Desert Prison

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  1. Name:Howl Blood


    Crimes Commited:Several counts of Mass Murder, Torture, Kidnapping, Rape, Destruction of Property, Public Intoxication

    Papers Call Me:"The Blood Reaper"

    Personality:Howl loves the sight of blood he does what he wants and acts on impulse. When he calms down he's calculative and sly along with a heavy drinker.

    Howl was born in the a long line of Witches but due the the in crease in crime his family was murdered. To keep his family with hin he licked to blood from the floors making him turn into a Blood Witch. The taste caused the darker half of his heritage to surface and he became mad with obsession. He took his many great grandfather's scythe and began to hack his way to get more of the coppery taste he came to love. Howl soon realized that it was only the Others that could taste oh so good and went for families. He learned that he could work magic through blood and used it against anyone that got in his way of what he wanted. As he got older he found that explosions were just as much of a turn on; he got caught after one of his recent business explosions, drunk off his ass laughing hysterically as they dragged him into a squad car. They restrained him in a straight jacket, muzzle, and straps across his legs to keep him from doing anymore harm to a cop after jumping one and biting through his jugular.

  2. Name: Kira Schatten

    Age: 19

    Crimes committed: Multiple murders, attempted murder, vandalism, aggravated assault

    Papers Call Me: KIRA: Deranged and Deadly

    Personality: Difficult to predict at times, seemingly crazy, doesn't trust easily, keeps to herself, always thinks ahead in case there is some sort of threat or emergency, enjoys weapons.

    History: At a young age, Kira was thought to be schizophrenic because she saw spirits and ghosts, and as a result was shipped off to a mental facility. Not much is known of the institution, except that due to neglect, abuse, and unauthorized testing on patients it was shut down when she was 15. Though her new hospital was exceptional, she was too far gone by that point. The combination of tests that had been performed on her resulted in her having an incredible lack of trust for others and a general lack of morality, for the only living people she had known for the majority of her life had made her miserable. She and her ghostly friends eventually thought of a way to convince those who kept her hospitalized that she was healthy, and at the age of 16, she was released and lived with her parents. Though she had therapy and attempted to re-join society, at the age of 17 she snapped, killing many classmates of hers and wounding even more. After that she ran. Over time authorities discovered that her killings were a result of certain triggers- phrases, images or items that reminded her of her years at her first asylum. When she encountered a trigger, a part of her lacking morals surfaced, bent on killing those who she considered a threat. She was caught when she went to her parents, begging them to accept her in to their home. They called the police, triggering her final episode on earth before she was sedated.

    Appearance: crazy_eights_by_acidifiers-d5gsxta.png 5' 6", pale rosy skin, pale blue eyes, white hair.
  3. "Aww, are you still mad that I almost killed your buddy? Dont be it's his own fault for getting in the way of my jump." Howl laughed hysterically at the enraged expression the the officer's face as they pushed the pannel that he was strapped to up the ramp into the ship. His arms and legs had been strapped together as well as a muzzle that kept him from knawing anything off; weither it was his straps or someones limbs he still wasnt sure. Not that he cared, they were going to send him somewhere, where he could kill and feed on anyone he wished and only death itself would stop him from stopping from his eternal heaven. The men non-too-gently stood the pannel up and bolted it to the wall close to the door. Howl was one of the few that would be put on the ship before they left for the desert planet. He'd researched the place the moment he'd heard that they had started to send prisoners on death roll there; he'd even started altering the spell that made him able to understand every language now all he had to do was test it when he ran into one of them...if they didnt try to kill him first; he grinned darkly at the thought, as if the poor creature had a chance.
  4. Dizziness. All she felt was dizziness... and a lot of pain. Kira was screaming, not entirely sure what was going on. Only understanding the words of the dark spirits that crowded in her mind. She whipped out a knife and sliced the neck of a woman who had approached her with the intent of calming her down. Another man came running and she stabbed him in the gut. One came up behind her, wrestled the weapon from her grasp and restrained her, but not before they could stop her from sinking her teeth into his arm. He howled in pain, she continued to scream, caring about nothing but escaping the chaos she now found herself in.
    "NO! MOTHER, FATHER, SAVE ME!" She shrieked, moments before finally being silenced by a tranquilizer.

    Her eyes snapped open and darted around the room- no, the cell, she had woken in. Her nose itched, but when she tried to reach it she found herself tied up, unable to use her arms or legs. Even if she could, she wouldn't be able to reach her nose through the muzzle she noticed next. Tears began to stream down her face as she wondered what was going on. She could hear guards and other prisoners some distance from her cell, but nowhere near enough for them to hear, and possibly answer her questions. She didn't know where she was or what was going on, but something was off. An apparition of a battered man appeared across from her and she attempted to get an answer form him, but as she spoke he only looked at her with empty eyes and a cold, vacant expression. She shut up, deciding to follow his lead and simply remain silent, waiting for whatever would come next.

    About an hour later, a rather unpleasant man came to her cell.
    "Where am I? What's going on?" She asked. He only glared at her and bent down. She felt the prick of a needle in her arm and moments later, she fell in to unconsciousness.

