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  1. The sun was slowly descending down through the sky, tucking away behind the trees and hiding behind the horizon that held hills and mountains. The sky was a mixture of colors, dark navy blue that held speckles of stars, stringy clouds littered the sky while the sky held tones of purple, orange, and pink.
    Bats fluttered in the sky while the birds silenced within their nests for rest, the crickets began their songs and the frogs their low croaks. The world seemed rather peaceful, rather content and contained. Though a darkness, a thick fog hovered over the life of humans who now lived in wretched conditions. Though the bats jumped at the sound of hammers beating down on wooden posts, creating a stage in the middle of a field just on the outskirts of the towns. Dead being, decayed corpses to be exact, were building the stage and setting chairs as more dying beings from the earth crept into the towns, retrieving the humans for the auction. These auctions are held by other devourer chair, it's a quick way to make money in all truth. The one hosting it was a young lady, her dead servants were gathering roughly thirty humans for her, they would be placed in shackles and neck collars with chains hooked to it, leading them off. At least three of those humans would be her own, seeing as she didn't just capture, but bred them as live stock and treated them as such.
    Arriving to the Engagement - or Auction - was a young, old, man named Alfonse. He was in a nice attire consisting of a black suit with a white under shirt and a black tie neatly tucked into the vest underneath his coat. The man had on black dress shoes and white gloves that passed his wrists though didn't travel up his forearm. The male had half lidded eyes as he sat in his carriage, leaning back in the nice, blue, leather seating that rest in the wooden benches. The horse's hooves clattered against the ground as it trotted towards the given area where he would soon dine on delicious flesh that he had yet to taste. The man had gone quite some time without devouring a human soul due to the high price they now came at, how ridiculous. It was like a human buying a thirty dollar steak when they only had a penny in their pocket.
  2. "Let me go!" She cried, struggling desperately, futilely, against the dead being that had taken her hostage. The only response she was received was a rough shove as she was pushed into a small shack, her green dress pooling around her as she fell to her knees with a small sound of surprise. Why'd they have to be so rough with her? She didn't quite like to admit it, but all and all she wasn't much of a threat. A neck collar was quickly clamped around her throat, and she was lifted back to a standing position by it before being shackled by her wrist and feet. Victoria frowned, hardly able to stand or move with the heavy chains weighing her down. Now that she thought about it, that was probably the entire point of the restraints, but she really wished they would have fitted her with some lighter ones.

    As she was ushered forward, her large green eyes darted curiously around the auction area. All the chairs and the stage had been set up and it seemed to her that the event was nearly ready to begin. Victoria only had limited information about her purpose here. She was aware there would be vampires, and she and other humans would be auctioned off for money, but she didn't know what would happen after that. Would she be someones slave? Bred and later auctioned off like some kind of animal? Or simply used for her flesh? The idea of the last one prompted a shiver from the girl. She was barely 20 years old; to young to die in her mind, at the hands of a devorer chair, no less.

    The sun continued to slink further from view, the moon beginning its rise to take its rightful place in the night sky as those invited to the event began to take their places in the chairs lined up in front of the stage. Victoria sighed, studying her hands as she stood with the other humans, receiving light pushes or shoves as her group was moved around in preparation for the auction. How did it ever come to this? She wondered, gazing up at the sky now. And to think, only maybe an hour ago she'd been enjoying dinner with her mom and brother, the idea she'd end up being auctioned off by nightfall certainly hadn't crossed her mind then. Hearing noise ahead of her, she let out a small cry as she was yanked roughly by the chains attached to her neck collar. She was pulled rather haphazardly up onto the platform, her eyes wide as she was presented to her potential buyers. She'd never seen anything like this. So many vampires, male and female, all wildly varying in appearance and social stature. A starting price was soon called out for the black haired girl.
