Deranged Hunger Games (a Hunger Games roleplay with a twist)

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  1. Hey I'm new here and this is my idea for a new roleplay... not precisely sure how to go about making it happen, but anyway, here's the idea:

    What's more disturbing than watching children fight to the death? The Capitol seems to think that violence and death is normal and fun, but how will they react to something more psychotic than slaughter? For this roleplay, at least one character will be a sadist tribute, savoring pain more than their own safety and drinking in the scent of blood like precious oxygen. There could also be other tributes with terrifying quirks, as well as normal tributes just trying to make it out alive.

    That plot was originally written out for a one x one but I'm thinking it could make a cool group thing. There could be all kinds of scary characters - sadists, masochists, cannibals, schizophrenics, etc.

    Would anyone be interested? Post if you are. C:
  2. Erm. In the books, they were trying to prevent awkward victors. Like the cannibal dude, they ended up killing him because he was about to win and they didn't like a victor like him. As for the plot, there are things bad about that. In the third books, Katniss creates the rebellion and furthermore gets rid of the hunger games entirely.
  3. Hi Beauty, thanks for responding!

    I do remember the thing about the "cannibal dude," but I was thinking we could either tweak that detail for the sake of the roleplay, or have the Gamemakers try to keep things under control but not completely succeed. If a LOT of the tributes are messed up then they'll probably have more trouble stopping them from doing unthinkable things. I think it could work. C:

    And as for Katniss ending the Hunger Games, obviously we would pretend that never happened. xD I'm pretty flexible with the canon, even reaching into AU zone, when I roleplay. If you don't like that kind of thing, then this roleplay wouldn't be for you, but as for the people who are into it, those are the kind of people I'm looking for. C: I'm just hoping they exist here on this site, he he. xD

    Thanks for the input! It's always good to raise questions.
  4. Alright. Well, I'm already in another RP with the Hunger Games idea. I don't want to get a mix-up, so I won't be joining. Good luck though! ^-^
  5. oOo

    I... have the perfect character for this...


    Me! I'll do this~ >:3
  6. Thanks Beauty! And have fun in your roleplay too. C:

    And yay I'm so glad you're interested Lulu. 8D I probably won't make it unless I have a couple more people interested, but if we don't get that many people, we could always do a one x one. C:
  7. 1x1 works fine if no one else is interested :3