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Whom Shall Be Our Deputy?

Poll closed Nov 20, 2014.
  1. Rainjay

  2. SnakeEyes

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  1. Alright, members of The Clans of the North! Here, you'll vote for our new Deputy! Remember that this is based off the cat themselves, not their owners. Try to be fair, look at good aspects and bad aspects that you see that might not suit the position. I know this seems hard, they are both great options. In the end, only one gets the rank, sadly. Though, the one that looses, I've decided, will be awarded an apprentice before anyone else, and well be even more respected within the Clan.

    Our members running for Deputy: @SteelMoon @Rainjay I thought for some reason there was a third

    You two have the option to vote if you'd like, but to keep it fair, no voting for yourself.
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  2. Are we waiting until everyone gets a vote or a couple of days or something? O.o
  3. I'm giving this poll five days, and then it will close, because we need to get the role-play moving along.
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  4. Just a side note- I'm not allowed to vote unless it happens to be a tie.
  5. Wish I was able to vote before hand XD Oh well, barely missed it. How do you view the votes without voting yourself? I set up a poll for an RP I started, but unless I voted, I couldn't see what my numbers were....
  6. You have to mess with le settings! There is an option on whether people can see the results even before they vote.
  7. I'll be sure to do that next time ^^ Thankies! I'm still kinda new to the site so I don't really know everything there is yet. On a side note, did you like my kitties? I adore Payzlee, I really do. I had her for about 4 years now, and I got her by mistake XD My mom finally gave me permission to get a hamster, but instead of a hamster, I found her lol
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