  3. Alfonse glanced around and fixed his jacket with a soft sigh, his cold eyes glanced around, wondering as to what was actually going on. Taking in the view, the scents that overwhelmed his keen nose which continued to intake the air around him, he gave a sigh as he made his way to the front of the seats, settling himself near the end, in a way as to where he could leave in a hurry if he pleased. He knew several people - his name was famous to some, infamous to others. His reputation varied around society, it depended on whom you spoke to, their words either kind or wretched - it was a give or take, really. He gave a sigh as he sat with near perfect posture, one leg crossed over the other and his hands resting on his lap, eyes half lidded in dull amusement as his piercing eyes scanned over the area around him. More and more people walked by him, either giving him a warm greeting, or a scowl that burned several holes into his already dead and cold body. Soon enough, the auctioneer stood by the podium and gave a cheerful, wicked grin to everyone and began to shout out to the mass that had been seated. Though he'd heard it several times, memorized it and knew it by heart, he just blurred it out and waited for the humans to be placed along the stage. Each person that was set there didn't fit what he wanted, he gave a glower until his dark brow raised sharply, he saw a particular girl in the back, she took a step up and stood on the stage, her dark hair was gorgeous and those wild and vivid green eyes darted around in such a crazed manner. She was lovely, really - though she lacked meat. She was so thin, so petite - she would surly be sold at a low price, no one really liked those too skinny because it was such a hassle to build up the meat on one's body. However, he was willing to take the time out of his day to make the young girl to the desirable size he wanted. Standing up, he held out his hand, above his hand. He was bidding on her, someone else stood timidly - they didn't want her, though - they were being spiteful. He didn't mind though, Al's eyes focused on her and he raised his hand once more, the price went up by five hundred dollars, this continued until the price had rose up to five thousand dollars over the bidding price. The man in the back had to drop out, he didn't have that much money in his possession. With a wicked and smug grin, Alfonse stood once more and fixed his coat, smoothing his pants before walking to the end of the stage where the young girl would be escorted to his side.
  4. Victoria could do nothing but watch as the bidding for her person began. She gazed at the crowd as the first price was called, seeing a few shake their heads as she was brought up. She could only guess it was because of her small size; she hadn't thought she'd make much of a meal anyway. She was beginning to think there would be no takers, until Alfonse rose, somewhat hesitantly followed by another. She could see the pale, almost gray hand rise from a chair towards the end of the seating area, from a bit of a distance. From her position on the stage, she couldn't really make out of his features as well as she would have liked, nor could she identify the other man.

    Her eyes moved back and forth from the two as they bid one after the other, the price climbing until it eventually reached $5,000. She looked back to the second man that had stood, only to see him sit down after a moment. "Sold!" Victoria raised a brow. Could the other vampire not afford to go any higher? Or, she wondered with a small pout on her face, did he not
    want to go any higher? Victoria didn't have very long to be offended before she was sent off of the stage, tossing one last glare in the unsuccessful bidders direction. Her shackles were removed as she was escorted to Al's side, uncertainty clear in her posture and facial features.

    The first thing she noticed was his height as she started up at him, eyes wide and mouth open slightly in awe. He was much bigger than her, and her first impression of him was one of fear, even with him dressed to the nines in a suit and tie. He had dark hair much like her own, but with a scarlet tint to his fringe, and piercing golden irises; she almost felt as though he could look straight through her. Not to mention that scar by his left one, Victoria's mind quickly went running towards the most gruesome ways he could have possibly obtained it. Realizing she was staring rather intently at the man, she blinked, looking to her feet now. What would he do with her now?
