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  1. Name: Howl Blood

    Age: 24

    Race: Blood Witch (explaining)


    Crimes Committed:
    Several counts of Mass Murder, Torture, Kidnapping, Rape, Destruction of Property, Public Intoxication

    Papers Call Me: "The Blood Reaper"

    Howl loves the sight of blood she does what she wants and acts on impulse. When she calms down she's calculative and sly along with a heavy drinker.

    Howl was born in the a long line of Witches but due the the in crease in crime her family was murdered. To keep her family with her she licked to blood from the floors making her turn into a Blood Witch. The taste caused the darker half of her heritage to surface and she became mad with obsession. She took her many great grandfather's scythe and began to hack her way to get more of the coppery taste she came to love. She soon realized that it was only the Others that could taste oh so good and went for families. She learned that she could work magic through blood and used it against anyone that got in her way of what she wanted. As she got older she found that explosions were just as much of a turn on; she got caught after one of her recent business explosions, drunk off her ass laughing hysterically as they dragged her into a squad car. They restrained her in a straight jacket, muzzle, and straps across her legs to keep her from doing anymore harm to a cop after jumping one and biting through his jugular.
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  2. Name: Nils Maupin

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Appearance: (without armor) (with armor)

    Crimes Committed:
    Mass Murder, Destruction of property, possessing illegal firearms

    Papers Call Me: The terrorist

    Personality: Nils grew up in isolation as a child soldier, taught to use any weapon since childhood he is proficient with any kind of ranged weapon. Likes to meet new people but has multiple personality quirks as the result of growing up alone.

    History: Nils was used as a terror agent in the solar system by various groups. His talent with weapons and his lack of morals made him a great asset to the various terrorist organizations. He was captured after he was set up by his employers when they deemed him to volatile to trust. He was captured razing an apartment complex to the ground with several highly illegal weapons.

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  3. Howl growled at the guards she could smell the fear rolling off the younger of the two knowing he was still green; she grinned at a sudden thought. "What's the matter boy afraid the monster will eat you?" She giggled making him flinch, "oh yessssss, your fear smells so delicious I can almost taste your blood on my lips." His eyes flicked to her and then his partner who seemed to be steadily ignoring her even though the muscle in his jaw kept jumping from him grinding his teeth. "Aww, are you still mad that I almost killed your buddy? Dont be it's his own fault for getting in the way of my jump." Howl laughed hysterically at the enraged expression the the officer's face as they pushed the pannel that she was strapped to up the ramp into the ship. Her arms and legs had been strapped together as well as a muzzle that kept her from knawing anything off; weither it was her straps or someones limbs she still wasnt sure. Not that she cared, they were going to send her somewhere, where she could kill and feed on anyone she wished and only death itself would stop her from stopping her eternal heaven. The men non-too-gently stood the pannel up and bolted it to the wall close to the door. Howl was one of the few that would be put on the ship before they left for the desert planet. She'd researched the place the moment she'd heard that they had started to send prisoners on death roll there; she'd even started altering the spell that made her able to understand every language now all she had to do was test it when she ran into one of them...if they didnt try to kill her first; she grinned darkly at the thought, as if the poor creature had a chance.
  4. Nils sighed in annoyance as he was lead up the ramp to the ship. His hands and feet were shackled but at least they let him keep his armor and mask. "really guys? A vacation just for me? you shouldn't have." He chuckles as the guards strap him into his seat and leave him. He observed his surroundings and looked curiously at the girl across from him. She had the look of a predator and Nils immediately labeled her as a priority target if they meet on the desert planet. As the ship takes off into space he nods at the girl. "so what are you here for?"
  5. Howl watched the other guards bring in more criminals as the two 'designated' to her finished strapping the dolly to the wall; when they were done she looked at the frightened one again and jerked towards him making him stumble backwards and fall on his ass. She burst into a fit of laughter.
    "Don't piss yourself sweetie they might not respect you as much for it. But don't worry," She grinned, crinkling her eyes, "I'll still love you all the same." The man shakily got to his feet and hurried off the ship as he partner followed glaring at her.
    "Aww, they're no fun at all." Her disappointed voice was wasted on deaf ears as the door sealed shut and the engines started she closed her eyes and the shaking signified that the ship was lifting off and about to hit hyper drive to head towards the desert planet. Apart from Howl's impulsive nature she liked learning how things ticked. Which is why one of her most recent kills she had spent the time to dissect both the male and female; once she had finished she'd propped them up on the couch of their house for their family to find them while their organs had been put in jars on the coffee table in a neat little row it was almost a shame the daughter of the bodies had walked in as she'd just finished but the girl had become useful in the end. She was sure the police were still searching for the body; something that they would never find as the husk of it had withered away into dust.
    She giggled to herself making the others cringe away as if to ward themselves from her. Most of the beings here had motive for their sentence while she had simply danced in the rain of blood in the path she'd made. She turned her eerie pink eyes on the man who spoke tilting her head at him.
    "Oh you see I'm just along for the ride I got on the wrong ship by mistake but they just wouldn't listen to me." She sighed dramatically before bursting into a fight of laughter. "You want to play with me when they let us go?"
  6. Nils smiled and chuckled along with her "depends on your interpretation of playing..if you mean team up and kill the rest of these meat sacks then yes..But if you mean kill each other than I will have to decline. I hate getting blood all over my clothes and its not very polite to blow out a girl's brains that you just met." Nils stares at her curiously. "Have I heard of you? I think I remember reading something about a serial killer that looks an awful lot like you.." He looks her up and down. "No offense but I am not exactly terrified when I look at you". Nils shifts so that the gun he had concealed moved against him. One good thing about being a terrorist is that he was able to bribe one of the guards to let him bring a pistol along for the ride.
  7. Howl shrugged, "I don't look for myself much in the news but something about a Blood Reaper but I know plenty about you Terrorist your explosives work is practically orgasmic." She purred his nickname from the papers, "and killing you would hold no interest for me I've already dissected the human male species." She giggled licking her lips, "it was one of me first projects." Her eyes skimmed over the rest of the beings in the ship and tsked, "the others aren't for much more than meat and bait. I can't wait to get my hands onto the creatures of this world almost all of them are carnivores or scavengers."
  8. Nils laughs "yeah that last job did not go too well, but it was fun blowing up that building. And I admire your work as well Blood Reaper. You have a talent for very creative murders." He looks around "I agree with you. most of these fools wont last a day, but if we partner up I am sure we can have lots of fun. Speaking of which I would love to get my hands on some of the tech thats on the planet. People say that the survivors and adventurers have some really deadly guns." Suddenly a klaxon blares and paralyzing gas starts flooding the hold "see you on the other side reaper.." Nils winks at her and relaxes as the gas takes hold.
  9. Howl snickered, "I'll be holding my breath until we speak again." As she let the gas force it's way into her system she hung limply falling into herself as she pushed down her natural healing ablilites to not waste magic until they reached the outside. Finally the ship landed with a shuttered and the back door fell open so the remaining gas would clear out letting the desert heat in. Even then she could see that the men wore the masks and protective gear as they started to drag people out while the other started to work on the many straps that held her down she could hear him cursing lightly at the work. Within minutes he was dragging her out into the heated sand making her want to moan and roll around it at the new and amazing texture but instead let the magic in her blood free as it began to burn the poison from her veins. By the time they had pulled the last of the beings from the ship and started closing the door she slowly sat up with a grin that was not quite sane she smelled the faint hint of fear as the door sealed shut she knew they had seen her move and scrambled to take off. She giggled and looked around finding the male from before she crawled over to him to leaned over his upturned face her blond hair falling to hide the sunlight.
    "Wakie wakie hot stuff or you'll be the noon snack for the hunters." She spoke in a sing song voice the insanity showing in her eyes.
  10. Nils groaned and opened his eyes "well I guess you are a better thing to wake up to instead of a hunter" He sits up and stretches, brushing the sand off his gear. He stands up and puts on his trademark happy mask. He then takes out his pistol and checks its ammunition. Seeing the look of suspicion in the her eyes Nils laughs. "this isnt for you girl, just my little friend that I couldnt leave behind". He reloads the gun and aims down the sights at a prisoner that is shakily walking away. With a loud crack the man's head bursts open like a melon, spilling gore all over the sand. "still as accurate as ever." Nils smiles happily and holsters his gun as he looks around. "so any idea on where we should go?"

