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  1. Warning this is HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL

    Based off of
    Clone High

    This generation is useless. Kids these days are nothing but dead weights, bumps on logs. We need geniuses and what do we get? Jack shit.
    We need people like Einstein! Hatsheput! Sun Tzu! They were the greatest! We need them. They'll improve society greatly! We won't have to depend on these lazy, and useless sorry excuses for life forms!
    But how?

    A high school for clones of famous and important people from the past. The children are raised to continue the plans of their ancestors. However some of these kids want to go their own way. Some of them don't want to be geniuses! Some of them don't want to do good!

    A group of these clones make a secret society, The Avians. Free to do as they please, go where they please, and be what they want. A society for clones who don't want to follow in the foot steps of their ancestors. They want to do other things, they want to live normal lives!

    But there was another secret society that had already been established since the creation of all clones. This society was called, 'The Titans'.

    Before the clones were created, the scientists who were tasked with creating the flawless clones, had a massive disagreement. There were some who wanted to bring back all of the great, good people.

    But there were some who wanted to bring back the hateful, twisted people. They believed that given the chance, these clones could implement their own strategies but without the carnage that their predecessors brought about.
    That idea was cut down before it could be suggested, but the idea remained, festering in the minds of the scientists who suggested it. These scientist left the project, claiming that they were moving on to different projects, but really they had stolen the Clone Creation Formula, and where planning to make their idea come to life.
    And so the, 'Titans' were created. But since the other scientist could never know about their existence, they were given new names, new identities, and given to temporary families.

    When all of the good clones turned thirteen they were sent to attend Imitantes' Academy for Geniuses, a government created school, funded by the very ones who had developed the Clone Creation Formula in the first place.

    However, to keep the public from getting suspicious of the students, the government temporarily opened the school to regular humans. And with those regular humans came the Titans, still masquerading as regular people.

    So I still need to work on the plot a bit, but what do you think?

    And the reason this rp would be controversial is because of the Titan clones. Naturally they will be descendants of the bad guys from the past, like Christopher Columbus, Judas, Stalin, Elizabeth Bathory, Maximilien Robespierre etc
  2. IS IT JUST ME OR This smells like Afterschool Charisma and I like it. :D
  3. @Lorchenne

    Holy crap I didn't even know about that one! And now my interest has been peaked and now I shall read it hehehehehe.
  4. Yes you shall! It's almost the same, just more idk. Controversial? XD Well, twisted.
  5. I need a better name for this though...
  6. I know this might be terrible, and I KNOW people are going to give me a very very VERY serious haterant for this, but....

    If you do this, I kind of want to do Hitler.

    I am not a Neo-Nazi, nor do I have ANY kinds of sympathies for someone that horrifically monstrous, but still, if we're going by the nature/nurture idea, it's an interesting exploration of what determines how horrific someone is going to be.
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  7. And that's completely fine! Well I mean I'm not saying that Hitler is fine. He was a monster, but I mean I get what you're saying and that's completely what I was going for.

    Hopefully, when I make the IC others will see it this way and join...
  8. Another title?

    I'm reviving an old character for a similar rp as Galileo. That okay?
  9. Yeah that's totally cool! :3

    And yeah I think the title 'Descendants' is kinda lame. :O
  10. How about:
    or The Avians and the Titans
    or True Clone

    or um i don't know. Technically they're not descendants.
  11. Yay! Well, I'm glad to be of some help!
  12. Yay, woot!
    Ofc, am joining. :D
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