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  1. Seems all I've ever drawn outside of nature scenes in charcoal is these character sketches to pass the time, so here's what I've done in the past few months, Also, I'd like suggestions on a second subject matter to use my skills on.

    All done in MS paint in about half an hour tops.. yeah, i don't have much patience, i start somethign and i finish it in one go or it doesnt get done. >_<


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  2. >:D
    YOU ARE AMAZING.<3<3<3
    I adore Sasha. And le pirate. >:3
    -Shoves candy at.-
  3. Here is a new opne i jsut finished today, put a little more time into it, shadows, and background-wise. maybe an hour and half of work.

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  4. It reminds me of October Knight.
    Appropriate for the month.<3 -nodnod.- You are again very talented. o.o I'll let others comment now. -hops away.-