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  1. Lysander let out a small yelp as he tripped over something on the ground and fell to the floor, moving his hands out in front of him to stop the fall. He landed face down, groaning softly on the carpet and mentally checking to make sure nothing hurt too badly.

    Five steps out of his room--that was how far he had made it. It was. . . early, he thought. He wasn't that sure but the house mostly seemed quiet and he had only just awoken.

    The reason he couldn't tell was the same reason he was on the ground. Two weeks ago the boy had been in a bad car accident, leaving him blind.

    The doctors said that there was a 15% possibility that he may regain his sight in the future, though it didn't seem likely. The was a slightly higher possibility that he would be able to make out shadows or shapes but never his full sight.

    Of course, Lysander being Lysander he refused to become dependent just because he couldn't see. He didn't want to have to rely on any one else, even though it was clear that at the current time he needed to.

    That didn't mean he liked that logic. That didn't mean that he listened to it.

    So now the blind fifteen year old was lying face floor on the ground, pouting as he tried to figure out what to do.

    [So--this is a family RP.

    Let's say the parents are out all of the time so we don't have to deal with them.

    You can be a sibling, in house nurse, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend.

    Lysander is gay so keep that in mind.

    Character Ages 14+

    Other siblings could have been in the accident but I would prefer that Lysander is the only one blind, and I'd like to avoid deaf people because if would be really hard for Lysander to communicate with said person.

    And I'd rather not have any of the siblings bed ridden, but they can be on crutches or something.

    No incest but romance is okay.

    Cursing is fine.

    Adopted kids and twins are fine.

    If you have any questions just go to the OOC thread I'll make for this

    Please join.]
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  2. "God damn it, Lysander!" His 18-year-old sister's voice cracked through the house shortly after his yelp and thud. Her footsteps approached quickly, barefoot from the sound of how hard her feet were hitting the ground. Theodosia crouched beside him and lightly tapped him in the back of the head in a reprimanding sort of fashion. "What did I tell you?? What did I tell you about being! You're so stubborn!"

    It really wasn't that she was mad at him. She was mad at herself. She felt like the accident had been her fault and concequently beat herself up about it. Though, she tried hard not to let him know she was upset. Not that she was going about it in the right way.

    She helped him to his feet and looked him over, her right hand holding onto his left shoulder to keep him from moving. She didn't do a whole lot with her left hand, he'd notice. Though, she constantly insisted that she was fine. It wasn't like he could see her and tell how much the accident had messed her up as well.

    When she was sure he was ok and not bleeding from anywhere, she sighed. "Are you ok, kid?" She asked, moving her hand from his shoulder up to his cheek. "I wish you'd call for me when you needed something...or...shuffled your feet or something...stupid..." She frowned, blinking back some tears quickly.
  3. "Scared the living hell out of me, Theodosia... Thought the world was coming to an end or something..." He murmured as he rubbed his eyes of their weariness and yawned. He was a twenty something year old and although he lived in the same house he was adopted and unrelated to either of them. As a promise for the kindness to the parents he helped around the house and ran the family shop. He gave Lysander a smile as he saw him. Although he was older he always admired the young kids spirit and courage to do things himself even after the accident occurred. "Give the kid some applause. I congratulate him for coming this far and trying to do things himself. He is still a tough person. You have to remember that."

    Kuroi was a sarcastic person. Although he was adopted he still acted like he wasn't a part of the family. He felt like he was a burden and although he always cracked jokes he made sure the others did well to continue to make their parents proud. He couldn't even remember his own home but was just glad to be rid of it. Only remembering horrid things that far within his past. He had mid length dark hair with yellow eyes. They seemed to be pools of gold as he watched the two.

    He seemed discontent when Theodosia didn't use her left hand. He hated the fact that they were involved and cursed that it hadn't been him. He tried to make sure they didn't see his emotions of hear his anger.

