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  1. [​IMG]
    ~Disney’s Descendants~
    {Yes this role-play is based on the new Disney movie}
    To get to posting click "Enter the Portal"
    **GM's are Adira (me), ~Happily.Ever.After~, and AAB**

    Far far away in the present day Kingdom of Maltopia, a proclamation is made that offers the chance for any villainous offspring a second chance at life, a chance to redeem their families. After all, All the Villains were banished to the island of Maptoikia, an island off the coast of the small kingdom.

    “Any child of any Villain that has been banished to Maptoikia will be allowed the chance to attend the prestigious prep school of Royal Preparatory School for young men and women, located in Waterford, Conncticut, In the United States of America.”

    The only problem? The Prep School is also home to the children of all the Villains mortal
    enemies, "The Heroes"

    Will the villainous children be able to blend in with the children of their parents mortal enimies? At first both groups of children seem to despise each other,and fights break out almost everyday. As time goes on though friendships begin to form, fights are almost non existent, and romance seems to be sparking up between the children. It seems the Villains children are starting to get comfortable in this school.. a little too comfrotable for their parents likings, and when their parents start to get involved it will come down to 1 choice for the villainous children. Will they be loyal to their new found friends, or will they be true to their familes and their roots?

    The Rules:

    1. All Site Rules Apply!
    2. Absoutely No Goddmodding will be allowed.
    3. A minumun of 3 sentences will be required per post
    4. If you can, Color Code your speech please {If you’re on a tablet or phone I understand}
    5. Fighting and Romance is totally acceptable as long is it is controlled and doesn’t get to crazy.
    6. No Text lingo {BRB, THX, G2G, etc}
    7. Please use good grammar and spelling.
    8. Have Fun!!
    9. Swearing is allowed but keep it to a minimum.
    Current Characters: {CHECK THE OPEN CHARACERS}

    Villains: 13 (2 spots open) (open)
    Villains: 13 (2 spots open) (open)

    Villains: 13 (2 spots open) (open)
    Villains: 13 (2 spots open) (open)
    Villains: 13 (2 spots open) (open)

      • Maleficent's Daughter, Mallory Normard
      • Queen of Hearts Son {OPEN}
      • Evil Queen's Daughter, Carter Williams
      • Frollo's Daughter, Rahab Frollo
      • Jafar's Son, Jaz Heed
      • Cruella De Ville's Son, Alfred De Ville
      • Shun Yu's Son, Ge Ming “Gem” Khan
      • Han's Son, Elliot Gray {Of the Southern Isle's}
      • Dr. Facilier's Daughter, Alexandrine Facilier
      • Gaston's Daughter, Olivia Mirabelle O'Reilly
      • Hades' Daughter, Violet Afrodite
      • Jack Sparrow's Son, Ashton Sparrow
      • Lady Tremaine's Son {OPEN}
      • Captain Hooks's Son, Leo Ashton Hook
      • Governor Ratifcuflfe's Daughter Cassandra Ratcliff

    Heros: 17 (2 spots open) (open)

    • Cinderella x Prince Charming's Daughter, Tess Charming
    • Cinderella x Prince Charming's Son, Benjamin Charming
    • Rapunzel x Eugene's Daughter, Rosabella Fitherherbert
    • Aurora x Prince Philip's Son, Lionel Phillip
    • Ariel x Prince Eric's Son, Shawn Lesalle
    • Anna x Kristof's Daughter, Sidney Sophia Bjornman
    • Belle x Prince Adam's Daughter, Harley Eve Knight
    • Belle x Prince Adam's Son, Zachary Brendan Knight
    • Mulan x Shang's Daughter, Li Siyun
    • Sally x Jack Skeletoning's Daughter,
    • Elsa x Jack Frost's, Son, {Open}
    • Meridia's Daughter, {Open}
    • Tiana x Naveen's Daughter , Kalynda
    • Jasmine x Aladdin's Daughter, Jeannette Wish
    • Megara x Hercules's Son, Adonis Olympus
    • Snow White' x Prince Florian's Daughter, Bryony Snow

