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  1. For this challenge, go to SpiroStudio and click "Randomize all". Then simply describe what you see in the best way you can. It could be anything: a logo, a supernova, etc. Here is an example.

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    The world was empty. After years of disasters, natural and otherwise, it had been reduced to a ball of gray rock. Everywhere one looked (if there were anyone to look), life had faded in all but one place. In what was once an idyllic prairie, a single patch of grass had remained, and with it, a single flower. Both of these had resolutely sprouted through the rock, as if in scorn of its attempt to erase their lives. Even though they received little water, they held on and stood tall. Of course, it would not be enough to merely survive; in order for their rebellion to be a success, they needed to regain their territory. For that, they needed a life form that could move. But they gave no sign of knowing or caring. They simply kept growing.
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    The day when the waters rose and the rain wouldn't stop, was the day a portion of humanity was saved. Many died from tsunami's, sudden temperature changes, and pneumonia. The human race decreased steadily each day by 1,000. Finally, when only 2,000 humans were left, was the day when the waters that covered most of the land raged wildly. When the rain poured like a water fall, and everyone fear for their own life. They all stayed on one island, facing death with what courage they had. However, when the waves came crashing the sanctuary was revealed. No one knows how it got there, or why, but no one questioned it. The dome was large and blocked the raging waters from entering. It stayed like this for years, until the whole world was under water. The dome grew upwards, until it could open it's top to allow fresh air and rain. It's plaid pattern keeps the humans at ease, and the flower decoration of the bottom reminds everyone of hope. The Sanctuary was their hope just as much as a brother was one's sibling. No, more like a father with a loving embrace in which the humans lived.

    Note: That was my first time doing something like this, so I hope it's alright! :3

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