    Footsteps could be heard in the distance, echoing out of sight as Kira slowly opened her eyes. This place was even worse than her cell. She tried to move, finding that she was chained to a wall and still wearing a muzzle. Glancing around she saw few others in the same bindings. Her heart was pounding, this was not normal. This was nothing like what they had done with her in the past. They were done with her. No more institutions for the criminally insane, no more being medicated into submission. Only chains and the fresh hell she'd soon be thrown into.
  5. Howl chuckled seeing as the girl that had been brought on after him finally awoke. "Dont worry we're almost to the planet then they'll throw you off the ship unchained and you wont have to worry about if killing is wrong or not any longer." He could see the darkness in her confused soul; they had broken this girl long ago and she'd come out a killer on the other end. She was interesting her aura swirled and spiked darkened and brightened; it was as if she kept changing her mind on how she was thinking or feeling constantly.
  6. Kira's eyes widened.
    "Planet? What are you talking about?" Her fear was evident when she spoke. Sometimes, when she was this frightened, the murderess within her would come out. This was not one of those times. She looked the man up and down, deciding how she felt about what he had said. The planet part she wasn't thrilled about, however the lack of chains he spoke of excited her.
  7. "The Desert Prison, they decided a few years back that instead of having the death sentenced killers on the same planet as them they would find a place to send them off hopefully to die but it's become more of an outlaw planet and the outlaws dont care to return." Most of what he'd said was true, the ones that had wanted to return had died waiting for the ship, carnivores from underground usually got them and the ship didnt have a set time to land or a specific place for fear of getting ambused.
  8. Kira stared at the floor, collecting her thoughts. I am going to be stranded, on a planet I have never heard of, with nothing but murderers and deadly creatures. She began to panic. But I don't deserve this! I couldn't help it... But then, the voice in her head chimed in.
    "Yes, you could have. Don't lie to yourself, Kira. You're a cold blooded killer, just like the rest of them. You'll fit right in, if you'd only let yourself be free..."
    A shiver ran up her spine as it spoke. Shut up, Jonathan. She scolded the spirit. He was the one who was most prevalent in her life since she went to her first asylum. He stuck with her ever since, deciding for a change of scenery. There could have been worse spirits to tag along with her from there, but sometimes he was a real pain. Other times, however, she would speak to him.
    What do you think about the planet? I wonder how many spirits we'll encounter there...
    "I'm sure there will be thousands, my dear Kira. It promises to be a wonderful place."
    He was far too enthusiastic for her liking.

    By this time she had calmed down, and decided that when sharing the space with another killer, she'd try not to look so weak. Maybe she'll even have an ally, if she played her cards right."Well that sounds like a wonderful place." She mimicked Jonathan's enthusiasm and put on a menacing grin.
  9. Howl chuckled at the girl and grinned even though the muzzle hid it, "I dearest you cant hide behind lies to me. I'm a Blood both ways; I can see." She could take his words anyway she wanted but he was being honset when he said he could see her lies almost as if she held up a sign saying that she was lying.
  10. Kira scowled as Jonathan chuckled.
    "Ask him about what a Blood witch is. Ask him his name, what he's convicted of, we need more information Kira. This is a potential ally! And besides, I like him. We could even be friends... Well if I were alive of course." The spirit pestered. Kira sighed and rolled her eyes.
    "I'm not lying." She stated with a stern expression. She hesitated before speaking again.
    "So, what's your name anyway? And what crimes have you committed?" As she questioned the man, she briefly debated whether or not she wanted to mention her abilities, or Jonathan. Of course, Jonathan thought that such a thing would be splendid, but she decided to keep it to herself unless asked.
  11. Howl hummed at her curiously, he'd keep his knowledge of the ghost to himself until she really wanted to talk, he could not hear them but he could see the death wander; those that refused to pass or didnt know they were yet dead.

    "I would go into detail of why they think I should be sent here but a few others would ge nausious and I dont want to smell stomach acid the rest of the ride. He gave a meaningful glance towards the other prisoners as a few flinched making him chuckle. He was known enough that most killers stepped out of his path. His eyes slid back to hers"As for my's Howl, Howl Blood. Will you tell me yours?" His tone was light like his mood, which was almost ruined by a cowardly other.

    "Dont tell, he'll take your soul if he has your name." Howl glared at the idiot male who glared back.

    "Like you're one to talk, eatting your family to keep them with you forever? what kind or crap story was that? did they taste delicious? I hope you didnt throw them up, then how would they say with you?" Howl laughed manically as the man looked away, glaring at the ground.
  12. Kira remained silent, considering what she had just heard. She could sense Jonathan doing the same. He spoke to her before she decided what to do.

    "Howl is not one to underestimate." The ghost commented. "I know you aren't fond of it, but perhaps you should begin using your old nickname once again? If what the other says is true, you cannot risk telling him your real name- but at the same time, what you say must be truthful enough for him not to question you... and be sure not to give my name either. I like my soul here with you, and I'll not have some criminal ruin my afterlife."

    Kira cocked her head, still thinking. Jonathan was rarely concerned, and for once, she planned to listen to him.

    Alright... She responded to the ghost, taking a deep breath as if she were bored.

    "Perhaps we can share our histories later, then? It seems that I am the only one on here that isn't familiar with your crimes, and I'm curious." She said, attempting to be bright. Her cold eyes briefly examined the man who had warned her not to reveal her name before returning to Howl. Jonathan fidgeted, growing impatient with Kira as she took her time.

    "And you may call me Kiri." She fought to hide the resentment in her voice as she uttered her old nickname. Though it didn't sound like much, that was what her old "handler" would call her, as he patronized and insulted her, as if she were just a horrible animal. It was practically a pet name, and she hated it. But my hatred for that name will have to be dealt with... She thought. Jonathan grinned.

    "We might as well try to deal with the scars left by those horrible people." He said. She slowly turned her head, glaring at Jon.

    "I never said we should forgive or stop hating them." He hastily continued. "Let's not forget that they treated me with just as much cruelty as they did with you. Don't forget that I died in the room you lived in. I have just as much resentment as you."

    You're right...
    She stopped glaring and returned her gaze to Howl.