    Character Sheet:

    {Picture of your Character}
    ::Villain or Hero::
    ::Name:: {Official title}
    ::Year of High school:: {Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior}
    ::Eye Color::
    ::Hair Color::
    :Skin Color::
    ::Other Physical Decription::


    ::Child of:: {Mother x Father} {Or single parent}
    ::Other Family:: {Siblings, cousins, aunt, uncles, etc}




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  2. [​IMG]
    ::Villain or Hero:: Villain
    ::Name:: Mallory Rose Normard
    ::Nickname:: Mal
    ::Gender:: Female
    ::Age:: 17
    ::Year of High school:: Junior
    ::Height:: 5'6
    ::Weight:: 127 lbs
    ::Eye Color:: Dark brown, almost black
    ::Hair Color:: Purple, yes it's natural
    :Skin Color:: pale white, almost ghost like
    ::Other Physical Decription:: Mallory is a generally ghost like looking girl with a dragon tattoo that travels down her left arm and ends on her pointer finger. She looks a bit scary due to her multiple piercings and her tattoo but she's not all bad.


    ::Child of:: Maleficent x Leo Normard {A mortal who fell in love with her mother}
    ::Other Family:: She has no other family
    ::Pets:: Mallory has a small black cat named Luna that she is allowed to take with her to Royal Prep, though he stays in her dorm room.
    ::Friends:: Carter (open)
    ::Enemies:: Benjamin (open)
    ::Crush:: Soon..
    ::Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: maybe one day..


    ::History:: Mallory's mother and father met when Maleficent was sentenced to banishment on the small island that Mallory called home. Her father, Leo Normard, was a member of the royal guard that had been station on the island to keep the villains at bay. Upon meeting her mother though, Leo fell deeply in love with Maleficent {Or as she is now called, Maia} and he quit his job to pursue their love. Mallory's mother promised to give up her evil ways when Mallory was born, but old habits die hard and so Mallory was raised in a house with divided sides, both good and evil. Mallory has a very close relationship with both her mother and father and because of their love, she believes that there is good in everyone. She looks for that little spark of good in everyone she meets and in her own sense takes after her father quite a bit. Growing up on the island was different though as the village children feared her. Her only friends were the other villains children and together they would sometimes torment the other kids. Mallory tormented the other children simply for the reason that they wouldn't except her anyway. When the proclamation was given to her parents her father pushed for her to be able to attend the Prep school and live a normal life away from the island.

    ::Personality:: Mallroy is a very kind hearted person, though you would never be able to tell from first glances. Her cold appearance is only an act as her walls are up at all times. Mallory believes there is good in everyone but has been rejected so much that her faith in others wavers quite a bit. Her cold stand offish ways are only an act and if you actually let her open up to you, you'll see she is a loyal friend and a very outgoing girl who just wants to be accepted.

    ::Hobbies: Mal's hobbies include her nails, reading, listening to music, writing, singing, and designing clothes
    ::Likes:: volleyball, writing, reading book, talking, playing pranks, teasing people and boys
    ::Dislikes:: judgmental people, stuck up royals, and her past.
    ::Dreams/Wishes:: Mal's dream is to find a new life away from her past and to start a new life with friends and to open her own dress shop.
    ::Other:: You'll have to find out if she is will choose her friends or her parents.


    ::Villain or Hero::
    ::Name:: Princess Tess Mae Charming
    ::Nickname:: Tes
    ::Gender:: Female
    ::Age:: 16
    ::Year of High school:: Sophomore
    ::Height:: 5'5
    ::Weight:: 122 lbs
    ::Eye Color:: Blue
    ::Hair Color:: Very Ash Blonde
    :Skin Color:: Normal flesh tone
    ::Other Physical Decription:: Amber is a respectable looking young lady, everything you would expect from a young princess. She is graced in looks and is told she is very beautiful much like her mother.


