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    Write at least two paragraphs, describing what your room looks like. Be sure to include things like the time of day you're currently writing your description, whether or not your lights are on, if there is food on the table and if there are others in the room with you.
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    (I hope I'm doing this right ^^)

    As I laid in my couch with my laptop on my lap and waited for the game to finish downloading I took a good look around in my room. I should probably clean it soon. There were junk everywhere on the floor and on the table, newspapers were scattered here and there. Sudoku magazines and candy paper were both in book shelf's, on the floor, on the table and on the windowsill. DVDs were laying on a chair and the desk, even though I should have carried them down weeks ago. A half eaten cake from some weeks back were still on the windowsill and on the table were a half eaten hamburger from earlier the same day.

    I always forgot to take down the dishes, or maybe I just pretended to forget because I were too lazy. At least the books in the book shelf were standing in order, it was probably the only thing that wasn't a mess in the room. Actually the desk was also in pretty good shape, it didn't have that much stuff on it. I would be able to sit and work at the desk if I wanted too. But the couch were better. This was probably the only time that I didn't have any things in the couch as well. For the most I had magazines and junk and other stuff in it, but not now. It was only my body.

    The TV was turned off, I didn't use it much since I had started to watch most of my movies on the computer. But now and then I actually turned it on and watched DVDs or VCR since we still had those old tapes. Some of them stood in a small shelf under my TV.

    I should probably clean out in my wardrobe soon, it is full of a lot of clothes that I can't even wear anymore. I barely have room for all of my clothes. But I barely have room for all of my books either but that doesn't stop me from getting more. My room feels so childish sometimes, or all the time but I don't think about it that often. There are paintings on the wall that comes from children books and the walls is half painted in pink and then it goes over in white with a lot of flower decorations. I want to paint it in another color but I will be moving out in some years anyways so I can as well leave it. I have at least made it a bit more awesome by putting a 3D painting on the wall, it's a skull with a snake that moves when you pass by it.

    So I should probably clean my room tomorrow, if I don't 'forgets' it. Maybe I should give my flowers water too, they are a bit brown instead of green. I really don't have green fingers, every kind of plant I have had has died. Even my cactus's are dead. But I haven't thrown them away yet. I even have my meat-eating plant still in my room even though it died half a year ago and now looks just like the earth it was planted in. Since my plants can't light up my room that good I just let my dala horses do it instead. The red horses with nice patterns that is a nice Swedish symbol is standing in my window besides my cactus's

    To be able to clean my room tomorrow I should probably go to bed early. I am happy that I have a loft bed since it gives more space in the room. My desk and CD shelf is standing under the bed. If I would have a normal bed then I would probably not have a desk at all. Even though I barely sit at it anymore it's good to have when studying. I would want to throw out that old dollhouse that stands close to the desk since it makes my room look even more girly. But I don't think we have anywhere to put it except for my room so it will probably have to stay in here.
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    As I look around the room I'm in, I realize how I miss having my own room. I live in the front room at my house, and it's very small. There is a television, with a XBOX 360 slim hooked up to it. The television is on, with a music channel randomly streaming music out for me to listen to. I look over to the right a few feet, and there is the front door, and the pile of shoes there makes me smile a bit, there were so many there, but they weren't organized, or even neat. Now, I look directly to the right of me, and I see the love seat, and a coffee table. The desktop is thrown over there, hooked up rather haphazardly across the top of the table. I look at my coffee table, see my cat, a bunch of papers, and an empty beer bottle sitting on it.

    The floor of the front room is very messy, with dogs, cats, and random things thrown around. The lighting is poor, from only the television, as I have the light cut off, and I'm falling asleep at the computer, so I'm thinking about shutting the laptop off, and going to bed. My bed is a couch, and it is...a mess. I don't know how a couch could be such a mess, but alas, it is. It's got blankets thrown all over it, and pillows everywhere. It was barely big enough to hold me even semi-comfortably.
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    I've always liked this apartment, but it's funny how things change. Don't get me wrong there's still a lot I like about this place. The living room and bedroom are huge, and more than make up for the small kitchen. The couch fits comfortably on the wall across from the TV, nearer the dining-room area, and my computer desk and sewing area - formerly the boyfriend's computer desk - occupy the far corners near the big windows. It's a nice setup, and I keep the place mostly clean since I can't concentrate on anything in a mess. When I get into a sewing project though, I take up the whole floor since I don't have to worry about being in someone's way. Scott moved down to the island little over a month ago for work. That didn't work out but he's staying there casting out lines for other jobs or school or whatever happens along, and the bottom line is that I'm going to be here by myself for quite a while.

