Describe how you eat using 3 pokemon moves.

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That One Wendu

Original poster
Yes, a *much* more tame version of a certain game on 4chan. Cough, cough.

So, here's how it goes. Using 3 pokemon moves (any generation) describe how you go about having a meal.
The effects of the move itself don't really have to do anything with the action you are trying to portray. As in, moves like torment or rage. They don't have anything to do with their in-game uses.

Here is an example.


Which, in case you were wondering, is my post to this game.
I get really noisy and angsty before I eat, usually because I'm lazy and put off eating. Like a master pro lazy person. Usually when I eat I gobble it up, or eat it slow. More often the first. Sometimes, I put off eating for so long and I get so hungry I get weak and am shaking when I finally get to it.

And because such habits are unkind to my body, I get tummy aches a lot. D:


It's your turn.