Describing the Picture: The Wendigo

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  1. This is the Wendigo

    In this challenge your goal is to completely describe them/it/other/him/her. Everything about this creature to the physical appearance, to their typical characteristics, to their abilities...everything. But here's the catch, make it into a post without a character sheet, with a full post.

    This includes the scene of which this creature is taking place.​
  2. The Wendigo
    She wanted to scream, but the air was frozen in her lungs and her throat clogged with cement. Her legs burned, and her eyes stung as she ran, ensuring that she jumped over the roots and decaying logs. Savannah stopped running, her body resting against a large pine tree as she attempted to regain her breath. 'Think.' 'Think, Savannah.' She realized that she would never be able to out run the beast, the other worldly creature with leathery skin, the color of a rotting corpse. She was human and it was not. She wasn't strong enough, nor fast enough--all she had left was to be smarter. The beast was playing with her she knew that much, she saw the intelligence in it's beady red eyes, and the way it's deformed mouth twitched and it's nostrils flared when it caught sight of her.

    What to do?

    Savannah glanced around, the rumbling roar echoing throughout the forest urging her up the pine tree. She ignored the way the sap clung to her hands and the pines stabbed her palms. She wrinkled her nose as she climbed as high as she could. She situated herself on the thickest branch as she listened to her heart pound away at her ribcage. She was sweating, and reeking of fear. The beast would find her, it would find her and grab her by it's long spindly arms--the first pair-- and drag her out of the tree. Savannah clenched and un-clenched her sticky palms before letting out a shuddering breath. She began rubbing the sticky sap along the back of her neck, over her hair and face, she grabbed a empty nest crumbled it and sprinkled it over the top of her head. Absolutely disgusting, but anything would be better than dying. The Wendigo had supernatural senses and abilities, meaning it was probably following her scent through these damned woods. Now, she no longer smelled of sweat and fear but of the forest...

    [Sorry, incomplete because my plot bunnies refuse to cooperate.]
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  3. Its gross. Purple skin,four arms.
    It gives you that feeling.
    Like when you see your pizza rolls burning,and dont feel like getting up and doing anything about it because you dont really want pizza rolls anyway.
    It's paralyzed you.It has white hairs all over its body.Claws on its hands.The top arms are apparently smaller.You can see its bones - It looks like it has a human form,and beady little black eyes that see everything.

    It creeps you out.Especially since you can see it in good detail - you can only sit and watch as it devours you.Its green saliva drops off its mouth as it gorges on your body.
    ok wow that took a dark turn im sorry
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  4. While I do enjoy the analogy of the pizza rolls, the goal is to draw in the reader. Make them on the edge of their seats as you describe the beast. If I were to run into the forest and see one of these as you described, the most I would get would be creeped out, which is pretty good but imagine that you have discovered the very first one in our knowledge of existence, and you had to explain it to someone that you saw it, the brief description will make them curious but won't pursue. what good detail is there? what does it smell like and what kind of presence do you get from it? Fear? Curiosity? Or something you cannot pin point?
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  5. A brave young man three nights ago had set off into the woods on a hunting trip with his father and a friend. They were alone in the dark that night, that terrible night. Everything was abnormally quiet, like everything just froze with the oncoming cold that now seemed to plaster the skin on their bodies to their bones. But even as they drew in that cold breath, all they could feel was hot; fear. Their heart rates had picked up dramatically at the sight of the creature that stood covered in blood in front of them. It's gaunt grey skin seemed to cling to the creature's skull, giving it a malnourished appearance. Every bone it its skeleton seemed to appear, and a thick white mane stuck out like icicles on the edge of a roof. Wicked claws from four arms stretched out as it sat hunched over what looked like the remains of Todd's friend, Mary. She'd gotten lost and they'd started to search for her, but strange things had been happening in the woods that night. Owls stopped their daily night calls, wolves hid in dens. Not even the brave and bold bear dare come out, for there was something...unnatural lurking in the thick dark woods that night.

    Todd shuttered as he remembered how they came upon this monster; deer and boars were running towards them, fleeing from an unseen foe. after the last of the fleeing animals passed, not a single sound but an odd wheezing and groaning sound was heard. Todd feared for Mary's life as they pressed towards the sound. Her shoe prints in the snow trailed from the campsite; they wouldn't have tracked this beast if her trail didn't lead to it. If they had known what wait for them at the end of that trail, even for Mary, they would have turned back.

    Blood laced with her footprints, but there was a second set next to it; wide, five pointed clawed foot prints followed. They were not bear tracks, nor any beast that they had ever seen. Then, they happened upon her; Mary was laying dead in the snow. But blood covered the ground and they soon realized they made a mistake once the beast stopped eating. A vile smell wafted into Todd's nose and dread filled his heart as the creature threw its head back and gave an ear splitting scream, and charged. Orange and yellow eyes tore holes into Todd as he watched the creature advance on them, unable to move out of fear. It gave a grand leap and....

    That was the last thing Todd remembered, so he told the nurse, who was sure the boy was lying. A missing persons report was filed on his father and Mary, yet the two, and the creature, were never found. Not the blood, no proof of this night ever happening.

    So if you find yourself, hidden deep within the woods, and the night grows still and quiet, and animals flee, run, for the wendigo will soon be upon you.
  6. There, upon a ridge of cool fog and distant snow did I spy a silhouette lurking about in the myriad sea of craggy mountains. Oh did my heart loom low upon the sight of but a shadow of an illusive creature. I would seek it through clouds of mountaintops and the warm gully of a hidden valley. Tracks fade in the snow yet stay a longing reminder in the soil below. I was not sure to fear the creature or follow with curiosity, as I found myself trapped between conflicting emotions prying my feet to shy away while the mind wished to gaze but a bit longer. Yet, I find myself closer than before, I can smell its scent through the bitter cold and harsh environment.

    I thought it a demon once, though it be a creature well of this world, hidden away from the eyes of civilization to remain the oh so solitary creature I observe it to be. Stiff tufts of glitter white fur protruding from its broad yet lanky shoulders and pelvic regions, like shards of ice bound to the creatures frame. Covered head to toe in a fine blue fur, making it difficult to spot in these winter wastelands I have tracked it through. For the first time now, I approach and see the vicious glow of its eyes, a beautiful yet haunting red, as if the morning sun were forever on the rise in its dreary canine like eyes. Its body lean and muscular, as if it were a chiseled Olympian that time forgot deep within the mountains to wander endlessly.

    I was amazed by its dexterity as it roamed about in the lifting fog, four arms grasping unto the rocky cliffs and craggy lands, like a prowling wolf with the acrobatic finesse of an ape. The longer I watched, the more I became convinced of the creatures uniqueness. Was I the first to gaze so closely upon it or would I be another in a possibly long line of potential victims who strayed to close to the creatures grounds. It leapt high into the air with ease and like the spider it scaled its way up steep walls of loose rock and dirt. With a sudden stop, its head turned and its eyes met mine for the first time. Chills raped my spine and fear struck great nails upon my limbs. I could not move as the eyes fixated upon me. The air became still as we locked stares, I could hear its unhindered breathing, deep and powerful much like its form.

    With a howl which rang through the mountains, it did release me from my repose and the creature scurried from view up the ledge. My heart pulsed with relief and my limbs shook with shock. The beast must have known I followed, even upon being but a few yards away, it did not attack. But those eyes, they warned me of a strength I did not wish to dare cross. Have I observed and lived an encounter with a Wendigo? The gentle breeze of the mountain seemed to reply as I turned around, my journey complete.
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