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  5. Once the young female was shuffled over to his side, he stood by the end of the stage and flicked his fingers through a large stack of cash that he had in hand - the other man refused to go any higher for several reasons. One being the fact that he was far richer and would continue bidding higher and higher until Victoria was successfully his, and also the fact that he would - one way or another - collect her as his own. Once he sorted out five thousand dollars - which was barely a dent in the contents in his hand - he passed it over to the auctioneer before looking down at the girl with the brilliant, keen golden eyes that stared far more intently than any human eye would be able to create. His thick, sharp dark brows furrowed as her head snapped down to gaze at her feet, he gave a grunt and his lip raised slightly. He looked away and rest his rough hand on the back of her neck - his hand was massive just in comparison to her, he could strangle her with just one hand if he felt the need to do so. He gave a gentle squeeze - the heat radiating from her skin was intense - nearly burning his cold flesh. Not to mention the fact he could feel her fast beating pulse, heavy and veins thick with blood. His stomach gave a hungered growl, though the man contained himself and merely scoffed before giving her a tug as he started forwards towards the ride he'd arrived in. His hand remained on her neck, his own skin was rough, harsh, and cold - unbearably cold. He continued to walk forwards, one hand in his pocket while the other remained clasped on her - his keen ears heard more and more auctions going, the wooden mallet smashing against the podium as one human after another was sold off like cattle. They were screaming and crying, he could hear the struggle between the humans begging for their lives and the dead dragging them around. He was a bit surprised that this young girl hadn't screamed nor cried out, "What's your name?" He questioned, his voice sharp like a dagger and his voice was deep in tone, gruff even. It was hard when breaking through the linger silence between them, his bright golden irises darted in his skull and took a peek at her, looking down at her from the corner of his eyes.
  6. Victoria looked up as she heard the sound of crisp bills being counted, coming to the conclusion that this man had quite a bit of money. He was rich! She thought, raising a brow as Alfonse still had plenty of cash left after paying out the $5,000 for her. She figured she couldn't really be mad at that other many people in the audience actually could afford to go any higher in price? Not many she imagined. As she felt Al's gaze on her once again, she lowered her own, a small frown on her face. She had no clue what was to happen to her next, but from the screams of some of the other people being auctioned off, she assumed it was nothing good. The black-haired girl gasped as she felt a cold, rough hand grip her neck. Shivers began to rack her small form. He was so impossibly cold. She didn't realize it was possible to be this frigid; devorer chair or not. Her hands quickly snapped up to his as he began to squeeze, before she removed them just as quickly feeling his rough skin rub against her own, which was much more soft and smooth in comparison. A whimper was released from her throat as she heard the hungry growl sound off from his stomach. Was he going to strangle her right here? She looked up to him with wide, watery eyes before he tugged her along by her neck. She let out a small sigh, teeth beginning to chatter. She craned her a neck a little to see the auction still going on behind her, pouting at the screams and cries of the other humans. At the sound of a mans voice, she quickly turned her head back in her purchaser's direction. "V-Victoria." She stuttered, nervously straightening out her dress as she looked away from him once again. A few more silent moments passed before she posed her own question, seeing the devorer's carriage pull up. "Where are we going?" Her voice was quiet as she looked back up at him, her green eyes bright and intent.
  7. "Victoria?" He questioned, it sounded off as it rolled from his tongue, giving a glower while his dark, thick brows pulled together in a furrow. He seemed disgusted by her name, it didn't seem right, he didn't enjoy the sound of it or the feel it left as it exited his mouth, let alone being formed by his vocal cords and lips, tongue working to form the words. "I disapprove of your name, but it is your Government name and it shall stay as such. However, I will refer to you as other names, so respond to whatever I call out - even if it's not directed strictly to you. If I happen to be ignored by you, even once - I will end your life for you. No hesitation." Alfonse sounded stern, his tone was darker and more gruff as he spoke of her punishments, of course there would always be more mild things, maybe dismemberment or simple little things like that, but for now - he had to have her cowering in fear. That way, he knew that she would obey him. His eyes switched down to her as she gave him a question, snorting slightly as he shook his head slightly, "You will be taken to my home." He stated, his voice trailed off before he continued to speak. "You will be housed, bathed, and fed well until you come to an appropriate size." He was loud enough to hear, so his words didn't slurr, nor blend together in any way. "I don't enjoy chewing bones, after all - so until you come to a plump size that will feed my hunger, I will merely take a sample of you - more than likely once or twice a month. Just to keep my hunger at bay. However, tonight I will not partake in such an affair, for you're covered in dirt and grime and more than likely the blood that pumps through those weak veins will gush out and you'll die. After all, you look like a starved, cowering dog." He didn't seem to care if his words would mean any harm to her, he spoke what needed to be spoken. Once arriving to the transportation, he opened the door and gave her a push, forcing her in before he too stepped in and took his seat.
