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  1. So honestly,
    Just being me in myself, I feel like, "Why am I the only one who thinks and feels like this? Though I obviously understand there are others out there. Its just that you tend to forget that feeling of knowing that.
    Then online basically everyone is depressed and all sad about the same stuff, all think they're unique and deep/dark, shit like that and it reminds me that I'm nothing special. Not by the way I think, just that I know a ton of people feel exactly like me, and just like everyone else, no one cares.
    My therapist told me,, "There are plenty of people dealing with the same thing you're going through, doesn't that make you not feel so alone?"
    Seriously, that made me feel 10x worse, like,
    Oh Lovely. I'm another statistic, some young person, whose is depressed, and you've probably heard the story one thousand times over. Its like,
    do you know what I mean?
    You know how people always try to make it seem like, "OH, I'm much more depressed than you, and have it worse, and I have every single mental illness, ect."
    Then I'm sitting here considering my own problems & thinking, why in the world are you so proud of that.
    Honestly, I have no idea where I'm going with this, you get the point.​
  2. Oh Pillow ~ hugs ~

    You may be feeling the same as many others do, and you may feel that you are just another statistic. And the reality of that might be overbearing and soul crushing, but I am here to remind you;

    That there is something much deeper than depression, mush deeper than darkness, and much more complex that sets you apart from EVERYONE, and it is a plethora of things.

    The fact that you have reacted to this knowledge this way, is unique and in and of itself intelligent whether it is sad or happy... that is your percpective and it is as valid as any. The way you put this thought together is to me, something new and refreshing. Your Genome, Your biological build up is also entirely different from other people. in fact....everyone else on the planet is not you. everything about you is different according to science. I fucking Love Science because Science saved my soul. In my most depressing times I looked to science to empower myself and learned just how amazing My life is.

    So many things in this world are trying to kill me, attack my body, get me sick, bring me down, ect, but my body manages to retaliate and maintain life in the face of all that nature sets against it, to me it's not's Science.

    Emotions are something millions os people today do anything they can to suppress and to me that is depressing. Emotions are how we connect to one another and to cut ourselves off from that is to deny ourselves any chance to understand through other peoples eyes ( a very Humanistic trait to have)

    Embrace your loneliness, find solace in yourself that you are the only you on the planet and that the way you react and think about your surrounding is not entirely the same as your neighbors. Everyone is subject to being a statistic but what are statistics?


    You and I are Flesh, we are the individual and unique embodiments of those numbers. Lost and endlessly searching for answers. We were born to ask why and we'll die to find out, so the saying goes.

    While a lot of what I see on the internet is one big giant pissing contest, I always have to remind myself too, that I need to judge for myself and remove all outside influences to search myself deeper. Human beings have this tendency to get hung up on formalities and technicalities when really...they are just distractions from your true self.

    And we are never ever truly done growing.

    I know this way that you feel and I have been there and often find myself at that doorstep. Life is about walking through that door and just taking everything that comes at you.

    My bravest moments in my life are when I chose to keep going when all I wanted to do was die. I used to complain about my problems alot, then one day suddenly I just started doing the opposite, I made huge life changes and pushed myself. It isn't easy to take the High road. and feeling Sad is...not a disease....its not an illness. It's truly part of being human...but we lose our humanity through letting that emotion control us...and yes we make the choice to let it.

    Society does not help. Society is backwards and self serving, but we can't get rid of it.

    To be made to feel like everyone else is a cursed feeling, and a its a growing disease, not wanting to feel that way is the first step in reversing it. You are not a statistic as long as you feel you don't want to be and just because you feel things that a lot of other people do doesn't make you just makes you more connected to others then you realize. Hang in there. The hardest thing to observe in the world is ourselves, it takes time and practice.

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  3. Fijo,

    As I read your post and you spoke of distractions from the true self, something happened. When I was typing my original post, I knew I was distracted, as well as I knew I was very unique despite the fact. However, though I knew and understood, my mind felt differently and lead me to believe my feelings. It is in the same way that someone can't practice what they preach some times.

    It also reminded me,
    At the end of next March, I am going on a Nomadic journey. Originally, I wanted to go so bad out of my aching heart crying for self knowledge, peace of mind, and calling to find true meaning. Yes, that was the plan. Though, in the past few months planning for it all, I got caught up in the technical stuff, and forgot why I planned the trip originally.

    You remind me.

    You reminded me that I am going on a soul journey of my own, and that soon my sickness and the feeling of statistic and silly things will be gone.
    You have made me light-hearted once more,

    Thank you<3​
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  4. I will keep you in my thoughts as you take this journey and I wish you a safe and fulfilling expedition!!

    I wish you the best Pillow!
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  5. People take "pride" in their sorrow because they judge others by actions and themselves by intentions, and because when a man is drowning in the ocean he will cling to the nearest object, even if it's stabbing into him. With most mental disorders, people have an excruciatingly difficult time peering out of themselves to see others, leave alone for what they are. To the person who is suffering with it, it is difficult to see others suffering to the same degree because they often bottle up and seclude themselves. Metaphorically: A blind man is telling another, that they cannot see, that they aren't as blind as they are.

    As well, those who don't have it, have a difficult time understanding it. Try to understand that the psychiatrist was likely trying to cheer you up, not belittle your pain, though he made a critical error. You cannot compare the pain of one to another like this, yes it's true that everyone suffers pain in their lives, yes it's true that some suffer more, but the last thing one wants to hear when they've got a stake in the heart is "well at least it isn't a stake made out of lead, then you'd really be screwed!"

    Essentially: Your pain is your own. I won't pretend to understand it, I'm not going to give you quaint or trite sayings or some stupid motivational phrase that everyone uses and nobody believes. I'm not going to tell you that your pain is easier or harder than anyone else, because it's your pain, and what arrogance would I have to judge that in some kind of numerical comparison.

    What I can tell you, is this.

    You're still alive. Life's not easy, and I know you've probably heard that a thousand times, but it's dead true. Now, think of it more this way, you carry with you a mental disorder, you are clinically depressed, and yet somehow, for years (presumable at least two decades), you have survived, you have laughed, you have had adventures, you have grown and touched others lives. At the very least you made enough of an impact upon Fijoli that (s)he decided to write a significant amount of text simply to try and ease your suffering and loneliness. Whether you live just one more day or a hundred more years, you've already impacted others lives, you've already survived over twenty years. That's an achievement, a damn fine one at that.

    Now I could tell you what to do, sure, but I think you can figure that out on your own. If you can't though, I'm sure Fijoli and others on this forum would be glad to help you figure out the mysteries of your life. Should you need an ear, I'll be around too, though we hardly know each other, so I'm not sure how much good that will do... Though the offer stands nonetheless, and is there if you ever wish to take it. :angel: