's easy to get attached to the characters. At least that's my opinion. Should definitely get a lot more attention than it gets.

    Sleep Hollow- This one has kind of died on me, but the first two seasons should have been advertised a bit more. This last season.....ugh....

    Last Week Tonight- This show is absolutely hilarious while being informative. I think everyone should watch it, but that could be because I've got a huge crush on John Oliver.

    Game of Thrones- When my husband first turned it on, I wasn't really interested in it, but as the seasons have gone by it's gotten better and better.


    Deadpool- Definitely worthy of all the hype. By far one of my favorite movies.

    Captain America: Civil War- Another movie that lived up to the hype.
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  6. Just a reminded to post one of each please. ^_^

    Thanks for the posts though, guys, I've been trying to find good stuff to watch.
  7. I have movie/show ADD. I can't stick to one. :P I'm not even joking. I really can't stay faithful to any one show for more than a few episodes, then I binge. I'm weird that way.
  8. I agree with @Nydanna, Sons of Anarchy, is one to see which reminds me I need to watch it again.

    I didn't think the Revenant would be good but it was. A bit slow in the beginning it picked later on.
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  9. Ant-Man for sure, I wasn't exactly excited about it until I actually saw it. The movie was amazing, Paul Rudd is an awesome superhero.
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  10. I may as well put up my choices. ^_^

    For movies- Inside Out. I know, it was talked about way too much. But it was good enough to be talked about I feel.

    For tv shows- Psych. I don't think there was a single episode of this show that I was bored with.
  11. Movie: American Beauty. People had hyped it up to me as one of the best movies ever, and when that happens I've learned to expect disappointment. I went in expecting just a good drama that was nothing spectacular, but nope, it's a movie that would very easily make my list of top 10 movies of all time, and probably in the top 5 at that.

    Show: Steins;Gate (it's an anime, for the non-weebs out there). It was one of those anime that I saw brought up a lot in the last few years whenever people talked about anime, and it was another one that lots of people billed as one of the best of all time. I first watched the vastly inferior and not really a prequel Chaos;Head, because I thought that since it was set in the same universe then they were obviously related, but as it turned out that was not the case. Anyway, I finished that series and was really leery about going on to Steins;Gate because it hadn't been that great and series usually decay in quality over time, but I saw that it was made by a completely different studio so I decided to give it a chance... and now it's one of my favorite anime and would easily take a high spot if I were to make a list my top anime of all time.

    Also, I would have said The Wire if Empress Wen hadn't already covered it, so I definitely second that as one that deserves the hype.
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  12. I keep having Stein's Gate pop up in anime conversations. Maybe I really should check it out.
  13. The show that made me flip tables because I had no idea what all the silly fanboy hype that I kept hearing about.


    bitch plz
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  14. The cutesy art is so deceiving, I love it! This was an anime I literally sat and watched the entire day.
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  15. It's worth your time at the very least. Don't bother with Chaos;Head like I did though. :P
    Hah, yep, this was another one for me actually. Looks like a shitty magical girl anime, and I only gave it a shot because of so many people telling me it was amazing and to just give it a few episodes to get rolling. Definitely a great one.
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  16. TV Shows
    • Breaking Bad
    • Games of Thrones
    • Firefly
    • IT Crowd
    • Planet of the Apes
    • Lord of the Rings
    • Three Flavours of Cornetto Trilogy (The Worlds End, Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz)
    • The Dark Knight
    • Fate Zero
    • Clannad After Story
    • Death Note
    • Shiki
    • Gate
    • Princess Mononoke
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  17. Civil ducking War
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  18. One each, eh?

    Movie - Kung Fu Panda
    TV Show - Hannibal
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  19. Ehm well yes but if you have more you can add after a post or so ^_^'
  20. Breaking Bad, The Dark Knight, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy (though I think people were initially more skeptical than hype), Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Jaws.
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