    ::Child of::
    Queen Cinderella x King Charming
    ::Other Family:: Benjamin {Brother} 18
    ::Pets:: Amber has a royal like white cat named Princess and a cocker spaniel named Kaiser who both live in her dorm at the school. She also has a Chestnut American Saddlebred named Fancy who is kept at the stables.
    ::Friends::Rosabella, Shawn. (open)
    ::Enemies:: (open)
    ::Crush:: She's still looking
    ::Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: (open)


    Amber was born into a blessed royal family. Her small part of the Kingdom is known for it's lovely sea view and rolling meadows. She would ride her horse though the meadows and rolling hills and spent most of her childhood as a normal little girl. Playing with dolls, getting her brother in trouble, picking flowers, and playing dress up. Of course all her tiara's were real. Amber is a sweet girl who seems all around perfect, but she is far from it and often feels like the failure of her family compared to her brother. Her childhood kept her very sheltered and so as a result she struggles with trying to make close friends.

    Amber's personality is very outgoing and happy. She would never let anyone see her cry as her pride is a very big deal to her. Her mother often told her that "Beauty comes from within" So as a result she tries to save all judgment until she meets someone. Amber has a low self esteem although you would never be able to tell from her outside appearance. She often second guesses herself and is very sensitive.

    Horse-back riding, making flower crowns, singing, cleaning her room, texting, being with friends
    ::Likes:: horses, animals, socializing, flowers, music, and boys
    ::Dislikes:: Rude people, crude boys, bad music, animal cruelty
    ::Dreams/Wishes:: Amber's wish is to become more confident and find true love like her mother. She wants to help make the Kingdom a better place and hopes to travel the world in search of better ways to improve the kingdom and it's foreign affairs.



    ::Villain or Hero:: Hero
    ::Name:: Benjamin Albert Charming
    ::Nickname:: Ben or Benny {by his female friends}
    ::Gender:: Male
    ::Age:: 18
    ::Year of High school:: Senior
    ::Height:: 6'0
    ::Weight:: 150 lbs
    ::Eye Color:: Blue eyes
    ::Hair Color:: Dark Brown like his father
    :Skin Color:: Normal Flesh tone
    ::Other Physical Decription:: Ben is a pretty muscular boy and is quite attractive, like his sister.


    ::Child of:: Cinderella x Prince Charming
    ::Other Family:: Tess {sister} 16
    ::Pets:: Ben keeps it simple with his St. Bernard {Beethoven}.
    ::Friends:: Shawn, Lio (open)
    ::Enemies:: Mal, (open)
    ::Crush:: None yet
    ::Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: (open)


    ::History:: Benjamin Charming's history is much like his sisters. He was born into a blessed royal family and has never once taken it for granted, ever since he saw a village that was destroyed by the villain, Jafar. His Kingdom comes first and he has always taken his royal duties seriously. But he was still an immature little boy. He would pull pranks on his sister Tess and enjoys teasing her. He deep don loves his sister and has always tried to make her proud of him. He was less sheltered than his sister and his father would take him out to the villages all the time, making him very sociable. He's been trained in fighting both close combat and with a sword.

    Ben lives up to his name well. He is Charming. He's a heartthrob but he tries to ignore it. He doesn't like bragging about his title or his wealth. He's a bit shy at times and can get flustered easily. Ben is flirty and very sociable though, making friends is easy for him. Ben is very protective though and doesn't trust any of the villains, unlike his sister. He get's stressed easily and sometimes takes his anger out on those closest to him.

    Sword fighting, playing sports, hanging with friends, and playing pranks.
    ::Likes:: Girls, dogs, sports, cars, and friends
    ::Dislikes:: Villains, bratty girls, bragging, thunderstorms
    ::Dreams/Wishes:: Benjamin's one true wish is to live up to his title and family. He wants to make his kingdom and his father proud by ruling the kingdom into a golden age.


