Describe the above poster with a KENNING

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  1. Hnng I'm jealous! It's gorgeous there :)
  2. "Wearer of the Crimson Cape"

  3. "Sayer of Mur, who stands aloof."
  4. "Protector of the Pastries, who watches with slowly blinking eyes"
  5. Ruler of plushie zombies, who rules the mur.
  6. Master of Spikiness, screamer of rage.
  7. "My adorable son." Harmony chuckle.
  8. The waiter nodded before walking to the kitchen.
  9. Beast of Stars, of the darkness? D:
  10. Rage of the toothed fuzzy. Wrath of Dustbunny
  11. Creator of shine, bored of housewifing?