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  11. Howl squealed happily as the body fell the ground motionless turning to the male she hmed thoughtfully and made her way to the body as she pulled the blood from the body. To the normal eye the blood seemed to travel of it's own accord towards her like and eager child crawling up her legs to disappear into her skin as her magic drank greedily until there was only a husk that fell away at the winds. "Ah better, one is good to have but two is better." She turned back to him the whites of her eyes covered by the odd pink of her eyes. "I would suspect that any direction would do seeing as we have eternity to spend here." She tilted her had at him with a knowing smile, "should it matter? I promise luck has almost always been on my side."
  12. Nils smiled "well I will follow you then since you are so lucky" He walks up to her and kicks the body. "nice trick you have." He turns to her and holds out his hand "my name is Nils, its going to get old calling each other by the names the press gave us". The sun shines down on them and Nils feels the heat radiating off the sand.
  13. Howl grasped his hand with a smirk, "Howl of the Blood Witch clan, may the dark gods and goddesses smile upon us and the gods of light turn away in fear." Dropping his hand she spun laughing and stopped facing to the left of them she arched her brow at him. "Onward to the depths of hell to claim his kingdom." She started away humming some tune that no one would place as it was only in her mind.
  14. Nils smiled as she walked away. "I think you and I are going to have lots of fun together." He walked after her and soon they were treading along in silence. After an hour or so a metallic gleam caught Nils' eye. "hold up". He walked over to a rise in the hill and shaded his eyes from the sun. With a predatory grin he motioned for Howl to join him. "looks like we found our welcoming committee". In the distance a group of bandits were traveling slowly along in a mangled hover-car. They were obviously heading to where the prisoners were dropped off. "how do you want to do this?" He looked back at her for guidance.
  15. "Will death in one hand and fear in the other but people don't always like my greetings very much." she shrugged, "if we steal it then we don't know where their base is if we kill all but a one or two then we don't know how many are at the base...." She gave him a grin tilting her head, "I could put a type of tracker on it and we'll find them when they've started to let their guard down. Though I hope not by much that would be boring." She snickered an wiggled her brow at him, "what says you?"
  16. Nils nods "I like that idea, hopefully they have an armory and I can see what kind of hardware they are packing." He watches as the hoveer-car drives along. "how are you going to put a tracker on them without being spotted?"
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