Desert of Demons [Female 18+ only]

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  1. Short and sweet. I want to discuss plot after the characters are decided.


    Name: Allan Shak'r
    Age: 20
    Hair: Black with Gray highlights
    Eyes: Yellow
    Race: Human of the Sand Tribe
    Allan is a member of the Sand Tribe. A clan of humans living in the deserts of Southern Pasha'ad, his home country. Allan was a young kid when he received his 'curse'. He was traveling in a small cave that was hollowed out smoothly by ancient miners. While he was down in the cave, he was bitten by a small, yellow snake. This snake turned out to be a demon that was looking for a new host-body, choosing Allan as a perfect fit.

    Since Allan's body was so strong, due to several years of surviving in the desert, the demon's soul was unable to take over. Thus, Allan was cursed, absorbing the power of the demon into his own soul, making it a part of him.

    That's the character. The only thing I would like, is for my partner to make a character that is a member of his tribe.

    Will be turning 18 next Tuesday, so mature content can wait until then. Hoping to start this sometime tonight. ​
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  4. I'd be willing to do a one on one with ya.
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