    ::Villain or Hero:: Hero
    ::Name:: Prince Grayson Frost
    ::Nickname:: Gray
    ::Gender:: Male
    ::Age:: 17
    ::Year of High school:: Junior
    ::Height:: 6'1
    ::Weight:: 145 lbs
    ::Eye Color:: Ice blue
    ::Hair Color:: Ash Blonde
    :Skin Color:: Pale white
    ::Other Physical Decription:: He looks almost flawless with his snow white skin


    ::Child of:: Elsa x Jack Frost
    ::Other Family:: Aunt Anna, Uncle Kristoff
    ::Pets:: a snow owl named Maddy
    ::Friends:: (open)
    ::Enemies:: (open)
    ::Crush:: (open)
    ::Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: (open)


    ::History:: Grayson was born to Queen Elsa and her husband Guardian Jack Frost. He was raised in the snow and ice. He, like his parent's, has ice power but he has learned how to control it quite well and unlike his mother, loves to show it off. He's proud of his powers and embraces them, which helped him grow into a "man". He doesn't take his prince role very seriously and had a normal royal childhood.

    He is sociable and loves to prank people. He's very funny and is kind to everyone, including the villains. His mother told him that when she was younger she was treated like a Villain so he has always tried to be kind to villains. Grayson is a big flirt and likes to flirt with EVERYONE. He is quite "Sassy" and enjoys messing with people.

    Snow boarding, Pranking people, Making ice and snow.
    ::Likes:: Ice, cold weather, snow, pranks, making people laugh.
    ::Dislikes:: Rude people, people who can't laugh, judgmental people, know it alls.
    ::Dreams/Wishes:: Grayson wishes he could "grow up" and mature so he can make his mother proud.
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  3. Reserved ; currently doing aurora x Prince Phillip XD

    ::Villain or Hero:: Hero
    ::Name:: Lionel Phillip
    ::Nickname:: Lio
    ::Gender:: Male
    ::Age:: Eighteen { 18 }
    ::Year of High school:: Senior
    ::Height:: 6"0
    ::Weight:: 71 KG ; 156 lbs
    ::Eye Color:: Brown
    ::Hair Color:: Dark Brown
    :Skin Color:: Fair skinned
    ::Other Physical Decription::


    ::Child of:: Aurora + Phillip Hubert
    ::Other Family:: Aurora ( Mother ), Phillip Hubert ( Father )
    ::Pets:: A fawn flemish rabbit named 'Pillow'. A bullmastiff named 'Barry'.
    ::Friends:: TBA
    ::Enemies:: TBA
    ::Crush:: TBA
    ::Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: TBA


    Lionel was born on the twelfth day of November in autumn where the leaves were bright and colorful and the weather was a slight breeze. Thankfully, Maleficent didn't bother cursing him with any type of dark spell of sorts, but the three good fairies did give a gift to dear Aurora and now king Phillips first child and son. The gift of charm, The gift of luck, and the gift of wit to help guide him through life. Fortunately, as the child grew older he lived a happy and beloved life. No one worried about anything, though they did keep keen senses for the king and queen and nothing special happened. He was born in a royal stone castle and spoiled very well, therefore lived a great childhood life anyone or villain would dream of. He had everything the easy way.

    Suave, smooth, and quite easy going, Lionel is absolutely both relaxed and knows how to be fun at the same time. He has proven himself to be sophisticated and well mannered and seems to have immense uncanny luck -that doesn't always help him, depending how big the conflict. In other words he'll still experience drama-. Lionel is absolutely active and can be rather playfully flirty here and there even jokingly flirty with guys. His easy going and laid back attitude is usually easy to get along with, however being witty is both a true blessing and a curse for him thanks to one of the fairies and his manipulative passive-aggressive father which makes it even more worse, or Atleast adds onto affect. One minute he's in trouble, next minute he is somehow smoothly able to get out if conflict. Nonetheless Lionel doesn't care about whatever comes his way and tends to shake things off quickly without digging through situations deeper thoroughly. It's perhaps one of his biggest flaws, along with being oblivious with certain and obvious things--A trait inherited by his once naive mother he will be rather slow with certain situations, like someone liking him for example. It will take longer for him to know and truly realize then expected.
    Lionel is also pretty lazy. He'll work once in a while but nonetheless doesn't do much and the reason for this is because Aurora's sleeping spell that was thought to have been wiped off cleanly and completely, actually didn't as she still has a pinch of the curse left that had then passed on to Lionel giving him a sluggish and lazy behavior which also explains how he's so peaceful and easy going yet why he's always in drama from time to time.
    ::Hobbies: Dancing, Sleeping, Going out, etc.
    ::Likes:: Animals (Especially dogs and rabbits), Having his way, Being spoiled, etc.
    ::Dislikes:: Not having his way, Being woken up at certain times.
    ::Dreams/Wishes:: - - -

