Descent to Ascension (Warhammer 40k)


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"We are judged in death by the path we walked in life."

This is Sephus 1 the hive city that so many billions of imperial citizens call home on the planet of Sephus; one of five hive cities that lay embedded upon its deselect surface. Your hive world resides at the northern edge of the Segmentum Obscurus; far from the holy light of Terra and dangerously close to the Eye of Terror the prime gateway of chaos. The planet you reside on is a self sustaining one and operates much like you would expect. People live, eat and go to work such is the life of the average imperial citizen. Sephus' main resource is people and raw material manufacturing. Every few standard years large freighters arrive of all kinds. Some are Imperial Guard vessels looking to recruit mass numbers of the able bodied into the Astra Militarum. Most others are ships from other worlds or systems looking for labor workers and materials to service various agricultural or forge worlds that are in need. Sometimes words travel around that inquisitors are known to arrive on Sephus looking for those who show promise...or heretical values.

For the nobility who reside within the highest spires of Sephus 1 a stark problem has befallen their city. The population of Sephus 1 has increased far beyond what food and water they can produce by themselves. Reaching well over one hundred and twenty billion documented inhabitants and no freighter fleets are scheduled to arrive for some time. If left unchecked the main populous would continue to suffer through starvation. The beginnings of unrest and riots have already started popping up within the lower pockets of Sephus 1. To prevent full on revolt the nobility gave clear orders to law enforcement and the planetary defense forces. All criminals from petty thieves to suspected heretics are to be exiled to the Underhive. That way the population could come under control hopefully long enough for vessels to arrive and relieve the world of its overpopulation even further. However, an unforeseen side effect occurred due to this latest implication. People were abusing how easy it was to get others exiled and sent to the Underhive. Political rivals, annoying coworkers as well as many other manners of things. False accusations of people committing heretical acts and other crimes were rampant and many not guilty are sent down below along with the guilty.

The Underhive is the lawless underbelly of any hive city. It is home to all manner of criminals, mutants, heretics and who knows what else. With no real governing body the streets are controlled and fought over by all manner of gangs and cults vying for the limited resources they can find. It is a cruel and violent existence where only the strong, quick and clever survive. Technology is the most valued resource for those below. Working vehicles and weapons are the most prized while water and food purifiers are a close second. In times the noble houses from above will pay gangs from the Underhive for all manner of unlawful deeds. These gruesome tasks are usually too good to pass up and at times allow the covert to return to the proper hive city for a time. Many have resigned themselves to this fate of not knowing whether the next day could be their last; some even dream of that day. Some still hope to one day escape this hellish existence and return to the proper city above. Those with the ambition, faith or perhaps sheer stubbornness refuse for it all to simply end here. Those few will shape the fate of not only Sephus 1 but all of Sephus and all those who dwell here; they just don't know it yet.

The numerous gangs that call the Underhive home are all violent in their own ways. Some relish in causing bloodshed through the use of blades, some worship all manner of technology and seek to become one with the gears, some wish to lose themselves within their darkest desires. But they all seek power. All are willing to fight tooth and nail for what they have and can get. Many of these gangs distinguish themselves though ink work that is luminescent, adorn themselves with crude emblems or all conduct themselves in specific ways. For example the Flesh Cutters are a gang whom only utilize bladed weapons. They prefer to be stealthy and quick leaving their victims with multiple lacerations but not always with the purpose to kill. After all, infamy is a currency in its own right and who better to spread it than those you've bested.

Rules & Warnings
1. Be respectful to one another OOC
2. Middle to high level quality writing is expected
3. Posting will be weekly to bi-weekly (Life happens)
4. I encourage group story telling/Collaborations
5. This RP will contain 18+ material and thus will be 18+
6. This setting is dark and violent (You've been warned)
7. Always feel free to ask me questions about the RP
8. All Iwaku rules apply
9. I may implement minor luck dice rolls for certain outcomes

(I'll be accepting 4 to 5 Character sheets maximum. I'll also put a link to the discord server below for this RP here as well because discord is useful.)

Character Sheet
Appearance: (Please use realistic art images/portraits (No anime, no real people)
Eye color:
Hair Color:
Race: Human Only
Former Class: (Middle Class or Lower Class)
Former Occupation: (Factory worker [Munitions, Food, Water Plant], Mechanic, Welder, Teacher, Planetary Defense Trooper, Law Enforcer etc)
Accusation for exile to the Under-hive: (theft, murder, heresy etc (True or false?))
Vices: (2 Minimum)
Skills/Strengths: (3 Minimum)
Weaknesses/Shortcomings: (Equal to Skills/Strengths)
Backstory: (2 Paragraphs Minimum)
Other: (Any further information you'd like to share about your character)

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