  8. She nodded, looking towards Alfonse as he began to glower in her direction. What was wrong with her name? She wondered with a pout. It wasn't hard or complicated...she didn't understand why he seemed to be so disgruntled with it. As he began to speak again, she watched the ground at her feet, only to look up with wide eyes as he finished. "Just like that?" She asked quietly, to quiet for any human to hear, but plenty loud for Alfonse's advanced hearing. Of course she'd been scared before, but now she was terrified of him. In her mind it seemed as if any little thing could end up getting her killed. As he continued to talk, she examined herself, holding up her hands and arms to look herself over. Was she really that small? She thought she was a rather nice size...but apparently not nice enough to be someones meal. Only large enough to function as a "sample." "A sample?" She questioned, and, as he finished speaking, she frowned, grabbing her dress lightly to look at it now. Just as he'd said, it was stained with mud and dirt and all kinds of grime. She honestly hadn't noticed, her mind obviously on different things. Victoria had been attempting to clean it off at least a little bit when she was shoved from behind, sending her into the carriage with a small cry and a loud thump as she landed on one of the carriage seats. She crossed her arms over her chest indignantly she settled herself, glowering at Alfonse now. "And what if I don't want to eat?" She asked, feeling a little more bold now as she reconsidered her current situation. If he was going to kill her regardless, what was the point in obeying his every order and stuffing herself full until she was the "appropriate" size? "If you're just going to kill me anywho, why bother?" She continued, frowning at him for a moment before turning her head to look out of the carriage window, looking much like an upset child as she sat there, muddy dress and all.
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  9. "Yes, 'just like that' because you life is a ticking clock in my hands and I have the power to wind it forwards or dial it back so I suggest that you stay on my good side or else you'll be found int he gutter as a carcass half eaten by mange covered hounds." He tugged at his white gloves, making sure they didn't slide off his hands as he moved and took a seat in his carriage, shutting the door and leaning back in his seat, his arms folded neatly over his chest while keeping near perfect posture as he leaned against the cushioned blue leather, one leg crossed over the other as he stared at the girl with half lidded, uncaring, hungered eyes. "If you don't want to eat then I'll strap you down and force feed you, if that doesn't work - I'll insert a tube directly to your stomach and pump mushed food in until you reach my preferred weight. And the only upside to it aside from being given a free home, free food, free drinks, and free clothing as well as a life of living just about as free as you can be - is the fact that no one will ever touch or harm you unless I direct it or I do it myself. If you don't want to, I have a special torture chamber where I'll let you rot before i throw you off like the unwanted scrap of flesh you are. Others only bid on you due to the fact I wanted you and you should feel grateful for that because I'm quite the picky eater." Alfonse's words were simple yet firmly stated as he stared with those unblinking eyes that seemed to pierce right through her very soul, a glower touching his lips once more. "Besides - for you, it'll take years to build up the required weight I prefer. So do not fret, your life will be good until then." He stated simple as he moved to steal a glance out the window to see how close they were to his home.
  10. Victoria continued to look out the window the whole time he spoke, occasionally cutting her green gaze in his direction as she attempted to remain indignant. She couldn't help but gulp as he spoke though, fear taking over her features. After a long moment she sighed, uncrossing her arms to bury her face into her hands instead. Guess it was time to give up the whole tough act she'd had going on. It clearly had no affect on Alfonse's whatsoever; he had an answer to everything. Moving one of her fingers so she could see the man across from him, she saw his eyes still had that same piercing quality they'd had to them the whole time she'd known him. Victoria wasted no time once again covering up her face. On one hand, her situation wasn't that bad; she'd get room and board and she assumed be generally well taken care of-as long as she behaved, of course. But this was all happening much to quickly for her; one moment she'd been enjoying dinner with her family and the next she was here in this carriage, riding off to some mans house to eventually be devoured. And Al was being so mean to her too, she thought with a pout. Victoria could be quite the sweet-heart when she wanted, and here he was calling her worthless and unwanted. What did she ever do to him? It hadn't quite gotten to her yet, but she knew it would sooner or later. "Why did you want me, exactly?" She mumbled into her hands, her long dark hair shrouding her face. At the vampires last words, she removed her hands from her head, tilting it at him. "Years?" She asked, completely dumbfounded by the statement. She frowned at him now, once again crossing her arms over her chest. "How big exactly do you want me to be?" She questioned, furrowing her brow at the man now.