    He did gave them a genuine smile as he watched her care for him. "I think we all have handicaps and like the best of us he is just trying to overcome it." He replied as he looked at Lysander. He saw her try to hide away tears as hequickly grabbed a mop and began to sweep the floor. "I already made food. Thought you guys could use something special today so I made both your favorites." He smiled as he pretended to try and do something.
  4. "I'm not hungry," Lysander grumbled childishly. He didn't want to eat. Mainly because when he did eat he was used to looking at his food all of the time. That was because when he was younger he hadn't been paying any attention to what he was eating and he had accidentally eaten a cricket. That was disgusting and from there on he always watched what he ate very carefully. He hadn't been doing well since he lost his sight. He had even eating much less often and his ribs were visible under his baggy shirt. He was so scared that he would swallow something he wasn't suppose to and he didn't want one of his siblings to feed him. Then he would feel helpless and awkward. He still ate sometimes, mostly just bread. He took his time to very carefully check over it and make sure that there weren't any bugs. Bugs were awful.

    "And I don't need your help. I'm perfectly capable of getting out of bed by myself thank you very much," He huffed, stepping back away from his sister's hand and wrapping his arms around himself. He was not very happy right then. Much like his adopted brother, he didn't like feeling like a burden. He didn't want people to have to take care of him. He could do it himself.
  5. "Sorry, Kuori...Didn't mean to scare you..." She ran her figers through her hair, which wasn't pulled back for once, and dropped her hand back to her side. "And I'm sorry, Lysander...for yelling at you..."

    She looked at her little brother, her usual thoughts running through her head. "You need to eat...what if I look and promise you there are no bugs? And Kuori can double check, but last time he cooked there weren't any bugs." She tried to smile for him, reaching out to touch his arm again. She was a very much a contact person, especially with her family.

    "Lets just go eat, ok? I have a doctor's appointment in an hour and a half..." She didn't move though. Lysander wasn't getting a choice today. He was eating. She'd feed him if he let her. Hell, Theo had pretty much turned herself into his personal slave. It was good for her that he wasn't a dick...
  6. "My cooking isn't that bad." Kuro replied as he acted as if he was offended. "The least you can do is try to eat it and pretend it is edible." He smiled as he placed a lollipop between his lips. "Anyways, if I allow you to starve I might be arrested for child abuse and I don't believe anyone but your older sister wants that." He replied as he teased Theo. He looked at Lysander as he realized the kid was still antsy.

    "Just come on. I have accidentally drank rotten milk numerous times and am surprised my bowels haven't disintegrated yet." He replied trying to take his mind off the time he had eated Kuro's lucky cricket from the kitchen table. He felt more bad for the cricket but he still sympathized with Lysander.

    As he pushed his sister away he frowned. "We all help each other out. At least let your sister do that. I'll start running the shop soon but do eat. I don't want to let that food go to waste." He tried to change the subject. He patted Lysander on the head as he gave a worried glance at Theo's hand. His eyes softened but he ignored it and looked at Theodosia. "I'll crack jokes about the size of your head later today." He confirmed, trying to cheer the mood between the three.
  7. "Ku, your cooking is terrible." She said with a smirk, dropping her hand from her brother to reach out and playfully punch at Kuro's shoulder instead. "Plus, if you let him starve, I think it would actually be child neglect and I'd probably be the only one to call the cops since mom and dad are never home to notice anything." That last bit came out rather sourly. She wasn't fond of their parents, and the anger had only grown during the hospital stay when her parents only came and went...then went on some 'business trip' the day the siblings got to leave the hospital.

    Theo had just been glad their older brother had been there to drive them home. She was a little phobic of driving since the accident.
  8. "I'm not hungry!" Lysander protested, his voice a small whine, "You can put the food into the fridge and save it for later but I don't want to eat right now. And I don't need you guys doing stuff for me, I can do it myself. I don't need food right now, though. I'm perfectly fine so leave me alone. You guys have been acting like I'm a three year old since I lost my sight and it's annoying. I'm the same as I always was, I just have sight issues now."

