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  1. Hiii.

    Me thinks this place was updated. o.o
  2. Updated? Naaaaw. >:D You're imagining things.
  3. No clue what you mean. Also I don't know what this thread is about...

    Welcome to Iwaku.
  4. What does derp mean?! O:

  5. LOL

    Who are you again? :yeti:
  7. Welcome to Iwaku.
  8. Nooo~ Don't laugh at my questions. D: Okay you can laugh but atleast explain it. XD
  9. Updated...?
    It gets an update fairly frequently so it's likely that you are correct...
    At any rate, welcome. I'm Kitti - feel free to ask if you've any questions.
  10. Derp is a sound much like Herp. The two are often used in conjunction.

  11. My friends uses derp in like every sentence. So I got confused. XD
  12. A herp is a reptile...So when used together you get a derp lizard.