Dentists and other ventures into frigtening zones >.<

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Mmmm, it turns out I have a cavity, which leads up to this topic: I have to go to the dentist this Thursday to get this cavity drilled into and filled. >_< >_< >_< Now, I'm not particularly scared of dentists. I *am*, however, terrified of an electric drill being a mere inch away from my gums. >_<

So, what about all of you? Is there anything you guys are indirectly frightened of? I.E. Not being scared of clowns, but being terrified of, say...Balloons.
Coincidentally enough, I'm going to the dentist next week for xrays and pre-prepping crap before having some wisdom teeth removed and cavities filled. c_____c Not looking forward to that at all.

If you die, I'm canceling my appointment. D:<
Hospitals. I hate everything about hospitals. Doctors too. I don't trust any doctors. Hospitals freak me out, but after I'm in an isolated room in a hospital I'm ok, since my room at home is similarly plain and small and white. Just the smell of hospital, hospital beds, hospital foods, the sound of doctors and patients, just... Guh... *shudder*
Worst dental experience for me was getting a root canal done. I don't wanna sound racist, but I'm not going to a Korean dentist EVER AGAIN... XD

I'm not afraid of, say, fish.. But I'm afraid of them when they're dead. Anything that's dead just freaks me out. I'd rather be making contact with something alive. Either way, I avoid water because I'm also afraid to drown! DX
Glaciers! Yeah yeah you heard me, those slow moving ice masses. I'm not all freak out hysteria frightened of them or nothing, but after sliding about a hundred meters while trying to cross one while on a mountain hike I'd really really like to avoid them when out in the mountains. Sadly I haven't been to the mountains in a long while.
I avoid water because I'm also afraid to drown! DX
You are a cat lol

Anyways being in the army has de-sensitized me to many things, medical procedures, getting blood drawn, inoculations, your buddy fucking up in CLS and making you bleed all over the table (Btw fresh blood is piping hot.) hell part of and medical training from first aid on up you see photo's of actual injuries, some of which are pretty brutal, kinda funny watching the squeamish people freak.
I remember when I was younger I'd completely flip the hell out whenever I went to the dentist. They'd have to get four people to hold me down. Sometimes I'd kick them in the face haha.

I really hate/fear terrestial snails, slugs, and worms.
You guys all do know the dentists' electric drills can't cut human flesh or mucosa, right? In the medical field, we have saws that can cut through plaster casts, but won't cut flesh because of how the blade is built and the direction of vibration.

Really, I don't know what you guys are all freaked out about.