    Okay--so lying about the whole eating thing wasn't exactly good but he just really wanted to be left alone. He wasn't sure what he would do if they did leave him alone right there, though. He would probably end up crawling around until he found a wall or something and trying to find his room or the stairs. He knew that losing his sight was a big thing but he was just having trouble accepting it. His doctors had said that there was a chance he would be able to see shapes, again, and so he was telling himself that, that was a sure thing.

    He needed to see again. Lysander didn't do well sitting still and he couldn't exactly run around without his sight.
  9. "Nah, it'd be child abuse." Kuro scratched his head as he looked at the pair. "I would likely force that plate down his throat if he keeps refusing." He watched Theo as she punched him in the arm playfully. "Horrible thing is if I playfully punched you back I would seriously be in trouble and my food isn't that bad!" He replied as he hung his head in shame. "I can't cook muffins for some reason and it seems like I seem to make my mustard to spicy in the deli but we would have been living on the streets if I hadn't found a way to survive off making stuff." He pressed his back against the wall.

    He noticed Theo beginning to get angered and decided to change the subject quickly. "Well why don't you get a boyfriend to feed you? It'd be romantic and I wouldn't have to worry so much." Kuro replied as he stretched. "Anyways, I want you to eat something fresh Lys, you need some good meat on those bone. Hell, I was deaf once when I was little because fluid was trapped in my ear. Couldn't hear well until I was a teenager and had an operation. I guarantee you in no time they will do the same for your sight." He smiled cheerily.
  10. She ran her fingers through her hair again and smiled. "Well, I'm going to go eat even though I don't have a boyfriend to feed me." She laughed softly and looked back at her brother. "I'll wrap your food up for you, but I do wish you'd eat, hun...Can you promise me that today you'll make your way to the kitchen and eat something? I'll leave the bread out or something.."

    She sighed a little, gave Kuro a half-hearted smile, and walked off and to the kitchen. She stood at the counter as she ate, glancing at her left arm which she had resting on the table. As she ate she tried to focus on making her fingers move...or was weird, having an arm that was so dead like was there, sometimes she felt it itch or hurt, but if she touched it, she couldn't feel it...She was supposed to be wearing it in a sling, but then Lysander would know she was hurt, too...and she'd never play volleyball again...and that season was starting soon...

    She sighed and tried to ignore her arm now. Kuro was really a good cook. She loved how he made maceroni and cheese, so she was more than happy to sit there by herself and eat it. At least something was still alright...
  11. Lysander had blushed at the boyfriend comment but he brushed it off. He heard footsteps and figured that they had both left when he didn't hear any more talking. He let out a breath, rubbing his head before bringing a hand to his ribs to check how bad they were. They weren't too awful, yet. He could feel them without pushing but they weren't completely sunken in or anything. He could get over that. He would be seeing in no time, right? Then he would start eating again.

    He took a hesitant step forward, feeling around for a wall. He practically tiptoed, not wanting to run into anything or fall down the stairs. This all scared him so much. He was terrified of hurting himself because he didn't see something but hopefully, if he really did never see again, he would get used to it or get a cane or one of those guide dogs or something like that.
  12. Lexi unlocked the front door, and heard her siblings making quite a ruckus. She slowly walked up back to her room, not wanting her siblings to notice her.
  13. Unfortunately for Lexi, Theodosia could hear the front door unlocking from anywhere in the house, even if she was dead asleep. "Lexi! If that's you coming through that door, you'd better have a really good reason you were out and just now coming home! Were you not here last night?!"

    She had settled on yelling across the house. She didn't feel like leaving the kitchen. She was so exhausted, emotionally, mentally, physically, that she usually just kinda ended up yelling at everyone or to everyone...
  14. As Kuro watched as Theodosia left he taped a letter to her back as she left the room. It was a great way to communicate without having to say things himself and he could be dear and direct without others knowing. He had noticed her arm and could sense something was wrong. He had cursed multiple times when he heard of the car accident and was hoping she would have remained lively. Seeing her arm now only worried him more.

    The Letter he had stuck to her back simply read:

    Hey, Big head.

    I understand that you are trying to look strong but please follow the doctors instructions and take care of your arm.