    - Because of the fact that Aurora and Phillip often spoiled him, expect him to be a pampered spoiled brat. He will indirectly guilt trick you to have his way and will indirectly cause a temper tantrum. He is probably the most spoiled out of the royal heros -while also being reprimanded as he can act well mannered as well-.

    - He has mixed feelings for cats. He doesn't like them much, yet at the same time doesn't hate them. Lionel just doesn't prefer them I guess.

    - Lionel likes to dress flashy and on style. There is literally not a moment in his life where he is off key with his clothes, heck anything he wears or does is never off key. Therefore he is probably a slight OCD perfectionist.

    - Lionel doesn't believe in marriage, therefore is stubborn on the topic of even marrying. He also fears children and having kids in general, and is very adamant about not marrying and baring any children of any kind. He believes that if two people are together and it's meant to be, then so be it. However he also has mixed feelings about relationships, therefore was in more 'friends with benefits' relationships then actual committed 'relationships'. But that doesn't mean he chooses not to date at all, he just has mixed feelings about relationships in general as well.​
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  4. @Noceur awesome! Happy to have you!
  5. Reserved rupunzel x Flynn

    ::Villain or Hero:: Hero
    ::Name:: Rosabella
    ::Nickname:: Rosie-kins, Sun flower, Goldie (rather then 'blondie').
    ::Gender:: Female
    ::Age:: Sixteen { 16 }
    ::Year of High school:: Sophomore
    ::Height:: 5"6
    ::Weight:: 53 KG ; 116 lbs
    ::Eye Color:: Light hazel
    ::Hair Color:: Gold { ignore brown highlights }
    ::Other Physical Decription::


    ::Child of:: {Mother x Father} {Or single parent}
    ::Other Family:: {Siblings, cousins, aunt, uncles, etc}
    ::Pets:: She owns a chameleon like her mother, named 'dinosaur'.
    ::Friends:: Lionel, TBA
    ::Enemies:: TBA
    ::Crush:: Currently none
    ::Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: TBA


    Rosabella is a unique female, whom is often fun loving and free spirited. She's very adventurous, much like her mother and can be quite playful and imaginative. However don't expect Rosabella to bare all the traits of her mother completely, as Rosabella also has some 'not so completely good' traits. Rupunzel's daughter is also mischievous and quick witted from yours truly, Eugene Fitzherbert, her dear and beloved father. She is able to easily deceive and tell a lie quicker then you think, therefore has a mix of 'good' fun and 'bad' fun.. Energetic about sums it. Nonetheless she is good hearted, and being seemingly girly/feminine can surprisingly be quite tough. Like, very tough and scary when she needs to be.
    Her child-like behavior only proves how courageous -and funny- she can be so she is most easy to get along with, with such a sociable nature.
    ::Hobbies: Floral crown making, Pranking, Stealing*, Painting, Hair playing, Ballet.
    ::Likes:: Flowers, painting, her hair, baking,
    ::Dislikes:: Being locked away, ignored, or restrained.
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  6. Is there any way I can do meg and Hercules daughter?
  7. @Tenny

    Yep! As long as it's a disney character go for it
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  8. @Noceur the more males the better!!
  9. [​IMG]
    ::Villain or Hero: Villain
    ::Name:: Jason Queen
    ::Nickname:: Prince of Hearts
    ::Gender:: Male
    ::Age:: 17
    ::Year of High school:: Junior
    ::Height:: 5'10
    ::Weight:: 127 lbs
    ::Eye Color:: Black
    ::Hair Color:: Blood red
    :Skin Color:: Light tan
    ::Other Physical Decription:: Jason haves a small nose pricing.


