Deserted Island

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  1. When Killian Jones uses his magic bean, his thoughts are disrupted and instead of going to Storybrooke, he ends up on a deserted island. However, he isn't the only one there.
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  3. As Lily started her long flight away from her troubles. Away from her friends, her family, and her life. She smiled slightly knowing that there would be better things in this new life, she would be someone, instead of an object for others to use. She sighed looking out the window. Her and the two pilots were the only ones aboard. She was going to a place that no one would find her.

    Her long amber red hair and been brought up into a messy ponytail and her emerald green eyes shimmered with the colors of the ocean and the sun as she watched everything disappeared behind her.

    Hours passed and they were far over the ocean now, in the tropics. As they continued on a sudden turn of weather had turned nasty. A large cyclone of clouds and wind that were unbelievably strong swept over there. "Hold on!" yelled one of the pilots to Lily as she tried holding onto anything that was attached to the aircraft. She then felt a jolt and everything went black...

    As she regained consciousness she looked around, her hand clenched under her as she felt the feeling of sand under her fingers. As her eyes opened the bright sun was beating down on her body as her head instantly started hurting. She pulled her hand up to her forehead and reveled a large gash across it. She sighed sitting up slightly as she looked around. The plane was mangled and the bodies of the pilots were laid out lifeless next to large pieces of metal. Her eyes looked around in disbelief. She was on an island...she was the only one that was alive..and she was badly injured. The fear started to instantly set in. She was injured and alone..on a 'deserted' island

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  4. A storm like that wasn't one caused by nature. It was too strong, and more so, too random. Nothing like that would ever happen on its own. And it didn't as it was caused by a magical bean, if you could comprehend such a thought. But in this world, magic was just making its presence, and it was about to become a great part of Lily's life.

    Just out of sight, a schooner had beached itself, pushed upon the shores by the crashing waves. On its decks lay a pirate gasping for breath. His mind was more rattled than it had been when that something attacked him. When he finally stood up, his bones ached from being tossed around in the portal.

    "Bloody hell..." he groaned. His precious Jolly Roger was wrecked beyond repair especially on an island with no civilization in sight, though it wasn't like anyone would help a pirate with a reputation as bad as his. He had nothing now. But he was a survivor. He would never let something like this end him. So, his search began.
  5. As Lily sat herself up she coughed a small amount of blood came to pass from her lips as she wiped it from her face with her arm. Her long amber hair had dried in the bone dry sun that beat down on her pale body. Her hand came up to block the sun from her eyes as she looked around. There were splinters of wood...metal fragments everywhere. Wait..splinters of wood? What had brought that in? she thought as she looked around her eyes focusing more as she looked around. Her body shivered in pain, everything that she moved was painful, but not unbearable.

    A sigh came to her slips as she tried to stand but failed. She was still in shock, still not really in her right mind. It would be best to keep herself on the ground to regain herself. She coughed slightly again some water escaping down her chin as she could taste the salty water fall from her mouth. She shook her head with the taste of salt as she looked around, keeping herself in a sitting position.