    The apartment, though only a middle-sized one-bedroom unit, is too big for one person. Even with the radio going it feels empty. I've started to resent this empty, quiet, carpeted room that I spend my day in until I'm exhausted enough to fall asleep by myself. I find myself noticing flaws, like the uneven bits in the paint on the walls where the landlord painted over damage from previous tenants, or the pencil scrawls and scratches on my kitchen cupboards and in the hardwood bedroom floor.

    Dishes build up a little bit, too, and it gets a little cluttered. I still do washing up within a couple days of use, I don't like the smell of old food any more than anyone else, and like I said, I'm generally a clean person, but I find myself getting listless living by myself. Who's going to be annoyed if I leave the clean clothes in the basket instead of hanging them up? Not me. The freedom to be a little lazy should be making me happy, but it isn't.

    Because this giant living room with its giant windows and it's games and TV and couch and end-tables that are technically a pair of dead speakers that happened to be the right height, is still way too damn big for one person.
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    It Was Friday night ad there was nothing to do..... I was just there, in my room...
    The Light Was Off, so the colors of the walls couldn't be appreciated, The Door a bit scratched and with stickers all over it, holding lots of moments, both happy and sad, With a hole history in it, then i noticed the table, it was full of books, tons of them, at least a hundred books, wich i had fun reading, there are also a few in comparison to the sci-fi, Romance, Fantasy, gore, well... all the books i have there, It's a bit messy, There are books everywhere, seems like the table won't be able to hold anymore.

    Then It's my guitar, hanging there next to the wardrove, Making this Room look magical, but of course, nothing's perfect, there's this Box near it, a few Inches Away that ruins everything there, oh, but, then i realize another little, Precious moment Box, oh how to forget about it, it holds so many memories, letters, pictures with Friends.

    I Just noticed that my Bed next to the window was glowing, yes, Glowing, the beauty of the moon was all over it, i knew then what i could do all night, Sleep in my Comfortable Bed, in my lovable Room.
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    I'm sitting in the office at my computer desk next to the pulled down shades, the bookshelf dusty and the plant is way too long... I should really trim that. The floor lamp is on, and the trash can next to my desk is only half full. The rectangular wicker basket that holds my computer games is a little messy, and the soda on my desk is a little frosted. I lean back in my chair fiddling with the volume knob on the small speakers. My socks are covered in dog hair as usual, and I start grumbling at the pull out keyboard tray when it sticks again. I reach for my pretty duct tape flower pen in the mason jar decorated with colorful duck tape. My black wood desk isn't very sturdy and I gently ease a notebook close to the bottom of a largeish stack. I record a few names that I need to look up later and put the notebook in pen away, then start to clean up my desk, neatening things up and throwing away the stuff I don't need. Soon my desk is clear and dusted, the games slotted neatly into their spots.

    I look down at the grey carpet that was originally blue and swing back and forth on my black, very comfortable, computer chair and then pick out a scrapbook that my mom made a few years ago and start to look through it while I wait for my page to load. The room is painted white and a little cramped, hung with pictures of planes, and over in the corner is the desk that has my moms computer, and the smaller white table that holds my sisters computer is up against the wall. There is a pile of papers on my moms desk, with a fax machine/phone sitting on some shelves. The speakers for both computers sit on their respective desks next to the computers.
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    I was sitting on a dark purple beanbag while searching the internet to find something interesting to do. The page was taking a long time to load, so I began looking out the window. It was a sunny day, the light going right through the window. The white curtains were held to the sides so it wouldn't block out the light, slightly draping over the window. I then looked around the room, the walls were a plain white color, barely having any life. A few pictures were hung around the room, majority of them held memories of my father, when he was still alive. I let out a low sigh, and looked down at the page that was barely half way through.

    I looked up again, seeing my already made bed. The skeleton that held the medium sized bed was made out of oak wood, and was perfectly polished. It reflected the light that hit it, making it appear to be a bit paler than it actually is. The heavy mattress that laid in the skeleton was covered in a soft white comforter with black vines. Two pillows were stacked, and in the middle laid a small, light brown teddy bear with a red bow on the right ear. Standing up, I placed my laptop onto the beanbag and walked over to my bed, and sat down. My fingers light grazed against the smooth, cool, and black lamp table that was right next to my bed, and pressed against the wall. Nothing was placed on top of it since I would put my laptop there once I'd be finished using it.

