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  1. John

    "Considering how many times you and I have done that, we both know that's not true. There weren't any cameras in the room that time. You're thinking Moscow I think." He smiled at her.

    (Was I being too subtle XD)
  2. “They would understand.”
  3. "...Michael wasn't always right."
  4. (so, does she like refuse to wear other clothes? I'm just thinking logistically, that wouldn't be allowed at a school)


    "...Okay, but why the purple leotard as opposed to normal clothes?" He took a step back when she melted.
  5. (Everything about Hawthorne screams villain XD)


    He was walking slowly down the hall, waiting for Belle.
  6. we can start our rps over if ya want too haha just after tomorrow tho
  7. I kinda figured you needed a break. You said you had a break upcoming but was still taking time between posts so I figured you would need a break after what I can assume is midterm (assuming your college runs on year and not quarters)

    I'm leaning toward being a submissive girl. Leader and follower sounds good. And lets go with universe (spaceships or space stations for the win :P
  8. Ah I see ^^
    Good luck with your move :3

    I'll be the submissive follower girl :P

    edit: also, night
  9. “Oh, that I can do.”
  10. Alena smile slightly, “It’s been a while since there’s a child among our ranks.”
  11. Anya finish her food and push the tray aside, taking a sip of water.
  12. “Of course. Victoria didn’t really like her and Evelyn didn’t understand a single thing she said.”
  13. "Sounds about right."
  14. Kunari chuckle, “It amaze me that she could get along with Pashear. Then again, they’re both a little lost in their own world in different ways.”
  15. "You don't have to be."
  16. "Oh thank God.".
  17. “Why is that weird?” Kunari kiss Ashley fondly.

    Ashley gurgle happily.
  18. "Fuck it. I'll go into their emails."
  19. Cold Pecan Pie was here, Hot Pecan Pie is DUMBFACE.

    Also, being super gay and splitting a banana split with someone. Banana split with SPRINKLES, COOWHHIP, NUTS, CHERRIES. Marshmallow, chocolate & strawberry flavors :3 *happy, nonserialkiller camper*