    But before she could receive her answer, the door to the carriage was opened and the dead driver reached for her hand-which she gave to him
    hesitantly-, helping her out and onto the ground. As she looked around, taking a long moment to gaze at the large mansion which was to be her new home, she wondered how far she'd get if she tried to run. A thoughtful look on her face as she scanned the immense area. After a bit of thought, she shook her head. She doubted she'd make it far; and she knew she'd be in trouble for even attempting it. Looking to Alfonse now, she fixed her large eyes upon him, waiting for him to lead her inside.
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  11. "I want you fairly hefty, the more flesh that's on your bones, the more I'll have to eat and store over the years. I don't tend to actually purchase many humans very often." He muttered to the younger lady as he fixed his tie, he pondered his response for her first comment, though. "Well, people like you that are fairly thin and short, don't sell very well and you'll end up decapitated and fed to the dogs." He muttered as he sighed, rubbing his head and running a hand through his hair. Soon enough they were arriving to his home, the carriage stopped and the door opened, soon enough, Victoria was escorted out. He was a gentle man, nor with his words did he care all too much about things, he hated being soft and gentle with others who didn't need it. The male didn't seem all too aggravated at the moment, he soon stepped out with the girl and saw her eyes flick around with a temptation that was clearly plastered on her face.
    Alfonse raised a brow at that and he sighed heavily through his nose, shaking his head and looking away from her, he looked away from her and to the dead coach, giving him a nod in thanks as he began to walk off and escort the decaying horse off towards a different area. Alfonse looked at the young lady with half lidded, sharp, keen eyes. "Alright, let's go." He stated in a firm tone, his rough hand grabbed the woman from the back of her neck, tugging the lady along at his side towards the brick stairs where he lead her up with a firm grasp, he didn't want her to try and jump away so his grip stayed strong, to a near bruising point on her fair skin.

    Alfonse grabbed the door and yanked it open, showing a large foyer with a massive set of stairs, it was a glorious house that was shown with bright candle light rather than actual electric lighting. The male pulled her indoors before the doors shut and he pulled his hand from her, his hands burrowing in his back pockets. "I'll escort you to the kitchen where I'll feed you, then I'll let you bathe and dress before allowing you to rest, alright?" Though, it wasn't optional for the other, it was going to happen whether she wanted it or not.
  12. Victoria crossed her arms over her chest, pouting as she stared out in front of her. "I don't wanna be hefty." She mumbled, quite liking being at the size that she was. Did anyone actually want to be hefty? She was muttering to herself quietly when she noticed Al's pause, looking over to him curiously. It didn't seem like he ever really pondered the things he was going to say to her; he just went right on ahead and said them. She tilted her head at him slightly, a bit confused. "Why did you care what was to happen to me?" She questioned, looking to the ground now in thought. She guessed she should be glad he did decide to bid on her; she certainly didn't want to be decapitated and fed to someones dogs. The thought made her shiver a bit. Hearing his sigh, she looked back over in his direction. What did she do now? She narrowed her eyes at him a bit. Maybe he could read minds? Maybe he'd heard her thinking about escaping, and now he was irritated with her once again. She didn't think it would really surprise her if he could; after all, his eyes could stare right through her soul as far as she was concerned. She made a mental note to herself to be careful with her thoughts, giving a small nod.

