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  1. A simple creative exercise: Describe a room with at least three of the following elements. Aim for no less than two paragraphs, and no more than five, unless you sincerely feel that additional or subtracted length would aid in the description of the room. If you use less than two paragraphs or more than five, explain why underneath your description. If you want some advice or feedback to improve your descriptive abilities, feel free to ask.

    Hard Mode is totally optional. Do it if you're a writing masochist who enjoys challenging themselves with arduous and pointless tasks.
    • A blue desk. Explain why it is blue, what materials it is made out of, the state it is in, et cetera. Explain why it's important to note that there is a blue desk inside the room.
    • Describe a person or set of people in the room. Explain who they are, and why they are in that room.
    • Write it from the perspective of a detached narrator, who is describing the room to a child in the real world.
    • Describe the general shape and dimensions of the room, without resorting to direct measurements, in a manner that is clear to the reader.
    • Describe the general atmosphere of the room: The environment, lighting, temperature, air quality, and so on.
    • (Hard Mode): Do all of the above, in only three hundred and fifty (350) words. (You can break the minimum two paragraphs for this.)
    • (Hard Mode): Do all of the non-Hard Mode options above, without using any of the following: Colours, violence, and actions of any kind.
    • (Hard Mode): Do all of the non-Hard Mode options above, and describe how things feel without using emotions of any kind.
    • (Masochist Mode): Do all of the above. If you manage to do it successfully, I will drink a shot of Vodka in your honour.
    Good luck. :ferret:

    Here's a tip. If you need help figuring out how to describe a blue desk without using colour, I've got two words for you: Colour-blindness. You're welcome.

    PS: Posted here by request of Minibit. @Minibit here. :ferret:
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.