    There wasn't much in my room, the only things left were a large white closet against the wall close to the door, and my flat screen TV pinned up, facing directly towards me. I let out another sigh, looking out of the window.
  8. my room (more like the living room) but hay

    As i sat listening to lily allen on spotify, i took a moment to look at the room i was in.
    the old and beaten curtains what to my distaste still hung covering the window
    are blocking the view of the night sky. the floor what is bare of carpet (because its geting replaced)
    stained from coffee spills. the air cold only to be heated by a heater, sofas take up most of the space. one sofa is brown one creem both fake lever.

    the walls hold chipped paint and the remains of old wall paper.
    the floor slightly cluttered, but only to the normal amount.
    the tv a old sanyo, big backed. on top rests a small globe A old family thing.
    this room is yet to be re done, i guess i don't care.
  9. Sitting upon my bed, I was preoccupied with a Samsung tablet held loosely in two hands. Looking at this exercise on Iwaku, I sit with my back against the black and white pillows that were currently resting upon the wooden bed frame. Casting my gaze downwards, I see that there are small, white dog hairs spotting my thick, black comforter. My bed is currently made neatly, as per usual thanks to my distaste towards messy covers. Tilting my head to the right, I see one of the white painted walls a few feet away. Hanging upon the wall is an old painting of an intricate black and white Chinese dragon, complete with a signature written in one of the many Chinese languages. As to which one exactly, I am unsure, as the painting was given to me as a gift with little explanation. The dragon's mouth is opened in what looks to be a snarl, its body coiling through smokey clouds.

    Resting against the wall near my bed is a grey, wooden dresser that contains a fraction of my clothing. Atop it are various items. One is a short lamp, currently turned on to cast rays upon the dim room. Under it is a digital clock, numbers displayed in red lighting. It sits upon a small box with a wolf's head displayed on its surface, the contents being various tiny keepsakes I have collected over the years. Some of the contents include a small, black and purple bean given to me from an old friend years ago from a time when we attended a garden festival. Another is a bone fragment given to me by my cousins. It had been snagged from the ground of an old Egyptian tomb they had happened to visit, potentially belonging to a long deceased royal member or servant. Many other objects are stored within the confines of the box, too many to describe in detail.

    Next to the box and clock are a few discarded guitar picks I was given as a gift, since many of my family members don't realize that I play bass guitar and don't need any picks. They lay there, useless pieces of decoration. Next to that are some loose papers as well as a favorite necklace of mine that I have been meaning to repair, it's chain having been snapped recently. Propped up in the small space between the wall and the dresser are a few peculiar items. There is a golf club that had been purchased from Goodwill last year for a low price of two dollars, having been bought as a joke. Next to this is an antique Spanish decorative short sword with a dull blade and cheap jewels on the hilt, having been bought for ten dollars out of impulsive behavior and the love of blades. Towering over the club and short sword is a three and a half foot medieval long sword replica given to me as a gift, half out of a joke, and half of the reason being that I really do have a passion for swords. It is also decorative, but it is heavy and a plastic cap guards the end since its point is still sharp. I keep such odd items as my arsenal against any potential animal or human intruders that have yet to make an appearance when I'm home alone at night. Despite the lack of danger, I still have the knack of carrying these objects around when frightened or merely for fun, the medieval long sword being my favorite.

    Looking to the left of my bed, I see a grey cabinet that currently holds the amp and cables for my bass guitar. The amp is relatively new and very valued, as it cost me about 300 dollars and took a year or so to save up for. It is a 100 watt Fender Rumble and its sound is amazing, various controls upon the top allowing for control over the sound quality. I have yet to fully discover the purpose for reach knob and button. There are also old, heavily wrinkled and smashed sheets of tablature and a diagram displaying the key of each fret. Hanging a few feet above this cabinet is my bass guitar. It is a Pearl White Ibanez short scale bass, the neck shorter to accomadate my small size and lack of reach.

    On this side of the room the wall is dominated by a sliding, glass door. The black curtains have been parted to reveal the wooden wrap around deck. Outside it is dark, the sun making its descent. There are many trees and various forms of vegetation, since my home is located within acres of forested land with the nearest house being up the very long, gravel driveway. A bridge connects to the driveway, allowing passage over a currently shallow creek thanks to drought. The stones protruded from the water, looking dry and parched.

    In my ears are my trusty earbuds, Hollywood Undead songs filling my hearing. One side is broken, most of the music coming from my left ear. I sit here, typing, pausing only to look around my room to better describe its appearance.
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