    "Hey! That hurts!" She complained, completely caught off guard by the sudden grip on her neck. Of course she had no choice but to trudge along after him, voicing her complaints the entire way to the house. He was going to break her neck! "You don't have to be so rough, you know!" She said, stamping her little foot at him as she glared at the vampire, frowning. She crossed her arms back over her chest, turning with a little "hmph" as he spoke. She turned her head a bit to look at him before turning away again, mumbling an agreement of "fine" as she stood there. She was fragile and didn't appreciate being man-handled all the time. All he had to do was ask, or walk in the direction he wanted her to follow, or something other than what he'd been doing previously.
    She didn't pay much attention to her surroundings as she was led to kitchen, still rather upset with Alfonse. He should really learn to be nicer, she thought with a sigh.
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  13. Al raised a brow at the girl and mocked her voice, "I don't want to be hefty, she says - it's not your choice. I'll make you obese to the point where you can't walk if I want to." He snarled down at her in an agitated voice as he continued to tug her along into the building, slipping off his shoes before he escorted her to the kitchen, grumbling lowly with a glare on his features. "Why would I care? Because of the simple fact that you were low price, and it's a waste to let something that would just need time to be thrown out like day old bread." He wasn't fond of how she kept muttering under her breath and gave her a shake by her neck, "Silence yourself or I'll cut your tongue and stitch your lips." He threatened a lot, true, true. However, he didn't care because if driven to the borderline of madness, he'd gladly do as he threatened if it gave him some peace and quite.

    As they entered the dining room, the strong aroma of different, delectable scents hit their noses like a brick thrown at someone's face. He pulled her to a chair and sat her down, leaving the shackles on his ankles but he did unchain her wrists so she could eat to food that was being brought out on several fine silver dishes. Wine, water, and soda was poured in three different glasses for her to drink, lobster with several fish and crab on the side sat with lemon, dipping sauces, and several sides. Several desserts were placed down, molten chocolate brownie cakes with ice cream melting on top, salads, chicken, steak, all of the above was placed before him to devour. Alfonse stared at her to see a reaction before his hand was graced with a glass, filled with wine, he sipped at the liquid before he looked back at her. "Eat, that way you can bathe and dress and go to bed."
  14. "Hmph." Victoria pouted, looking away from Al once again. She didn't sound like that at all! And why would he ever want to make her that big? She wouldn't be able to do anything at all! She'd be a burden if anything else, rather than a meal. She wasn't just some pig he could fatten up to his hearts desire. She was a human being, but that didn't seem to matter to Alfonse. Victoria looked over to him as he spoke again, about to offer a response before she was shook by her neck. She frowned, looking as if she were about to cry before averting her gaze to her shackled feet, mumbling something about him being a meanie before finally silencing herself. She wouldn't have to mutter if he'd be a little nicer to the girl. Victoria was quite fragile; used to having her family, her brother especially, to protect her and comfort her. Without the two of them, she was pretty much lost, and a little bit sensitive too.

    All was forgotten though as they reached the kitchen, her nose instantly catching on to the scent of food. As much as Victoria had protested about eating, it was one of her favorite things to do. She sat, holding her wrist out for Al to undo them before gazing at the good set in front of her, her mouth nearly falling open in response. Victoria wasn't really one for fish...but she would gladly eat sweets until her hearts -and stomachs- content. She didn't drink wine, and water was only nice some of the time, so she chose the glass filled with soda for her beverage. She nodded as Al spoke, looking back to the food now. Would he be mad at her if she ate nothing but sweets? She didn't think he'd mind...but he just always seemed to be so irritated with her. She sighed, thinking of her mother now, who she knew would scold her for eating nothing but junk all the time. With that in mind, she grabbed a piece of baked chicken, covered in cheese and bacon, and a small portion of salad, but she also made sure to grab one of those molten chocolate lava cakes too.

    "Where am I sleeping?" She questioned, looking to him as she took a bite from her lava cake, smiling contently now, green eyes bright. She really did love sweets. But she was worried that Alfonse may try and put her in some kind of dungeon or something, forced to sleep on the cold ground with creepy crawlies all over her. She really wouldn't fare very well in that kind of situation.
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