    I will threaten to cook your pet dog if you decide otherwise.

    ~Love Kuro~

    He didn't have much time to think as he watched Theo leave and saw Lysander blush. He thought it was cute and smirked but before he could reply he watched as Lysander checked himself and frowned. He had seen how skinny he had become and looked away. Some guardian he was, he was allowed to live in this household but he couldn't even help the children that lived in it. He didn't have much time to think of the situation as he felt Lysaner's hand against his arm.

    "Be careful kid. You just grabbed a giant cricket." He replied as he patted Lysander on top of his head. "I'm just warning you that I won't leave your side until you eat. Even while you sleep... Maybe even swap your laundry with your sisters." He grinned. "She nearly decapitated me last time for hanging it to dry." He felt a bead of sweat drop down his face. "But come on Lys, I promise if you eat that I'll help you find a boyfriend." He stood proudly. " It shouldn't be that hard. Charmer like you should attract them like a magnet. I was always more worried about your sister trying to grab a guy than you." He teased as he smiled.

    He heard the door open and quietly close and heard a yell which seemed to shake the foundations of the house.

    Kuro decided to take the opposite approach of his non biological sister. "How are you doing Lexi? I made some food if you want some. You should enjoy it with us." He replied as he poked her side and prevented her from moving toward her room. He wasn't going to lose two out of three. He was determined to at least get her to eat.
  15. Theo had a little bit of trouble getting the note off her back, but she eventually did and read it quietly. She smirked a little, shook her head, and crumpled it up, tossing it into the trash. She was so glad she wasn't left handed...She slumped against the counter, using her numb, lifeless arm and her good elbow to prop herself up as she ate her meal. Kuro could take care of Lexi. She shouldn't have yelled...but she'd been worried.

    All she ever did anymore was worry...
  16. "Geez... You seem to be stressed."

    A woman with green hair and blue eyes watched from the kitchen doorway. She was the neighbor who helped with the shared stored they ran at the front of both the homes. She did as much as she could with any financial troubles her neighbors were in and tried to take care of Kuro whenever he didn't sleep. She lived alone and although she was only slightly older than Theo she seemed to be bred to do her job. She was a substitute teacher and ran a daycare service. When she was a available she would come by and just check on the group.

    Her name was Ari and she gave a slight smile as she watch her throw away the note in the trash.

    "Not making a mess I see?" She smiled.
  17. Theo jumped and looked up, relaxing when she saw who it was. She smiled. "Good morning, Ari. Did I miss the trash can?" She asked, looking over and straining a little to make sure. Nope, a basket as usual. She looked back over to the family friend and gave her another tired smile with a sigh. "Just a little stressed...but I'll be ok. How're you today?"
  18. Ari smiled and sat next to Theo. "Still as accurate as you have always been." She treated her with a smile. She was a bit saddened over hearing her stressed but she patted her softly. "Don't stress yourself. You already went through something traumatic. You should take care of yourself." Ari replied cheerfully. Her mood almost infecting as she looked at the food in front of her.

    She seemed to not listen to the question as she stared at the food. "Kuro asked me how to prepare that today. He cooked it probably fifty times just to get it right before you woke up." She replied as her voice went to a whisper.
  19. She looked down at the food and smiled. "He's a really great guy...whether he wants it known or not." She looked over and smiled. "Well, all the practice paid off. It's really good." She poked at it a little, then looked over at Ari. "Are you busy today? I have an doctor's appointment and...well, you know, my car's nothing more than a ball of twisted metal..."
  20. "Still in love~." She teased as her voice became in a sing song voice as she heard her appreciation for Kuro. "I think he doesn't want to know it though and once he gets the hang of it he can cook things well. Sets things on fire a lot but nothing to really worry about." She smiled as she heard about her vehicle.

    "I can drive you anywhere. My vehicle is a tank and has probably had more hits than miles on that darn thing." She replied as she looked around the kitchen. "I am still sorry for what had happened. Reminds me of my sister... Well, you are alive so hopefully you will be in tip top shape soon." She grinned.