    ::Child of:: Queen of Hearts, and Benny Limemen.
    ::Other Family:: A half sister. (Shes a hero.)
    ::Pets:: A wild cat called Seth. (A VERY friendly cat.)
    ::Friends:: Not many.
    ::Enemies:: To many.
    ::Crush:: Lionel Phillip
    ::Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: None


    ::History:: Jason grew up in a palace full of servants, maids, and cooks. With a mother who showed love with crudity, Jason developed a similar style, and fell deeper into the life of a royal prince. Only having to see his mother at royal meetings, and barely any other time, Jason spent most of his time alone, grooming his cat, or learning one of the many worldly languages. After his mothers banishment, Jason was shortly banished after, and fell victim to the land of Maptoikia.

    ::Personality:: Bitter, only kind when is in deeply connected to someone, or haves strong feelings for. Sarcastic, and slightly rude. Normally quite unless provoked. Funny, when he truly trys. Very intelligence. Very sassy.

    ::Hobbies: Sword Fighting, Writing, Pet grooming, and Pet care.

    ::Likes:: Animals, The colour red, swords, French, dragons, reading, writing, guys, Roses, and Art.

    ::Dislikes:: Girls, Uneducated People, The colour pink and yellow, The cold, Violets, and Tall Tales.

    ::Dreams/Wishes:: To become king of his mothers kingdom, and to meet the man of his dreams.

    ::Other:: N/A

    (I hope this is good! :])
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  11. @Rainbowwave

    Welcome to the Villains! mwahahaha. Accepted!
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  12. This looks so good!, I truly cant wait, and thank you @Adira
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  13. I'm hoping for a few more people to join before I get this started.
  14. @Rainbowwave I can imagine slight drama and troubles as the love is mostly one sided XD
    For some reason I can see Lionel as bottom if they were to be together since I can never play dominant XD
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  15. @Adira Of course!

    @Noceur of course it is! lol, Jason probably knows that, lol. Jason would be the dominant one too! lol, only in the bedroom though ;3.
  16. woah there guys xD let's not get ahead of ourselves
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  17. [​IMG]
    ::Villain or Hero::Hero
    ::Name:: Shawn Allen Lesalle
    ::Nickname:: Prince of the Sea
    ::Gender:: Male
    ::Age:: 17
    ::Year of High school:: Junior
    ::Weight:: 140
    ::Eye Color::Blue
    ::Hair Color::Red
    :Skin Color::Slightly tan
    ::Other Physical Decription:: Blind in one eye


    ::Child of:: {Mother x Father} {Or single parent}Ariel x Prince Eric
    ::Other Family:: {Siblings, cousins, aunt, uncles, etc}Grandfather-Triton
    ::Friends::None yet
    ::Enemies::None yet
    ::Crush::None yet
    ::Boyfriend/Girlfriend::None yet


    ::History::Born to a royal family, Shawn was raised well by the servants as his parents were often too busy to properly take care of him. He is very serious about his duties as prince and hates to see bad things happen. Due to his blindness, he as always watched closely which has made him somewhat rebellious. Is prone to bad headaches.
    ::Personality::Intelligent, shy but can also be sociable. tends to hide things so that people dont worry about him.
    ::Hobbies: Swimming, drawing
    ::Likes::listening to music, training, animals
    ::Dislikes:: ignorant people, bright lights, loud noises.
    ::Dreams/Wishes:to be a great king one day
    ::Other::He's Bisexual
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  18. @Sashakiki Accepted! Welcome to the Heros! Would you like him and Tess do be friends? {Ariel's my favorite princess}
  19. Thanks! And sure, he can be friends with both siblings
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