    She blink her eyes a few times in disbelief as she had thought she had seen a male down the beach, but it could not be anymore more than a mirage. He looked as though he had come from a different world, he was clothed in things that were not to be worn on a beach such as this one. She then put two and two together and her mind started falling back into shock and panic. The wood! Maybe it was another causality to this storm that they had been in. Being the sole survivor of her plane..what could this man have been in? Her body fell back down to laying upon the warm sand as she felt her vision become blurry once more.
  6. With every step Killian took towards her, a limp came with it. He wasn't sure what exactly he was walking to, but he could see the wreckage. His target wasn't her as he was sure she was dead or wouldn't last much longer. As he got closer, he could see he wouldn't get much from the wreckage. But the woman's chest was moving up and downwards at a steady rate. But she looked weak. Then again, Smee had always looked weak and somehow managed to prove his worth.
    Out of honor, and 'good form' as he would call it, the pirate drug the girl away from the salt water that sometimes made it up to her mouth. He managed to drag her a few feet before he fell back into the sand.
  7. Lily looked to him as he had stood above her. She watched at he drug her but did not move being slightly too weak for it all. She then soflty turned to her side and coughed the water from her lungs and stomach as she was finally far enough away from the water. She took in a deep rough breath as she looked up to the man her eyes still foggy and she found it hard to keep them open, but she looked to the man with pure appreciation as she sat herself slowly. "T..Thank you," she spoke her words were soft and her body pale. She shook but knew she needed to make sure this survivor..wherever he had come from was also okay. She scooted herself closer to him as he had fallen back down into the dry sand of the beach they had found themselves on.
  8. "Get on your feet. The sun's setting, you don't have time to waste if you want to survive," he commanded, just like a captain would do to one of his own crew members.
    Killian stood back onto his feet after rocking back and forth a couple of times. Before the girl had time to join him, he drew his sword, pointing it at her neck. "Tell me how you've got here, and what that thing is," he gestured to the giant wing of the plane. The man had come from a totally different world. A world where the only 'flying contraptions' with wings were birds, and to see such a thing made out of metal, was foreign to him.
  9. Lily looked at him slightly terrified as he drew his sword and placed it upon her neck, "I...It's a plane," she said looking scared as she stood the swords point following her every move and staying upon her neck as she stumbled trying not to fall as the sword was pressed pretty firmly against her neck. Her eyes watered in fear as she had never encountered someone like this before. His tough voice was slightly alluring but she could not say anything for the shock of all of this had over whelmed her. "P..Please I..we crashed," she said as her head dripped over blood the drip falling down the whole side of her face and down her chin.
  10. "How many came with you? What supplies do you have?"
    His voice never wavered, keeping strong and steady with an air of confidence. On his face was not a friendly expression, rather a deep scowl. He was in pain, though he'd never announce it to a stranger, or anyone really. It was the way he survived. It was the way he was able to work alongside Cora for the short while he had before leaving her.
  11. As Lily watched him she shook her head, "Two others...but they have passed," she said bluntly as she took there her body was still in shock and she was pale and scared of his loud strong voice that was so commanding. "I do not know of supplies, I am still..I haven't had time to look,"
  12. Killian nearly took away his blade, but then he thought again. "Your name," he demanded to know. Before he could even think of making her part of his "crew", he had to know who she was. So far, things weren't looking great for her. She had come here by a strange thing that swallowed up two of her mates. Who knew, maybe she had killed them.
  13. As Lily stood there her eyes watched him in fear, "L..Lily" she said softly as she watched him. She was terrified as to what he was going to do. She was clearly in pain and weakened from the accident. She had no idea where this man had come from and it would remain a mystery. His mystery intrigued her and she couldn't help but take glances of him. He was a looker, handsome and daring. Adventurous and commanding, something that she had wanted so badly in her own life, but she feared that she was on the wrong end of his sword and would soon have her journey ended short. It would either be from his hand or the elements at this point as her body was starved from blood loss and the startings of dehydration.
  14. Without another word, Killian withdrew his sword from her neck, and returned it to its home in his scabbard. He took one last skeptical glance at her before reaching out his right hand; the hand that wasn't a hook. "If you're alive, you're going to help me. Now, stand up, love."
  15. Lily watched him her eyes curious as to what she could do to help him. Her head was pounding with every beat of her heart more blood spilled from her head gash. She took her shirt and ripped a strip from the bottom and held it firmly to her head after taking the pirate's hand and standing herself up. She looked to him again as she kept the pressure to her wound. "Yeah..sure I'll help," she said grunting in pain as she clenched her jaw tightly at the stinging pain from the salt water that hit her wound from her shirt.
  16. Killian sighed. She'd be no good like this. He walked away from her, looking as if he was planning to just leave her there. But he returned a moment later with the shirt of one of the pilots. "You're going to want your shirt later," he stated blatantly. He then tore up the pilot's shirt until it was a long, layered cloth. He removed her hand from her head, then looked her in the eyes. "Turn around."
  17. She watched him as he started walking away taking a step toward him to follow but dare not. If he did not want her around he would indeed have just ended her life then and there, right? She watched as he returned with the pilots shirt as he spoke she looked to him unsure of what he was doing. She then turned quickly as he has asked her to do. His eyes as blue as the ocean as he had looked her in her emerald eyes. She could not believe the beauty inside this pirate's eyes, it was almost intoxicating.
  18. He carefully wrapped her head with a gentle touch one wouldn't' expect from a pirate like him, especially one who wore a hook as one of his hands. Of course, there was a bit of clumsiness when he attempted to tie the knot in the back. Instead of using his hook, he used his mouth and right hand to tie it. Even though he had gotten quite good at using just the one hand, he still fumbled around with the knot before getting it tied properly.
  19. As he had finished tying the knot she turned to him and placed her hand upon her head where he had tied the fabric, "Thank you." she said with pure gratitude. "Really," she said softly as she looked up to him a soft half smile appeared on her lips. She then looked around to the wreckage. "W..What happened?" she asked everything had still been very fuzzy to her and she was slowly trying to piece it all together.
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