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  1. [video=youtube;vTEIb8cg-t8][/video]

    Because sanity is overrated. Watch the whole damn thing; it's worth it. I'll come after you with a whip if you don't.


    And so are panties. Commando ftw.
  2. You have to come after me with a whip, I couldn't finish watching it xD
    WTF is all I'm saying X)
  3. GO. WATCH. IT. You're a girl, I prefer not to whip girls. Their screams aren't nearly as pleasurable.
  4. pff, I maybe have a girl body but I am a dude in my mind xD
    I won't scream, WHIP ME WHIP ME HARD x)
  5. Where can I get me a pair of that broken wear? I need to freak some people out.